Another year passes...

And at the strike of midnight a new year will be upon us. I will be spending a quiet evening at home with my daughter and son and his girlfriend. A perfect evening in my eyes. I am not one to party per-say. I like to visit and socialize, but I am not a drinker, I never have been. I was/am always the designated driver. I felt it was always a good thing so no one ever had to worry about drinking too much. I hope everyone that is choosing to drink this evening has a plan to get home safely.

A new year to me means new goals. I don't really make resolutions, but I do have accomplishments that I want to complete and I do want to learn to accept the things I cannot change. I feel I am ever changing and for the better. Going to college has made me a better person and has made me more aware of so many things. Education, can it really do that? I think so. Education opens doors and minds. I will graduate in May and then I start another new adventure, a career. I have never had a career before. I have had jobs, and my art, which is my passion, but never a career. I miss my art, but it is still there, waiting...

Soul-searching and reflecting is normally what I do this time of year. I feel it is important for each one of us to do that from time to time. We need to know who we are, who we want to be, where we are, and where we are going or want to be. Goals and dreams are also important for everyone to have. For the longest time I didn't dream and I didn't have goals. I didn't like the person I was becoming. I had to make changes for me and I am so glad that I did.

Wishing each of you a wonderful evening. Be safe! Happy New Year 2012! Here is to new dreams, new goals, health, and happiness! Cheers, Tonya



I had to "borrow" a winter picture from the internet (hyper-link attached to the picture). Normally, this time of year we have plenty of snow, but not this year and that is fine by me. Some say that it does not "feel" like Christmas without any snow, but for me, I think the "feeling" of Christmas is from within and it is what is in your heart. I simply cannot believe how fast this month has flown by. It is nearly Christmas and I am still wondering where November went? Time seems to go by faster as I get older. Attending college sure doesn't help out with the whole time factor thou.

I am happy to say that I received all A's in my classes, however, I did not make the president's list, but I did make the dean's list. Fine by me! I am happy and I did my best! Two of my generals' classes gave me a 'run for my money' and I honestly thought I was going receive a B in each class. I will take an A- anytime. I am elated to be finished with six more general credits, along side with the core classes that I completed this semester. There was a ton of reading in my generals' classes, as well as, essays, portfolio building, critiquing, discussions, and video watching with writing responses to the videos. They were both on-line classes. I am just glad to be done and I am doing the HAPPY DANCE!!

I have break until January 9 and I am so very thankful. I can breathe and take some time for ME. I created some Christmas cards and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I stayed up way to late but it sure did feel good! I missed creating.

Wishing each of you an enjoyable holiday season. May each of you feel the "Magic" of the season. Cheers, Tonya


Feeling the PRESSURE!

Next week is the last week of this semester and I must admit, I couldn't be more thrilled! This semester has virtually kicked my butt! I am not one that likes to read in long lengths and this semester I have done more reading than I care to even think about. I am not much of a reader, unless it is one of my magazines with my favorite artists or it has something to do with creating.

I am in Intro. to Art (an online course) and basically all I get to do is READ! Yup, chapter after chapter. Can we say FUN? And if that weren't enough, I have Freshman English and more reading. Double fun! I still have to work on my final essay, which is an argumentative essay. I completed my English final today...I hope I did okay. It is a tough class and I did the best I could.

I get to complete four more finals. I will be done the end of next week. It could not come soon enough because I am totally FEELING THE PRESSURE! Anxiety has kicked in and I am exhausted. I really can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Spring semester is just around the corner and I will finally get to play! I am registered for Ceramics 1, Painting 1, Two-Dimensional Art, and I have two online core classes. I just hope I will enjoy myself while fulfilling some of my generals. I completed all of my mandatory generals and the remaining generals were free reign. Of course, I had to sign up for a little bit of art. I was a little bit disappointed that they did not offer a photography course during the spring semester. I registered for what was available.

During the week of December 19, I hope I will be able to create some cards. I know a bit late and they will probably be received late, but "better late - than never!" I am itching to use some of my new Tim Holtz winter Sizzix dies. I want to make something similar to this, but I have not received my pine cone die. The NOEL die is one of my favorite for latest releases. It has such a vintage look to it. My cards will have to do without the pine cone for those that are being sent in the mail. Is anyone else following the "12 Tags of Christmas" on Tim's blog? I love waking up each morning and getting my Tim - tag fix. I love this time of year. I can't believe this is already day 9 and there are only 3 more tags left. I love learning new techniques and I simply cannot wait to have time to try some of those new techniques. I keep tell myself..."all in good time!"

