I thought...

I thought that with all 3 of my kiddies being in school, all day long, that I would have more time. It seems, the more time I have...the less I get done. It seems like I am busy all day and all night long, but really getting NOTHING accomplished! How is that possible.

I will not have a update on TDIPT Mercantile and just don't like that. I was working so hard on a new handmade and it just would not work out properly. Instead of "pushing" myself, I set it aside. I have not worked on a handmade since. I have been putting patterns together thou...

I have been working on this guy...My Olde St. Nick. He is such a Charming Olde Soul! With Christmas not very far away, I need to kick my "tail-feathers" into "High Gear"! My days seem to roll into one another, as if each passing day is intertwined with one another, with no end to each day.

I would like to take a moment "Thank" all of you! Every single one of you have made a difference in my life. Ones who have given me "Words of Encouragement", Customers who have purchased handmades and/or patterns, Friends who listen to my mindless dribble, when I need to lean on them. There are so many people that have touched my life, since beginning my Journey in Doll making.

Whether it be good or bad, happy and sad. So many things have made an impact on me and has made me who I am and I Thank you for that! For each passing moment in time, has made me a better, more respectful, more responsible and more Thankful person. I take each moment as if comes, and I run with it.

I printed this on my one of my newly released patterns. I don't know how many will read it, because quite honestly, when I use a pattern 9 times out of 10 I do not read them, I just jump in, because I get so excited.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The path that I am traveling on with you…..is the JOURNEY
That I have only dreamed of traveling on for many years…
Because of you, my DREAM is now Reality!
Thank you for making my ~DREAM COME TRUE~
Many Endearing Blessings to each of YOU…..~Tonya
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So, on that note...I hope you all have a Restful Evening.
Many Blessings, ~Tonya


NEW Patterns...

I finally have the patterns to my Christmas Stockings done! I have them listed on eBay for the paper/mailed version. I sent my information out for the epattern....I may get it back late today or possibly Monday. We will see. To any of you that would like a package deal from my blog, get all 3 for $30.00 (paper/mailed version) with shipping on me! (in the U.S) Just email me at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com I just thought I would offer my faithful customers a little bargain.

Boy today sure is WINDY! It is a nice day and warm out, but the winds make it unbearable to go outside. I plan on working on the other 3 patterns and getting them out soon. I am about half way finished on each of them. But now the deadline is soon approaching for the Mercantile. And I thought I had all my ducks in a row! *smirk* Never enough time.
Oh and the Choc-o-late Chip Cookies we made yesterday for Sydney's Birthday were EXCELLENT!!

I hope you all have a great day! ~Tonya


Happy Birthday Sydney!!!

My Little Baby is 6 today!! A Great BIG Happy 6th Birthday to Sydney! She was so cute today...we went and picked out cupcakes for her class tomorrow and she acted like it was the biggest decision of her life. Too cute. Awww to be little again...

We will Celebrate her birthday, with just us today and on Sunday with the extended family, at a park. It is going to be a beautiful day! So that is always nice. We always make a cake or something like that on their birthdays, for just us at home and Sydney wants good Ole Chocolate Cookies. So after school, we will be baking cookies. Yummy!

I have been very busy writing up the directions to NEW Patterns! YAY!! I know it has been a while, so I am going to hit you with at least 6! Yes, I said 6. I have been a busy bee. I was hoping to have them finished this week, but it may be next week. We will see how it goes. The paper pattern will be ready maybe this weekend...if I push it. The epatterns need to be sent out and then returned to me. So that takes a bit of time and she no longer works weekends (which I can understand), so you will have to be patient.

Any who, I hope you all have a Wonderful day! I am sure we will too. Until Next Thyme, you take care of you and yours. ~Tonya


~Lucinda~ Devious She-Devil!

