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I am finally DONE!! I thought I would show all of you a picture of my finished set!! I LOVE this set! It is Fern, with Wilbur, Charlotte and not to forget about that little Templeton! They are PROUDLY marching in the Fourth of July Parade....Everyone was so AMAZED with Wilbur, on The Ole Zuckerman Farm. I hope that you like it. I will be listing this on eBay on Tuesday evening and will end on Sunday evening.

Well another Wild -N- Windy day here today. It is in the low 90's and so windy...that to get pictures of my set, I had to have hubby pull the vehicles up to our little shed. It is a little garden shed that we move on our property about a year and half ago. It was suppose to be for my gardening stuff....but will remain as-is, because it is the perfect backdrop for my Handmades. Storms are suppose to move in this evening, with some threatening weather...maybe even hail!

I do hope you all had a nice Monday. I had the fun task of paying bills and then there was the ole property taxes that we paid....due tomorrow! Boo Hiss!! I now have to work on some new items for the Mercantile. Off to look for my doggie....his name is Co-Co. He has run off. I tell ya, there is so much to do and so little time. Have a Splendid evening. Smiles ~Tonya

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Lana said...

What a wonderful set Tonya ~ so patriotic!

Stay safe in the storms!