Back to the grindstone...more studying. Cheers to each of you!


Take Time to Give Thanks!

Each year around this time all we hear is about "Black Friday" this and "I want that for Christmas." Well, I went to check my yahoo mail and found an article about 'Black Friday' promotions for Wal-Mart. I don't know why they are calling it 'Black Friday' when most are having it on Thursday evening.

This move, (the Thursday evening bit) really bothers me. I feel Thanksgiving is a time to be with family. I feel that we should 'Give Thanks' and take time to be 'thankful' for all the things we do have instead of worrying about the things we may want. What has happened to the thought of family and spending good quality time with one another? I think that is a major part of what is wrong with society.

Most are so busy with their electronic devices that no one pays attention to what is really going on around them and within their home. I was reading some of the comments that people are have made on the Wal-Mart article and I applaud most of them! They say to "buy American." "Stay home with your family" and "have a family breakfast." Some also stated, because of opening so early in the evening, some do not even get to be with their families on Thanksgiving because they have work for the 'Black Friday' preparation. How sad that we have put 'things' as our priority in life, rather than 'family.'

I just know that as I get older, I realize what is important to me, in my life, and it is not"things!" I wish more people would take the time to be with family this season and be appreciative for what we/they do have. Be thankful that you do have your loved ones to spend this time with.

I am going to get back to my studying. I have to create a portfolio in art, write a critique essay for English, work on my spreadsheets, and also my Integrated documents. I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed...but I am taking it one day at a time and putting one foot in front of the other. That is all I can do. I hope you have a wonderful day! Cheers, ~Tonya

FYI- the picture listed was found here and I thought it was a really neat picture. A little to do with art and it said the 'sentiment' that I wanted to say. I clicked on it and what did I find? A blog that says "Try Handmade" at the top! How appropriate!!



I was LUCKY enough to be chosen for an ART CAMP from Terri Brush! I still cannot believe that I WON! I am in sheer bliss and will have something to look forward to during the long cold winter months. If that was not enough, I was also given the flight to Oregon from another very generous person. Talk about the stars perfectly aligning for this to happen...Things like this do not happen to me (normally)! I was on Cloud 9 all day and still am!

This is a picture from the gals that were just at Art Camp in October. From visiting Terri's blog, I can tell they all had a wonderful time! Everything looks AMAZING! From the art classes, to the food, the desserts (my favorite), the ocean view, making new friends, and so many wonderful memories made are all priceless! I can't wait until April to make my own memories and friends that will last a lifetime!

I cannot express my feelings into words appropriately for such generous gifts from two women whom I've never met. Thank you for the bottom of my heart ~ you will never know how much this means to me.

After a long day at school, then being at my daughter's fall party at school as a room parent, and then out trick or treating with my daughter's....it is finally nice to be home! HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of you! I just know this is one Halloween that I will remember for the rest of my life!


To everything there is a season...

As time goes by I am reminded that to everything there is a season and a purpose. Time must be appreciated. Time is so very precious to me but stands still for no one. I am in my second year of college and half way through my third semester. I will graduate in May! I can't help but think of all the time I spend with my nose in the books and completing homework, yet, there is a purpose and I must obtain my goal. I must keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I miss creating and having free time. Free time to just "BE." Be able to spend time with my children without having to worry about what assignment or essay is due. Be able to just rest, if only for a while, without having (what feels like) the weight of the world on my shoulders. I know there are others that are going through the same thing or worse, but I can't help but wonder ~ When will life get easier?

To everything there is a season,
a time for every purpose under the sun.
A time to be born and a time to die;
a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
a time to kill and a time to heal ...
a time to weep and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn and a time to dance ...
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing;
a time to lose and a time to seek;
a time to rend and a time to sew;
a time to keep silent and a time to speak;
a time to love and a time to hate;
a time for war and a time for peace.

ecclesiastes 3:1-8


I Am...

I found this inspirational quote on Facebook. I think it fits me to a "T" and I feel most women can relate. If not, then they may be fooling themselves? I know that I have not been posting much on creating, but I am truly finding myself, somewhere out there.