Here she is!! I am very Pleased with her. I named her ~Lucinda~ She turned out even better...then I had Imagined. I was worried at many points, when creating Lucinda. She is just so very different for me. She has a way about her. I even did some research on Lucifer, The Fallen Angel...and have added that to my listing on eBay...

I really love the way her eye's turned out. I was worried, because they were angled so much. I added a ton of detail to her. I think that is the best part! Her "Flaming Cape" is so very neat. I don't know where that came from *smirk* I put my ol thinking cap on, for this dollie.

Don't forget about Ava Grace's Silent Auction. It started today and I have got my bid on some of the handmades. It really is such a wonderful thing that these gals have done. So, do be sure you go and take a look and put your bids in.

This week I hope to put my nose to the "grind stone" and get some *NEW* patterns together. I have been "slacking" a little bit in that area. My mind will probably wonder, as I have so many dollies "Dancing around" in my head. No rest for the Wicked, or so the say. I hope you all have yourselves a splendid week. Smiles & Blessings ~Tonya


Done with my Dollie...

I have worked several days on my dollie and I am done!! I was up until almost 3 am last night working on her and then almost the entire day today. She is so totally different then what I normally make...but I am so very pleased with her.

So, I will be listing her tomorrow evening, on eBay. Other then that, it was a pretty "normal" day around here. It was very chilly this morning...it dipped down into the low 30's! Way toooo cold for this time of year.

On another note, the "Silent Auction" for Ava Grace starts tomorrow. Please find the link, on the upper right corner. There are over 70 artist that have donated an offering. I was so busy, I had asked to be able to donate a dollie....but I was late (my own fault) and they said it would just be wonderful to be "supportive" on the other side. So, I will be bidding. I am sure there will be some absolutely wonderful handmades and I can not wait to see the lovelies!

Be sure to go and check out the Auction! It starts tomorrow, Sept. 16! Have a Wonderful evening. Many Blessings to you, ~Tonya


My Halloween Goodies!!!

In my TDIPT Group, we had a Halloween Basket swap and this is what my TDIPT Sista gave me! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Everything in my basket. I had the BIGGEST Smile on my face the whole time...It felt like Christmas!

This is my WONDERFUL basket from Stacie, The Shepard's Gift. I love everything! It was wrapped so nice, but I could not help myself....I had to tear it open right away!

She even gave me my most favorite candy, Ghirardelli! Chocolate and Carmel....Mmmm! It was inside of my little Pumpkin Jack paper box. It has so much charm. Then look at that Pumpkin mug mat, behind the candles....hooked even. So very time consuming. Love it! I will treasure all of my goodies forever!

This little guy is The Bestest!! Is that a word?? It has little needle sculpting around the mouth, eye brows and nose....Just too very SWEET!! Thank you so much Stacie! You sure made my Day! I think I am going to start displaying early for All Hallow's Eve.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On another note....I have been P-L-A-Y-I-N-G!! I am not going to give any sneak peeks or clues either. The dollie that I am making is sooo different, so full of detail and I LOVE her! She got a lot of Oooooo's and ahhhh's already, from hubby and the kiddies. I think I will be done to list her on eBay, on Sunday evening.

Have a GREAT Friday! I know I did! BIG Smiles, ~Tonya


YAY...I get to PLAY!!!

I finished my Custom Order yesterday and is getting sent out today!! Yay!! Now, I get to play. I have a dollie that has been calling my name. She is "begging" me to bring her to Life. She has been gnawing at me in my mind, since ~Baniculla Bat~

So, today packing and getting a few things done around the olde homestead and then my dollie for ebay! Then....on to some new patterns. So much playing to do and so little time. Yes, I call that playing because I do get a little nervous and so forth with special orders, I am only human *smirk* When I can do my handmades freely, it flows so much easier. That enables my creativity and then I have so much fun. I am Thankful for orders and so forth, I just think I am my worst critic is all...

