Alittle bit of this & a little bit of that!

Happy Friday to each of you!! First off, I do hope that you enjoy your Holiday Weekend - Be safe and let's not forget the real reason for Memorial Day. Speaking of Memorial Day - reminds me of the RED, WHITE and BLUE and I just had to make up a lil bit of that! Gotta love the Bunny-bunny. I have had these on my desk for over a week...just waiting to be finished up.

I finally got them finished up and I have not made any Stockings from My Primitive Stocking Collection for almost 4 years! Wow, how time flies.

This lil sweetie was asking to be a make-do and I love the pink and black together! Just so neat and I love dots. I had fun coordination things to go with the dots...you can't tell can you?

And I had to throw in a lil bit of Halloween! Love the fabric I used for the stocking and the collar. In person they are all so pretty and the sun was just BLARING down...so the pictures were difficult to take. I think they look okay, considering. All 3 are heading over to my Etsy Shoppe. I just have to get them listed.

Have a Fabulous Friday and a Perfect weekend. Make some Happy Memories. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~Bunny Rabbit Tinkets~

Aren't they so SWEET! I love them and am so happy with the way they turned out. Each one has so much detail and personality! They are attached to little wooden trinket boxes...

I have listed them in my Etsy Shoppe. These are just the heads, pulled off the top of the little trinket box...

I hand painted each wooden box to match the fabric and such. Each have a ruffle collar and I made each of them a wool felt hat and then added pretties of course...

Isn't she so shabby! So sweet. I love the pinks that I used for her. I normally do not leave things so "white", but for this sweet bunny, it turned out so very neat and just what she needed...

I just had to make a Halloween one! I made the stripes on the trinket look a bit torn, I did that with painters tape. It turned out very neat and I LOVE that hat and I added tinsel glitter to the center of that ribbon rosette! So much fun to work with. They are listed in my Etsy Shoppe, I do hope that you will go and take a peek.

It is such a nice day out...BEAUTIFUL! I must go and enjoy the day a bit. Toodles for now, ~Tonya



I was the LUCKY WINNER of Michelle Palmer's Giveaway! Michelle hand sketches with ink onto fabric, vintage linens, baby dress, feed sacks and so much more! The sketches are so beautiful in pictures, but you should see them up close, they are absolutely amazing! The pictures posted here are Michelle's, I did not take my birdie out of the package yet...I want to be able to put it in a frame and under glass, so it is protected.

Look at all of those eggs, each one hand sketched. I love "winged" things....birdies, butterflies, fairies and angels. Thank you so much Michelle, I absolutely love my birdie vintage birdie sketch. Michelle has an Etsy shoppe (the link is on her blog) and updates quite frequently, so much more then just birdies that she sketches. You just never know what she will sketch next.

Boy, I am a BAD BLOGGER lately! I suppose it is because I do not have much to say. Not much going on and school for my kiddies is winding down. They of course updated me today, only 14 more days of school left. Boy oh boy, how time sure flies. I have been working, but very slowly I might add. Just too many distractions. I would think by now I would be use to distractions.

It was such beautiful weather here yesterday and today is another beautiful day...and it is suppose to continue all week. It is so appreciated after all of the gloomy weather and rain we had last week. I may have some lil wooden trinket boxes to show you later today, depends if everything goes smoothly. Until next time, take care of you and stop to enjoy a lil bit of sunshine. ~Tonya


~Bethany BLOOM Bunny~

This was a little ~Sneak Peek~ picture that I set out with an email update. I thought it was so cute, with Bethany's little eyelashes. I have been playing in clay (as you might have noticed)! I made 3 dollies, one the pretty witch listed on ebay, this sweet bunny and one more in the works. With clay, I have found if you sculpt more then one at once, you don't become so annoyed, with the drying time...

I have listed Bethany Bloom on Etsy. I know some people do not like to wait for auctions, I am one of them! *smirk* I have even given Bethany Bloom some sculpted bunny-rabbit feet! Here tag and flowers are so neat, as is her bodice...

On the BLOOM tag, lots of detail...what is it with me and highly detailed tags this week? Having fun and getting lost in the moment, I guess. I love playing with paper and am learning more and more techniques all the time! I have added shimmer mist to the flowers and the tag. It is hard to capture in pictures, but in person - BEAUTIFUL!

Here are the flowers that go with Bethany. I made 5 of them, but made one into a flower, with a stem and wired it to Bethany's hand/arm. I used a Tim Holtz Tattered Flower die and I must say I think that die is my FAVORITE flower die EVER! I love how they are not your typical "cookie-cutter" looking flower.

Today it is a bit nippy out! We are suppose to get down into the 30's on the overnight tomorrow and possibly some SNOW ---------WHAT???? IN MAY!! I hope not! I was ready for some nicer weather and have only seen tulips bloom so far. The birdies are going to be freezing their lil feathers off. I hope it warms up. Just think, it was 78 degrees here on Tuesday....sheer craziness! Only in MN can it feel like Spring, Summer and Winter all in one week! Toodles for now, ~Tonya



Not really, but I thought it was a "catchy" title! I have been playing with clay and finally finished up a dollie! I am very pleased with the way that she turned out. I had to "shake" things up a bit. I love to dabble in so many "mediums" that is hard to decide what to play in!

This is ~Sweet Sabrina - Witch in Training~ she is a bit of an "Elegant" witch, is there such a thing? I suppose there can be, remember the Witch of the East on The Wizard of Oz? She was quite a beautiful Witch...well, Sabrina wants to just be a beautiful lil Witch. I have tons of detail in her. She will make her debut this evening on ebay. She will be listed on ebay then and end on Sunday evening.

For those of you that follow my work, know that I have never offered a clay-faced dollie before...not a full dollie. I have made lil things to go with my cloth dollies, but that is it.

And look at the highly detailed hang tag that I made! Love it! It took so long to do, but I think is so very worth it! Lots of layers and layers and truly a OOAK, both the tag and the doll! I must get moving, I have lots to so and the day is slipping by.

It has been windy, windy here today! Not much has been going on here, I know I have been quiet, but I have been creating, just tooooo many things at once. Oh and I did re-list my Springtime dollie on ebay, she will end on Sunday evening too. No Reserve on here. Poor lil dollie...in person, she is so very sweet and I do hope that she will be adopted. Toodles for now, ~Tonya