I am becoming educated. I am more patient. I am more in-tune to my own thoughts and own feelings. I am hopeful. I am building for my future. I am content.My eyes and mind are wide open. At the same time, I am scared. I am lost. I am confused. I feel detached. I feel alone.

Isn't it amazing how we can feel whole and feel broken all at once. Emotions are very complicated if you try to put them into perspective. I know that I am becoming more of a person that I have always wanted to be. I am!


~~~SALE - SALE - SALE~~~

Who doesn't LOVE a SALE? I am having a 40% off SALE in my Etsy shoppe! Go take a peek and see if there is an epattern you must have. If there is a epattern you would like and don't see it listed, just leave a comment or convo me and I will be happy to create a listing for you. The coupon code is SPOOKY40 just enter that in at the time of check out and it will take 40% off your purchase! Just click on the image and it will take you to my shoppe...

I do have one dollie listed and yes, she is 40% off. I have not had any time for creating and I miss it terribly. I have had my nose to the books and learning quite a bit. We are smack dab in the middle of an INDIAN SUMMER and I am loving it! Enjoy each day to the fullest! ~Tonya


~Scary Mary Halloween Doll~

***FINALLY*** a NEW Halloween Dollie! I should just say a NEW dollie in general. I think I have only made one other dollie this year and that was a dollie with bunny ears. This is my first Halloween dollie. Halloween is just around the corner. I have listed her in my Etsy Shoppe, but if she does not sell by Tuesday, I may move her to Ebay, we shall see...

Her name is Scary Mary, but she really does have a sweet side to her. She has tons of detail. I really enjoyed creating her. I have missed creating. I was so busy with my summer college courses and children, that I didn't have any time until now for creating. I do hope that you will stop by my Etsy Shoppe to take a peek at her. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Tonya


Oh, how they grow!!!

Since I have not posted to my blog for so long, some of you may think that I have fallen off the face of the earth. Jordan, my oldest, has turned 16! He turned 16 on August 2. I made his favorite for his birthday cake, homemade strawberry shortcake, from scratch and real whipped cream. YUM!!

Look at the height on him! He is about 6'2" now and I feel like a midget compared to him. I am only about 5'7". Wow, I feel short compared to him. Jordan was staying with my sister for almost a whole month. He was working for Pioneer in the fields. I missed him! I couldn't stay away thou, I did go and visit.

Then there was Courtney's birthday! She turned 14 on August 4. My middle child, she is growing up to be quite the young lady.

And last but not least, my Ninny (Sydney) my youngest. She will be 10 next month. This picture was taken on my birthday (August 9) and I am now officially 38 years young. I sure don't feel 38. When people get older, they say "Another year older and another year wiser." This year, I can honestly say that is true!!

The day after my birthday, I took my kids and my nephew, to Valleyfair amusement park. We had a BLAST! This is Jordan, Sydney, and Cody on Thunder Canyon. Courtney and I didn't want to get wet just yet. I loved all the rides, I always do! Yup, you can't keep me off the rides, especially the roller coasters. The faster and taller, all the more fun! I will ride on rides that some of my kids won't. LOL See, still a kid at heart ♥

And then on August 12, my son got his license! I can honestly say I am a bit worried about him being on the road, but I am mom, and that is my job! He is a good driver. This is Jordan in his new set of wheels. He got a new paint job on his truck, along with rhino on the bottom. Looks pretty sharp; if I do say so myself!

Funny boy, he said he was going to wait to get it painted until after he got home from working in the fields...good thing mom is always a quick thinker and on her toes! He said, "Mom, I am so glad I got it painted before I got my license, there is no way I could wait to have it painted while I have my license."

I finished my Biology class early, so that I could enjoy what little there is left of summer, with my children. We also went and visited my mom (grandma to my kids) today. It was beautiful day and we had a very nice visit. What more could I ask for? Time just goes by too quickly.

FYI - Those same two dollies are still on my studio table. I must get to working on them. Maybe sometime this week....I have a little down time where I may be able to play! Knock on wood! I hope you have all had an enjoyable summer. Cheers to you! ~Tonya


Time flies!

When you are having fun? I wouldn't say that I have been having fun, but I sure am learning quite a bit! I have not posted on my blog for well over a month and all I can say is "I have been working my butt off!"

We had a major sale at our home. We got rid of a lot of stuff. I have gone through and organized most everything in my home. I have thrown away a ton of JUNK that no one would want and we certainly do not need and boy....does it feel good! Besides all of that, I have been taking my second summer college course and I must admit, these summer courses are pretty intense, demanding, and so much more work than what I ever thought! I also helped my son with some of his body work on his truck (many hours), it is being painted as we speak.

