WOW!! 16 years ago today...

Darrel and I were married! My how time flies us by. Well, actually it seems longer then that because Darrel and I have been together since 1985. Yup, that is 25 years! Quite a milestone, for this day and age. I could go on and on and say that I married my best friend and so forth, but we all know everyone has their ups and downs, happy and sad moments together. That is what we call a "marriage". Everyone has things in their lives they wish they could change or have done differently, but I can tell you this, we honestly complete each other.

Darrel and I know each other so well, that if he started a sentence or a thought, I could finish it off and vice-versa. If he says....oh, I forgot to grab that.....not to worry, already done. It's the little things in life, if you pay close attention...

It is that certain look, that only you know. It is that certain touch or nudge, when you are in public. It is the little notes, here and there to remind you. The everyday little things that make up a lifetime. Marriage and Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take out breath away. ~Hilary Cooper



I was...but am taking it one day at a time! I was so nervous to start College on Monday, but now...I don't know why I felt so nervous/scared. I am on my third day of College and ya know what? I forgot how much I loved being "out and about" and interacting with other people. I thoroughly enjoy it! I have missed it for so long, that I almost forgot what "interaction" with others on a daily basis was like. I have met so many nice people already. Most of them thought I was in my late 20's, boy did I have them fooled! I told them I was 37 and they were all in shock! Sure made me feel good *smirk*

I had also forgotten what it was like to get "prettied" up everyday. Most days I would get "ready" and put on "work clothes", that could get "junked-up" while working on my dollies. Now, I get to where jewelry again and feel so much better about myself. I tell ya, I have a whole new outlook on life!

I know this is not going to be a walk in the park, but anyone that knows me, knows that I do love a challenge. I am sure in time, I will get tired of getting up early everyday (as I love to stay up late and be a night owl), but I have been getting to bed at a decent time and taking it day by day and will continue to do so.

I had to lease a laptop for College (required) as all of the programs needed, are on there....I am getting use to that too ;) I am going full-time, with three of the classes on-line. I love the flexibility of the on-line classes, but don't know yet, if I will like them. Seems like more work then Campus courses, since basically you are "teaching yourself". Meaning, you have to be the teacher and the student and be responsible and diligent enough to stay on task. We shall see.

Just wanted to say "hi", summer is almost over and soon my kiddies will be going back so school. It has been a bit of a challenge with me in school already and them being home, but we are all adjusting very well. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~Sweet Grace~

Sweet Grace Bunny turned out so very sweet! Yes, I know I say that quite often. Grace is my most favorite for the year! I have not made a bunny angel this year (I think). I am starting school on Monday and thought I would get one last handmade in, before then and Sweet Grace was it!

Her face is just so innocent, I love that about her. She looks so restful and peaceful. Sweet Grace was inspired by me going to school...a reminder to DREAM...we ALL should!

I am just smitten with that STAR! I love how it turned out and it adds soooo much to this piece. Lots of paper, crepe paper, german glass glitter and lots of patience *smirk* I hope you will go and take a peek, I have listed her on ETSY.

I am happy to say that we have received a much needed reprieve from the heat...so very THANKFUL for that! It actually has been so chilly in the evenings, we must shut the windows. I love Mother Nature's air conditioning. Have a great week...time is just flying by for me. So much to finish up around here before Monday. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Miss JOY Bunny~

I finished up Miss JOY and I think she has the sweetest face! I really enjoyed working on a little bit of Christmas. This heat has me thinking of a little bit "cooler" time of the year, hence Miss JOY was brought to Life! I don't know how much time I will have to create Winter/Christmas handmades with going back to school! Yes, going back to school, I start on Aug. 23rd, just around the corner...

Miss JOY has tons of detail. I have trimmer her in gold, which does not happen often. She has a little star sprig that I made for her, along with her JOY banner and look at that neckline...