My kiddies have adapted and adjusted well...for the most part. Jordan has even been coming home and talking about school, so that is a plus! Courtney, she is just a natural at Lovin School, so that is a good thing and then there is Little Miss Sydney...she came home from school the second day and said "I lost a tooth", we knew it was loose. I asked where she lost it at, she said Courtney hit her in the mouth and it feel out on the bus. It was by accident and she was so very happy. Sydney said, "Now the Tooth Fairy can come". So cute....the "Tooth Fairy" came and she already spent the money...

OK folks, I am off to pack order, some supplies and my swap gift. I forgot to tell ya all about our swap! I am so excited! In out TDIPT Group, we are having a swap and mine will be here soon from Texas (Stacie, from The Shepard's Gift). This is going to be so much FUN! You all have yourselves a Grand day!! Blessings & Smiles, ~Tonya


A Day of Work...

This was taken a few days ago at dusk...it was the calm, before the storm. I took it as the sky was changing, the wind shifted, the clouds started to move swiftly and the darkness crept in. We received some pretty heavy winds that night, along with some heavy rain and lightning and thunder to no end...

Today we worked! I even made the kids help! Heck, they have created most of the mess in the yard. We were outside most of the day. Picking up, pulling weeks, putting a ridge cap on the barn roof and mowing. We did get quite a bit done, but we still have a bit more to do.

It is good to get things in order. I don't like a messy yard, but with kids, you have to constantly reinforce the fact...that they need to pick it up, pick it up, pick it up! Sometimes, it is easier to do it yourself, rather then listening to yourself telling them to do it *smirk* Know what I mean?

Well, this week will be a full week of school for the kiddies. Last week kicked my butt! LOL I am not use to getting up at 6 a.m. I am not a morning person, but am trying to go to bed earlier. I want to stay up when they are off to school, so that I can take advantage of the whole day. No rest for the wicked, is what I always say...Toodles. ~Tonya


So VERY Sweet...

Here is the story...Pea of "Pea Picker's Primitives", starts out by telling a "little white lie"! This went on for over a month! She told me she was working on another Cornelia dollie for her craft show. In the mean time, it was my birthday and she sent a couple of cards (what I thought were very sweet). So then she went on to tell me, I am sending you some wool roving, for fun and some material. I told her she didn't have too. She insisted....so she told me, I sent out the roving, material...oh and some room spray...

A BIG box came yesterday! The mailman had to bring it up the driveway (living in the country and all). Immediately, I thought of Pea and what has she done now?? I opened it up and it had that colorful crinkle shredded paper and she wrote TADA! Gotch ya! Happy Late Birthday Read card First! It was like Christmas and all the while, I had the biggest smile on my face. No friend, had ever done such a sweet gesture like that for me before!

Cornelia was only the topping on the cake...so to speak! The box seemed to be bottomless! She gave me the sweet dollie, a wonderful very old wooden dough bowl (which I Love), Cinnamon Bun room spray, several roving colors, a piece of material, like what my dollie is wearing, some Witches hair moss, a little note pad, a candy corn ornie, a little craft for the kids, a can of fancy cat food (for Lulu & Kinko) and dog treat biscuits (for Coco & Kali)!! Wow!

I of course, thought to myself immediately, I have to call her! I Thanked her and then I chewed her out! LOL....for so much and for the so called "Little white lie". I will treasure my dollie and dough bowl....Always! Thank you so much Pea. You are always so kind and thoughtful.

The kids had a good day of school....a couple of "snags", you might say *smirk* They have quite a long bus ride. It being the first day, the buses were running late. Jordan missed the transfer bus at the High School, to take him to the Middle School. He was about 40 minutes late, See the bus was late getting to the High School and the transfer bus had already left.

Courtney and Sydney were about 25 minutes late. Courtney said, she took Sydney to her class. I Thanked her....I said, wasn't there anyone outside to help when the bus got to school. She said no. I said, what would Sydney have done...without Courtney being there. She would have been so very scared and crying. I am so Thankful that Courtney was there to help her baby sister. Sydney LOVES School!

