Bitten again!!

These got me going again! I have been bitten by the HALLOWEEN BUG again....Yes, there is such a thing *smirk* I was making a couple of heads and well, playing with clay. A head turned into a doll, and of course, it is Halloween. A bit early for some, but Halloween is my very favorite time of year, to create for.

Yes, I did make some cones earlier this year...thought that would get it out of my system, I think NOT! So, here it is in the dead of summer and I am turning to Halloween. I know I have some of my Halloween things sitting out, ALL. year. long. in my studio. Love looking at it.

Things have changed for me or at least I think so. I use to work like a mad woman and now...I have taken a step back. I do take some time to do things I want. To do things I should. I have become more postitive. Not as much wondering around aim-lessly (if that makes sense). I do not sit and day dream about things I could/should/or want to do...instead, I try to do them. I focus now and I have also started going to church again (for a couple of months now). I think going to church again, does play a huge part in my postitve thinking. No, I am not going to be a bible-banger (as some call it) but I do enjoy going and thought I would share it with all of you. It makes me a better, happier, more postitve person and has made me think more clear.

Now I am just rambling. Just thought I would share with you...what I have been doing/working on. I have a couple pieces in the making and I can't wait to finish them....but when you work with clay----it is like waiting for paint to dry! HA! Have a great evening. Blessings, ~Tonya


~Firecracker Sally~

I finally finished Firecracker Sally! I have been working on Sally for well over 2 weeks...here and there, that is. I had her laying in parts and well, I worked on her last night until 3 am and then started on her again this early afternoon and I was able to get her all finished up!

She is so very sweet and I did put my hand in this picture on purpose....because she is a very small dollie and with pictures on a computer, at times it is hard to really know what size they are. I love her lil firecrackers. I had fun making them. Firecracker Sally will be on ebay this evening and will end on Monday evening...

I have FUN with all of her little details...I always do! I hope you all have a grand day. I have some peace and quiet for a while....my Mom has my girls until tomorrow mid-day. I needed a bit of a break and just think, SUMMER has only just begun! Ta-ta for now kiddies! ~Tonya

If you happen to be looking for a PSP "LOT" for a decent price...my son has this listed on ebay, under my user name. Well, I actually had to list it and it took FOREVER!! Click the pic to go to the auction. He does have a reserve of $90.00. I feel that is a very fair price. I of course will get to pack it up...the joys of being a Mom *smirk* Have a good one!


Oh what FUN!!

SUMMER is OFFICIALLY here!! With that being said, at about 10 O'clock this morning, it was already almost 90 degrees. We have a HEAT ADVISORY Warning for today. We have such high humidity, when you factor the temp. and the humidity together, we will have a heat index of well over 100 degrees today. It is suppose to get even HOTTER as the day goes on!

Ya know the kind of weather, that when you go and take a nice, long shower and at the tail-end of it, you turn it nice and cool, so that when you get out, you think that you will feel much better and cooler, but then you soon realize that when you are getting dressed, you feel so hot and sticky, that you almost feel worse, then before you took a shower....YUP, that is the type of HOT/HUMID weather that we are talking about. The type of HOT, that yesterday if you moved, you would sweat! YUCK!

We didn't have the A/C window units put in yet, well yesterday Jordan and I put them in! Hubby works the overnights again and he said he would put them in, when he got home in the morning....I told him on the phone, we can not wait....Jordan and I will put them in! WE DID!! I could not wait any longer yesterday...it was sooooo HOT.

I was a CRABBY-PANTS to say the least. I don't care for the heat in the summers and when it is so humid, well it is even worse. So, we got the A/C window units in and hubby got home and turned the fan on, in the furnace and well, the window units (2 of them) keep our whole house cool! Not to bad, when you don't have a central air unit. It feels as if we do!! Sounds crazy, but I will take it!! Sure beats complaining and sweating all day long with a throbbing headache---as I did yesterday!

We have had some pretty severe weather going on around here. On Sunday evening we had several funnel clouds around and caused panic....along with rain and some storming. On Wednesday of last week, a tornado touched down about 15 min. from us!! We did take shelter, in the basement...just the girls and I. They were pretty scared. The tornado took out two business, knocked down a barn and also took out a bunch of trees, along the way. Mother Nature's fury...she has so much beauty and then there is darkness, in the lurking shadows.

Enough rambling today! My Mom took both my girls until Thursday...now maybe, just maybe I can finish the Americana dollie I have been trying to work on for over 2 weeks. Have a great day, stay cool! Toodles, ~Tonya


VBS Pictures...

No, I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth! *smirk* My days are filled with children's wants, needs and running...not much time left for anything else lately. I wanted to share a few pictures from VBS (Vacation Bible School). It ended over a week ago, I know BAD BLOGGER!

The kids had so much FUN! The girls wanted to go back for everyday of the summer. The church we go to is AWESOME! The people there, are just beyond words and the activities they had planned, well lets just say they were a huge hit, among all the kids. They took so much time to make the church a "forest" and were very creative in every aspect...
They had craft cabin, they sang songs, watched the stars, had bon fires, they really brought the outdoors in, with a little imagination.

Here is card that Courtney made, such a pretty, glittery butterfly...she gave it to me. I will be putting it in a frame and putting it in my studio.

