A new Doggie...

Some more flowers that I have in my flower beds. Boy am I going to have to do some thinning out to this year, in my flower beds. I just hate to throw them away. I just cannot do that, so before you know it...the flowers are all inter-mixed with one another.

Meet Zach! He is a Humane Society puppy right now, but we are going to look at him tomorrow. Our Cocoa has been awful lonely, so we may be adding Zach to our family. Cocoa has been howling at night, so I know he would love a little playmate. I had to fill out the paper work for an adoption, so we will see how tomorrows visit goes. The kids are very excited!

I get to be the "Ice Cream Scooper" at my daughter's school tomorrow. It is for a "MCA Testing" party. If they received good "growth" scores on their tests, then they are rewarded with a party....boy we never had those when I was in school *smirk* We had the "CAT" test (California Achievement Test). It was all multiple choice and they were so long and monotonous that I think most just blackened in a circle to be done! LOL

Well, I have been busy trying to fill some special orders, for some wonderful customers. Boy you guys are keeping me busy....the good kind of busy thou. I sure appreciate your support! After this piece is done, I am going to be adding to my "Olde Thyme Primitive Stocking Collection" and they will be listed on eBay. I have them all drawn up and I can't wait to bring them to Life!

I did manage to get my flowers planted in my whiskey barrels tonight...I have only had them waiting for me since I purchased them on Mother's Day. Shame on Me LOL!

Toodles....I have to get to work again! (I just had to take a quick break) ~Tonya


Sylvia Anderson said...

Tonya~ Zach looks like a wonderful guy! How nice it will be if he is able to join your family! :) YOur flowers are lovely too!

Pea said...

Yes I agree. He is too cute. I hope it goes well for all around. Cocoa certainly needs a friend poor thing. You will have to post a pic of both of them when the second dog arrives.
Have the best day.