My Favorite....

After Working like a "Mad Women" this week, I finally got all of my Whimsical Little Fairies finished! I was up until the wee hours last night and then worked on them all day today. This one is my very favorite...but of course, because I love that time of year. So many neat things to make....I can't wait. I have many sketches from earlier this year for "All Hallow's Eve", I just can not wait until I start making them. I will wait for a while, until I begin to make more Fall Handmades. I just had to make this ONE little Fairy. I have had such a terrible urge to make some "All Hallow's Eve" dollies and then once I got this wonderful wool, I could just picture it on this Little Fairy!

This little fairy is going up on eBay tomorrow evening. A bit early for All Hallow's Eve, but I have seen quite a few other ones out there for fall....so I thought "Why Not"??

Memorial Weekend already! Wow, where does time go?? Memorial Weekend is normally the "Kick-off" to SUMMER! My Little Kiddies will be done with school on June, 7th. Time is just a flyin by. I do Hope that all of you have a Safe and Peaceful Memorial Weekend. This weekend and Labor day weekend, are normally filled with family fun and gatherings. I hope that you will all be able to spend some time with your loved ones.

Make some Wonderful Memories ~Tonya


Monica said...

Hi Tanya, love your blog! If you want check mine out, I am from Australia, and I love prim crafting too...

Danita said...

Oh my God!!! She is beautiful!
Every time I think I have a favorite you make an even better one!!!