Small Wonders...

Awww...for "tweet"! My son took this picture of these little baby Robin's yesterday. Look at all that work in that nest! That Mama Robin has made a "Perfect" work of heart, for her little babies. I think new life is just so very precious. So, pure and innocent. There is just something about "Small Wonders". I love Spring with all of the "New Awakenings" from the long Wynter's Nap.

My Little Sydney Graduated Preschool today! It was so very cute. They used a button up white shirt for their gowns (backwards) and they had a little crown (made of paper and wrote their names on it). They had the music playing and they called their names up, one by one. It was so neat, they even handed them a little rolled up scroll (a little "Congratulations" paper)!! I have posted a picture of the PROUD Sydney! Now this fall she will start all day Kindergarten.

It will be nice, but she is also looking forward to going to school with her "Big" sister, Courtney. My son starts "Middle School"...that is a scary thought. I remember those days. I hope all goes well...

Mom will have days to herself Yay!! I have been a "Work at home" Mom for so long with little ones around me, well I just won't quite know how to conduct myself LOL. I hope to get a lot done and a little "Piece of Mind".

I now have to go and mow......joy!! Can ya tell I am just "thrilled" about mowing. I am so thrilled, I can hardly contain myself LOL. I will get to enjoy a little bit of fresh air, on such a beautiful day. So, that is a good thing. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Cherish the Little Things in Life...Before you know it, it may be to late. Blessings, ~Tonya

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SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Ho Tonya
OH I LOVE robins..This picture is wonderful, Robins is one of my favorite birds, We don't get them very often here in Florida! Maybe we will have them when we move to TN!
Your sweet little Sydney looks just
precious!! This is a mile stone in her life and Mom's!!
Hugs and Blessings Sherrie