Jordan is staying at my sister's house while working for Pioneer (I miss him) and I will pick him up on the 1st for him to stay home for one night, put his truck back together and spend his birthday with him on the 2nd. He is going to take his driving test (fingers crossed that he passes) and then back to Mankato to work for the following day. I can't believe he is turning 16 already!

Back to the Biology thing, the summer courses move along very quickly, so there is no room for error, no room for procrastination, and you just must force yourself to do your work accordingly! Summer for me has been my nose to the books and essay questions, some discussions, and lots of tests! I have found new hope within myself, I have become focused, and have almost dropped 20 pounds! Can we say focused! I have to be...

I have found many things out about myself and who I want to be and who I don't want to be. There comes a time in each person's life when they finally put all the pieces together and know exactly where I want them to be.

Now for the creating aspect of me...I miss creating immensely! I have two Halloween dollies on my studio table waiting to be stained and put together! I will get there. I am trying to work a head in class so that I can spend time with Jordan on the 2nd and Courtney on the 4th for their birthdays. Then, the class is over on the 13th, but I am hoping I will be done before that. We shall see. Time has just not been on my slide this summer and time tends to slip away from me much to often. I hope all is well for all of you! Cheers, ~Tonya



Sociology, the scientific study of human social behavior. This is what I have been studying lately. A summer course. Imagine knocking out a whole book, I believe 22 chapters, in just 5 short weeks. Not to mention that I am getting ready for a MASSIVE sale for the last weekend in June!

In Sociology, we need to read/study 4 chapters every week, answer questions on them, and have a 3 hour test every single week for 5 weeks. I have the first week under my belt already. I only have 4 more weeks to go. I then have a 2 day break and on to another course, Biology. Can we say FUN - FUN?

I have been dabbling with my poor little dollies that are laying on my studio table wanting some much needed attention. Of course they are Halloween dollies. I could not help myself, I could no longer resist the temptation. Everyone knows that I adore Halloween and it is my most favorite time of the year to create for. If you think about it, there is not that much time until Halloween.

Just thought I would stop in and say Hello. I have been a very bad blogger, but with everything that has been going on in my world, it cannot be helped. Have a beautiful day! Cheers, Tonya


What is up with blogger lately?

What has been up with blogger lately? I have wanted to blog, not that I have anything interesting going on ;) I have tried to get into my dashboard to visit the blogs I follow, but that has been a hurdle to jump as well.

On my desktop, my blog things are not at the top of the page, so I tried my laptop and yes, it worked, which now makes me lead to believe that I may have a virus. JOY! I have scanned and scanned my desktop, still no change with the blogger issue. I don't know...

I give up! It is simply not worth the time I have spent on it. On another note, it is MAY and we have our furnace on! What is wrong with the picture. We have had rain, wind, and cooler temps. It feels like fall all over again. This crazy Minnesota weather. My heart goes out to all of the families that have been affected by the tornadoes and the devastation the tornadoes have left behind. My thoughts and prayers are with all of them.


Loving it!

Recently we purchased some new furniture (still waiting for our other sofa) but I thought I would show you my progress so far. I love the contemporary and somewhat whimsical look to my now "new living room." I would have never chose a color scheme or furniture design like this a couple of years ago. I guess I can say that I have changed quite a bit.

I love the crisp look to my living room. It is uncluttered and it is very inviting, not to mention very cheery! Every time I see the new vinyl wall art, it makes me smile. I have wanted to do something with vinyl wall art for years, but frankly, I was a bit scared. I can now say, that I am glad I finally took the plunge!

In the first photo, you can see that the wall is a pretty yellow. Again, I never thought I would have yellow in my home. As I get older, my decorating is changing, not to mention many, many other things. Just to name a few, my thoughts, my views, and my style per-say. I am very pleased with the wall art and my living room and thought I would share.

On another note, I am done with spring semester! Yay! I always get so stressed the last week of the semester. I can say that I received a 4.0 for 16 credits/6 classes for spring semester and I couldn't be happier. I will be listed on the president's list this time. I made the dean's list for the fall semester, which was my first semester back in 18 years. I can say that I am happy, but it was a lot of hard work! I am at the half-way mark. I just hope everything goes as planned and I graduate next year at this time.

