Beautiful Flowers...

My Flower Gardens are blooming. They are so beautiful...as I was driving around my circle in my driveway, I couldn't help but notice all of my blooming flowers. There are so many different kinds and colors. I love this time of year. When we moved to our acreage almost 4 years ago, we didn't know that we had all of these beautiful perennial gardens on our property.

When we first put an offer our home to purchase it, it was still winter in Minnesota. So imagine our surprise when we took possession of our home and we had 3 large perennial beds and a Hostas all around. The day we took possession, we must have walked around the property for about an hour.

I just thought it was so appropriate to show "poppies" for this time of year, because of Memorial Day. They are just beautiful. You don't see many poppies growing around here anymore. They have "altered" poppies to not grow wild anymore. On my property, I still have the "Wild" poppies. I have some Hostas that are about 4 feet in diameter.

Just thought I would share a flower with you...
Smiles and Take Care of You, ~Tonya


Pea said...

reminds me of home!! My Mom always had poppies in the front bed by the brick wall. Thank you for the reminder of how beautiful they are.

Annie said...

ooo how pretty those are...I grow weeds..and I'm darn good at it!!!

Lorraine said...

Beatiful, Toyna!!!:o)

Pea said...

Annie you are too funny! We have a garden of Needin' weedin'. LOL

~Tonya said...

Hey aren't weeds flowers too? LOL My Little one always says..."Mama, I picked some flowers for you", as she brings me a handful of dandelions.

Just too darn cute!