Testing My Patience...

Yesterday, we had a small storm come through...well, we had wind, rain, thunder and lightening. The thunder & Lightening hit very close to our home, it shook the whole house! We have a full two story home, with a walk up attic and full basement...so it took something really big and really close, to shake the whole house! And now, my wireless went to the "pots" and my telephone connection is so "noisy" and full of nothing but crackle, that even dial-up is next to NOTHING! It takes almost 5 minutes to pull up a page. So, it is "Testing my Patience"! Boy, I think someone is telling me to "Get to Work"! LOL

I have started on my Mercantile Items. They are going to be so Neat! The first one is still in the "early stage of Life", but she is looking wonderful. Today was one of those days...My Kiddies were "gnawing at my nerves". I am off to work on my dollie. So, I hope you all have a Wonderful Evening!

Many Blessings to you and yours,


Anonymous said...

Okay okay does bad luck run in cycles and how do I get off this roller coaster from hank?
My car is crapping out. Mikes is still dead and the dryer quit this morning. ARGGGGUE
I hope you get email or phone soon cause I need to chat with you.

Lorraine said...

Hope all is back to normal! I can't wait to see your next creation!! Your works are soooo wonderful!!