Have a fabulous weekend. As for me, I have the whole weekend to do whatever it is I want to do. I have not had time like that in a very long time. Cheers, ~Tonya


There is light...

at the end of the tunnel for me! This semester has been long and I am so relieved that it is almost over. I think I may still have the winter "hum-drums", from have such a long winter and a slow start to spring. Finally, I see light at the end of the tunnel!

I have only a couple of finals left and then I will be finished with this semester on Wednesday! I can hardly contain the excitement. I also started a part-time job as a general assistant. What was I thinking? It is at a place where they do a lot of printing and for the most part, make reproductions of manuals. They also print many other things and put transfers on t-shirts as well. There is a lot of different things to learn there and I figured I could use the experience, as I have not worked outside my home for anyone else in about 10 years.

I have not created, nor blogged, there has not been anything fun to share. My thoughts were, same thing, different day, so why blog about it, right? I have signed up for a couple of summer classes (I may just be torturing myself?) and I have heard that summer classes can be brutal. We shall see. I want to knock some of my generals out of the way. I would be able to knock 6 credits out in just 25 days for each class. I am sure it can be done, but I will have to stay focused and stay on top of my studies!

Just thought I would say hello! Looks to be a fabulous day and well it is finally starting to feel a little like spring! Enjoy your Friday and your weekend. Cheers, ~Tonya


Handmade Art Fair...

Have you visited ~Handmade Art Fair~ yet? Such a neat site! I love the way it has each artists' page is linked to everywhere they are and what they create. You will have to take the time to stop by if you have not done so lately.

Spring is in the air and I can smell it! It has been one long and cold winter. Bring on the SUNSHINE & FLOWERS. Cheers, Tonya


Such a sweet sweet sight!

As I gather my thoughts this morning and plan out my day, I was looking out the window and I seen not one Robin, but several of them. We tend to mark spring arriving with the sight of these beautiful orange breasted birds. I did see one last week, but only one. We also received snow last week, several inches mind you. As each day passes during the tale-end of winter, I often wonder to myself, how much longer can I handle the harsh, bitter cold and the massive amounts of snow and then spring slowly tip-toes in....I am so very thankful ♥

Since the Robins were still so scarce last week, I knew that there was still a short while to wait patiently and be hopeful that we did not receive anymore snow, while waiting for spring. Meanwhile, we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground, the weather was beautiful yesterday and the temps were into the low 50's. What more could we ask for.

Although, I would love all of the snow to melt instantly, it must be a gradual melt, as they have predicted massive amounts of flooding in Minnesota. It breaks my heart to think that many cities have to prepare for such. Those areas that they have been predicted as flood areas are already making sand bags by the thousands, several thousands and building walls in preparation for flooding.

While Mother Nature has so much beauty to unfold before our very eyes, there is also anger within. The devastation in Japan just leaves my heart so heavy. When will it end? They have endured so much and how much more can they handle. My heart goes out to each and every one of them. Peaceful blessings to each of you and thank you for taking the time to visit. ♥Tonya


I thought I would share...

A sweet RAK (random act of kindness). Sweet Mo at Wings and Paws Whimsies is having a giveaway. She is giving away this adorable Easter assemblage. Mo is celebrating her new endeavor with teaching others to solder and create beautiful master pieces, such as the one above. Stop by her blog and read about her new adventure.

If you are in the Washington/Oregon area, she is teaching classes or you can host a class in your home. I wish I lived close to her so that I could take that class. I love learning and some day, I will learn to solder, even if I have to learn by trial and error. I have learned most of everything I know by trial and error and I must admit, for me, it is one of the best ways to learn.

Mo puts lots of love in to each of her creations, I should know, I am lucky enough to own a couple of her pieces. She is also on the same selling site I am, The Prim Nest, be sure to check it out!

I am happy to say that I have a full week off from school, yay!! I am going to work in my hallway, priming, sanding, and painting. No, I am still not done, but little-by-little, it is getting there. I told you it was a major project. While away from school I am also going to make time to play!

I am so looking forward to spring! This winter has taken every ounce of my patience and I no longer want to see any new snow blanketing mother earth. It is time to move on to spring I say. Here is to being productive this week and taking some time for ME! Cheers, Tonya