This picture is a little "foggy", due to the high humidity. Once I walked outside to take the pictures, from the camera being in air-conditioning, this is what happened. It got better, as time went on. I due hope you will stop by my Etsy to have a peek at Miss JOY. I hope your day goes well and if it is HOT where you are, stay COOL! Toodles for now, ~Tonya


My Latest Obsession!

Making Jewelry! Yup....seems I have to try everything and every-now-and-then "dabble" in something NEW. I have learned lots and even made some floating necklaces! Imagine that *smirk* In person, they look so much prettier and what I like best, is that I can make them just for me and no one else will have another set like it. They look so pretty on and especially when I put my hair up...

Here is a full picture of the set. I really enjoy making jewelry and it is something that doesn't take hours upon hours, so in some sense - there is some "instant" gratification. I love wearing jewelry and up until now, I really didn't have anywhere to where it too. I recently got a my hair trimmed, got some highlights and have pretty nails too! Imagine that! My hands use to look awful, from all the stain I had them in for my prim dollies...I now where gloves! Also got myself a new pair of glasses (they aren't quite done yet)...

I am happy to say I am working on a NEW dollie. I hope to have her done tomorrow....yes, a Bunny dollie and so far, she is just soooo very sweet! I just thought I would share a little tid-bit with you. I hope all is going well for each of you. Other then trying to keep cool, this chicky-poo has not been up to much of anything - except playing with lil jewelry parts *smirk* Toodles for now ~Tonya


Duluth Getaway -

We went to Duluth (the kids and I, along with my sister, her family and my Mom & Stepfather). I picked out some pictures, that were the "highlight" of our time there, in Duluth. There is such beauty there...Lake Superior is breathtaking!

The first day we arrived, we were going to go the the beach. We had to cross the bridge to get there...but the bridge was going up...tons of people and they were actually exiting there vehicles while waiting. We thought, why not? We did and we were able to see the Tall Ships arriving! It was awesome! To see those Tall Ships coming in, was like nothing else. All the pictures were taken by my phone and unedited...

Aren't they just BEAUTIFUL! I think it was the first boat, pictured above was on "Pirates of the Caribbean". They told us, but I cannot remember. There were quite a few and while we were there, we actually seen 8 of them sail in. It is describable...

A lighthouse at the end of the pier. You can see Courtney in this picture. The first day it was full of sun, while we walked along the beach and so forth and this day however, was totally different. Full of haze, pretty chilly, rained off and on and pretty windy.

Here is another lighthouse that was there. We watched a very large barge come in, full of limestone. They actually talked about the barge and the length of that barge was unforgettable! Watching it go by us while on the pier and see the crew waving...pretty neat! They had been out for a very long time. That barge only goes a max. speed of 16 mph. Imagine that!

Here was my first vision of Lake Superior, on foot - our first day as we walked over the bridge to the beach....awwww, BEAUTIFUL! It was so blue and it went for as far as the eye could see.

Tracks and a stone wall, that I thought was pretty. We went on a scenic train ride of the North Shore. It was so pretty. My kids and I had never been on a train. We enjoyed that too...

The bridge that opens for the boats. We got stuck on the other side for about an hour and a half, the first day. A little frustrating, but to be expected. Going across the bridge and looking over, so pretty.

One of the fountains in the downtown area. I had to snap a picture. So many things to look at and so much beauty.

Jordan and Ron along the beach the first day. We had just arrived and were waiting for the cabin, so we went to the beach. Such clear water and walking along Lake Superior on a beautiful day, there is nothing like it...look at that smile. We found such pretty rocks along the shore.

My Mom and Ron here. This is the bridge we crossed to get to the beach, it was near the airport. While walking through the sand to get to the beach, it was pretty hot on the ol' feet! We had FUN! Made some wonderful memories that will certainly last a lifetime! Tomorrow is my birthday...another year older...another year wiser! Hope you all have been having a FUN summer! Blessings, ~Tonya