Everything ended up ok. I hope today goes smoother and the bus does not run late. With each passing day, it should get easier. Sydney this morning...Why do we have to get up so early? I said, you have too. She said, I wish it could be like preschool and start after lunch! From the mouths of babes....so very sweet!

I hope you all have a great day. I plan on getting much done today! ~Tonya


First Day of School...

The First Day of School for my kiddies! So excited and nervous. Little Miss Sydney was just tickled pink! Her very first day of Kindergarten! She kept saying, "When is the bus coming". It always takes the bus driver's a couple of days, to get on track.

Jordan said, "I can't wait for summer!" He on the other hand, does not like school. He is going to "Middle School" and I think he is feeling a bit "lost". I hope he adapts well. And then Courtney, she just loves school! She was on the "countdown" long ago. She could not wait for school to start. I hope they have a GREAT DAY!

CRAZY CAT Lulu...at it again! He adore's small spaces. Anytime a little box is laying around or anything....he hops right in and makes himself at home. My son was getting his gym shoes ready for school and Lulu made a nice little bed. *smirk* too cute! Even when we play scrabble, we put the lid on the floor.....he hops right inside. Crazy cat!

Well, today is going to be quite for me. Very different and on a daily basis, WOW! Some real "ME" time, if I take it? I tend to always see the things that need to be done and do them. Very rarely, do I do things just for me. I can play catch-up. I am behind a bit on some handmades and special orders that I took a while ago. I never knew how much work is would be to get 3 children ready for school...now I can relax. Ya right! Back to work. See ya later, Gater. ~Tonya



School Starts on Sept. 4th and boy, are we ready!! Meeting teachers, buying school supplies, getting pictures taken, hair cuts, the list goes on and on. I sure am glad that I went "clothes" shopping in July, things get picked over quick. We picked up the majority of "school supplies" when they first came out in July, my middle child would not let us pass them by.

My son, Jordan starts "Middle School" and we could not get his school supplies list until Aug. 29th. Boy, I didn't like that one bit. I do not like to wait until the last minute to go shopping.....everything and I mean everything had been ransacked! We had to go to each individual class to get his "supply list", crazy?? Or is it just me?? I had never seen anything so "backwards" in my life! Oh well, WE SURVIVED and are READY!!

This is a book cover by Gary Crew, but I thought is was so "fitting", since I have been tagged again. I have already fallen behind on some others, but this time..........I thought I better play along. So, here is goes...

You are supposed to share your middle name with the world of bloggers and then use those letters as a sort of acronym which describes you. I think I have that correct. My middle name is RENEE, several "E"s. This should be fun!

R - RICHLY BLESSED (For My Family, whom I Adore)
E - EAGER (To LEARN anything new)
N - NIGHT OWL (Way too many late nights working)
E - EFFICIENT (All the time, I have to be!)
E - ENJOY (Soooo many things in Life and I am Thankful!)

I have also been tagged by another for my First name....

T - TACKLE (if I don't know how to do something, I will try)
O - OPEN & Honest....Yup, that's ME!
Y - YEARN to be and do several things in LIFE yet!
A - ADVISE (I have been told, I give good advice)

So there you have it. A bit about me. I tell ya, it took me a lot longer then it should have *smirk* I wanted then to "mean" something or have a "meaning" behind them. I am suppose to pick others, but I think, The Buck STOPS here! Anyone that I think of, has already been chosen. I always say, "Always a day late and a dollar short"!

Other then getting my kiddies ready for school, just the normal everyday things going on. Not much time for anything lately. Boo hoo. I will start to have more time...or so I hope. I know I have had many requests for new patterns and they are in the works...so do be patient. I hope you all have had a great weekend thus far...not to forget, many have tomorrow off as well. Not me, I will be working. Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend. Many Smiles to you, ~Tonya