We ALL have a voice...

Today, while waiting for my children to get done with school, I really didn't have anything to do. So, I parked in a public parking lot and was reading an art magazine. I had been listening to the radio, but got tired of the commercials, so I shut it off. Everything was quiet and all of a sudden I heard all this yelling and swearing. It was a man and women. I could not see them and did not know where the screaming and yelling was coming from. I rolled down my window and listened. I was looking frantically all over...

Finally, I seen them! The women was toting two large baskets full of stuff. One stacked on top of the other. She was crying and telling the man to just let her go! Quite a few other things were said, but you get the idea. The man was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and was barefoot! Yes, barefoot! Mind you, it was in the 20's with a sleet/snow mix coming down. He was running ahead of her and yelled, you are not leaving! If you leave, I will break that f-ing windshield.

I dialed 911 on my cell phone and hit send. I hung up immediately and thought to myself, I will wait just a bit and see what happens. I was scared for her. Their vehicle was about 6 spaces down from mine and cars parked all around us/them. The windows were wet from the rain and they didn't know I was there.

The yelling, arguing, and swearing went on for a while. He locked himself in the vehicle and would not let her in to leave. He kept opening and shutting the door, yelling and so forth. I thought something may happen because at this time things were escalating. I got out of my van and waved my arms so she could see me and put my hand up to my ear and showed her the phone. I mouthed the words "do you want me to call the cops?"

She yelled to the man and said, if you don't let me go, that lady is going to call the cops. Some more swearing and rudeness came out of his mouth and then he seen me. I stepped closer to their vehicle. He immediately retracted and I think he was ashamed. He said he would never hurt her or break the windshield. The lady said, yeah right! I told them, I have seen to much domestic violence in my life and I am not about to let anything happen on my watch. I told them, I will call the cops if need be.

I waited outside in the rain/snow, until she left. In the meantime, there was a gal that seen the last tail end of it. She pulled up to me, rolled her window down, asked what had happened. I briefly explained. She said, you may have just saved her life. I don't know if I did save her life. None of us ever know what goes on behind closed doors or in a mentally unstable person's mind.

I just know, he was trying to control her and she wanted to leave. He was threatening her and I feel things could have escalated, had I not been there. I just know, when domestic violence (or any violence for that matter) is going on and you hear/see it, you should speak up! It is your civic duty to try to help or speak up! I honestly feel that way.

It is so odd to think that I was not suppose to be there, at that time, and in that place. I never go there and today, of all days, I was there. I do believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe I was supposed to be there to help that gal? Who knows what could have happened. There was no one else around during the whole incident, only me, until the tail end. I was glad I was there and I was glad I spoke up.

I know someone may read this that thinks, well, Tonya probably made things worse. Or maybe thinking that gal is back in that same situation tonight. Well, maybe she is? But I know, I did what was right. That is all that matters. I cannot control what others do and how they handle a situation. All I can do is try to help when I feel someone needs help. I did my civic duty and just thought I would share my story. Maybe someday it could be your daughter, your grand daughter, niece, or sister, and wouldn't you like to know that someone would speak up on her behalf. Something to think about. Peaceful Blessings to each of you, Tonya


~NEW Site---NEW Dollie~

Yes sirree! Finally, a NEW Dollie! The first one this year as a matter of fact. Where does the time go? Tomorrow is already March 1 and this is my first handmade for the year. I can tell you where my time goes and it is generally in the books...

The NEW site is ~The Prim Nest~ I am so glad to be a part of The Prim Nest. I needed something extra to do, right? Not really, but I do really miss creating and I thought I would be able to create here and there. The site will update on the 1st and 15th of each month. I am always going to try to have something new for the 1st of each month and if I get something finished for the 15th, well then that is a bonus!

This is Sweet Lily. All of her lil extra's can be removed and then just be a sweet everyday dollie. I had lots of fun bringing her to life and I do hope that you will stop by and take a peek. I must go and get back to the books and my homework, which seems to be never ending. That's okay, I am up for the challenge and already at my halfway point for the semester! Can I get a whoot, whoot!! Toodles for now, ~Tonya


