Whimsical Little Fairies.....

I hope you have all had a Wonderful Tuesday! I have my Internet back and they fixed my phone this morning!! Yay! It was a double whammy...I am so glad to be "Back on Track"! Boy, we sure all depend on technology today.

I stayed up into the wee hours last night...I am working on some "Little Whimsical Fairies" for the Mercantile and I must say, they are turning out so very NEAT! They are smaller then my average doll, but I love this size. I am very excited. As I added more, I would take it to my hubby, (grinning ear to ear) and say, isn't she so sweet. He said boy, you sure are happy. I said I love these! It doesn't take much to make me smile, when I am creating my handmades. I had the first one hanging on my kitchen wall, because I have to make something to go with her, my Little Sydney says, "She kinda looks like me, Mom"....isn't that so sweet? She has brownish hair, with some light colored tips and two little braids....these little Wee-Whimsical Fairies have touch a place in my heart.

Creating for me is my way to loose myself, without really going anywhere. I know that when someone purchases one of my handmades, it (my Handmades) have "Come Full Circle", when my customer opens up their package and having my dollie in hand, they look at it and it "Leaves a Smile on your face and a Dance in your Heart"!

I hope you all have a Wonderful Day and who knows, as I finish up one of my Fairies...if time allows, I may post a "Sneak Peek" of a Whimsical Fairy....Smiles, ~Tonya


SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

am so happy your norm has returned, Doesn't it make ya Thankful ! Some times I find my self taking the normal , a bit boring or routine then when a storm in life comes Boy Do I start a prayer for all to be normal once again!! Blessings to You
PS: I can't wait to see what you have coming for the Mercantile Your work is totally awesome
Hugs Sherrie

Pea said...

You are such a teaser! You tell us all about it, wet our whistle and then no pics..
I am dying to see them now. Can't wait.
glad you are back I did miss your posts.
Blessings to you and yours,Pea