What's the Word Bird?

I must *CHIRP* about a NEW Site that is going to OPEN on March 1st!
How very exciting! There are a lot of wonderful artists on the Prim Nest site, but you will have to wait until March 1, to find out who the are. I know, no fair *smirk*

Another thing that I must *CHIRP* about is the Prim Nest blog. They have a little bit of a give-a-way going on. You will have to stop by the Prim Nest blog to see what can be won.

I thought I would also share with you a little bit of spring? We DID have some nice spring "teaser" weather here and the birds were chirping. It was wonderful. We had weather near the 50's, then old man winter had to rear it's ugly head again! Yuppers, a winter storm hit over the weekend and we are still in the midst of the storm. We have had a little bit of everything. We have had rain, sleet, wind, snow, thundering, and pretty cold temperatures.

How very disheartening. I was so excited and looking forward to spring, but I knew in my heart-of-hearts that winter was not done. I have had a little bit of time for creating, which has been long overdue. I immensely enjoy creating, but really do not have the time to create with my studies for college.

I hope you enjoy your day. Stay warm, if you are in the midst of winter all over again *sigh* As for me, I am fighting bronchitis or something close to it. You just have to love the joys of winter and the cold season. I don't let it get me down thou...well, not normally! Cheers, ~Tonya


Ever thought about....

Have you ever thought about the ripple effect you could cause with your life had you made one single decision differently. Have you ever thought about the lives you have touched by a certain gesture you made or by a certain random act of kindness.

I wonder if others think about how they may have touched my life. But does anyone ever think about if they did just one thing differently, how it could cause a ripple effect in their life or possibly in others. I tend to ponder about certain things lately and all the "what if's." How can one not think about the "what if's" in their life.

Certain times in your life you can't help but wonder...I will leave you with a poem that I felt was so appropriate for this post.

The Ripple Effect

Life sometimes seems
So short
That it existed
Only in our dreams
But just like the stone
Thrown upon the pond
The ripples and influence
Reach far beyond
One life can touch those
Whom she or he never knew
In special ways
Which bring hope and renew
Our belief that life
Always has meaning
Whether short or long
It's all in believing

Sharon Jordan


A day to...

Just B-R-E-A-T-H-E!

Today I do not have school. I only have one class on Friday's and my teacher is still detained in Atlanta. Flights were canceled due to the weather and she could not obtain another flight until this weekend. We still had assignments due for her class this week, but uploaded them, online. Technology, what a wonderful thing, but that means NO SNOW DAYS, even if you can't make it to school. HA!

With each new semester comes new stress. The first week or two of every semester is especially stressful, to say the least. New schedules, new classes, new teachers, and everyone must get back on schedule. Now I know why my kids are always so excited for a day away from school. Mind you, I have been working on homework all morning, but the feeling of being caught-up or ahead, is a REALLY GOOD FEELING! For a day or two I felt like a "fish out of water." I am sure you can all relate from some type of situation in your life.

I don't have anything creative to share, but I am learning and growing a lot as a person through my education and experiences. That is worth it's weight in gold! I was also the lucky recipient of a scholarship. That will be very useful and I am very grateful to have been chosen for a scholarship. Filling out the scholarship application, writing the essay and getting a recommendation was a lot work, but well worth it in the end.

Having a goal and working towards something is so very satisfying. You must have the right mind-set, determination and enthusiasm. You must look at each new day as a gift (an opportunity) and be thankful you are given that opportunity each and every day. Have a fabulous weekend. Cheers, Tonya


Another day...

has come and gone. A peaceful day today. Tomorrow, I go back to school. I didn't exactly get a lot things done that I thought I was going to while on break, but did find time to relax and spend time with family. It is good to take time to do that as well.

Quite often we all get lost in our lives and don't always take the time we should. This year, I am going to make more time for myself and take better care of me. As a mom, I always do things for others and worry about others, now it is time to worry about me. Sound selfish, maybe to some, but to others that know me; know that I very seldom make time for myself.

With school, school work, three children, the endless housework and budget, well that does not leave much time for anything really. Just thinking out loud here a bit, I guess. Wishing each of you a better year than last and here is to beginning each new day with beauty all around. Mother nature is a glorious painter of perfection, isn't she? Peaceful Blessings to you, Tonya