Jordan didn't go the first day, but was very curious about it, when the girls came home and asked about it. I said, see you should have gone. He said it is to late now.......I said no it wasn't. They said bring your friends tomorrow at the end of the first day. So, yes I made him go the rest of the days. He had fun, but Jordan being the age that he is, does not really want to admit it! He made a really neat birdfeeder...

Jordan and Darrel went down to Dayton Oaks in Iowa, for Fishing Camp. Darrel chaperoned the whole week...they just came home on Friday and left on Sunday of last week. They both fun! Caught some fish, learned some camp songs and came home with really stinky clothes, that I got to wash! Awwww, the joys of being a Mom and wife *smirk*

They came home with a CD from camp, I hope to get some of the pictures posted this week. I have a dollie that I have been working on for a couple of weeks now...not making much headway on her, but I hope too. Other then trying to stay cool in this HOT AND HUMID weather today, nothing much else. Have a great day! Toodles, ~Tonya


And the WINNER is......

Okay, my hand started to cramp, from handwriting all of the names in my giveaway....so I started to type them up and print them up! I got them all written/printed, cut them up, folded them and then put them in a big bowl! I lost count. I wanted to post Ninny drawing the name, but was to lazy to take a pic, edit it and post it (sorry). It has been a long day. This is the first day of a full week that the kiddies are home. YES, school is out and it will take some getting use too!! *smirk*

I know, I know, on to the WINNER OF MY GIVEAWAY, right?? I couldn't be HAPPIER with who won my giveaway. She is always such a sweet gal. Always stops by. Her blog is wonderful, always giving out graphics for you to use and has such sweet handmades and takes beautiful pictures. She dabbles in photography...without further delay, the WINNER is..

Please contact me at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com with your snail mail addy. I will then get your goodies all packaged up and sent out to you! Congratulations, Renae!!

Thank you to each of you for always stopping by. I appreciate your sweet comments. I may not always leave a comment and I may not always leave comments back to each of you here...but you do make me smile. I hope each of you have a wonderful evening.
Many Blessings, ~Tonya

~The BIG Reveal~

I know I said I would try to post this sooner...but sometimes, a person's best-laid plans just do not work out. This was one of those times, so sorry. This weekend was so busy, that I didn't even have time to catch my breath. Today, I finished packaging up the GIVEAWAY goodies and finally took pictures!!
One LUCKY WINNER will receive all the goodies posted in these pictures. I had lots of FUN putting this giveaway together and next time I have a BIG giveaway, I will post the pictures first!
And I LOVE these little notecards. The winner will receive 6 of them, two of each patterned paper. Made by me...
And I just had to include one of my handmade star garlands. I personally have one of these myself and keep it out, all year through. The other items in the pictures include, handmade tags, glitter flower pretties, yummy room spray and grubby taper candles (for decorative purposes only).

Yes, I will finish writing out all the names and toss them into a bowl and have one of my kiddies draw the name...I will hurry as fast as I can, but there are a lot of followers, comments and those of you that posted it on your blog. Thank you so much for your patience, your kind words, following my blog and displaying my giveaway on your blog. You are all just too sweet. Ta-ta for now. ~Tonya


~Winged Willa~

I have FINALLY managed to get not one, but TWO handmades done!! Can you believe it. I am really starting to feel a bit creative again. I had so much FUN creating this dollie.....she is an addition to my Magikal Merriments Collection! Here name is Willa, which means "Desired" and just look at those eyes. She has lots of detail to her and you all know how I love detail in dollies... I even added clear glass glitter to her eyelids. She looks so neat in person, she is full of SPARKLES. I added glitter to the eyelids of one of my dolls a couple of years ago (my Lucinda Devil Dollie) and I just loved the look of it! It does however take a "different" type of doll, in order to add glitter to the eyelids *smirk*

I have them both scheduled on ebay to start this evening (knock on wood)! I even got done with all of that, before my kids got home. Imagine that.

Here is my Americana Sam. He is so very sweet. I have him sitting on my desk and will stay there, while on Auction...so that I may look at him. He is one of my most favorite Sam's that I have done. Lots of stars and little details on him that I love...

Both will end on Sunday evening. I do hope that you will stop by and take a peek at their auctions. I have them started low, without a reserve.

Now tonight, I can finally make a crown for the handmade I am going to be giving away. You have all been very patient and I appreciate that. I have to work at my sister's store tomorrow, but I hope to list it no later then Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed. Have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Bowling and Giveaway~

I thought I would post a couple of pictures from bowling. No, they are not the best, but they are what they are. It was like moonlight bowling, with the black lights, flickering lights, loud music and dry ice smoke...so they are not that bad, considering the circumstances. Hubby was clowning around in the back and Courtney was looking at him...so, there is a pic of her below.

Here is Courtney being her crazy self. *smirk* We had lots of FUN, but the dry ice smoke got to me and has wreaked havoc on me. I am taking sinus junk for that. My kid's are growing so fast. Jordan is a couple of inches taller then Dad (hubby). He towers over me. It is amazing how much a kid can grow in a year.

I wanted to post a reminder about my GIVEAWAY, be sure to click here and sign up, if you have not already. I want to post some pictures, but I have to finish a crown for the giveaway, before I can take pictures. It will be a good giveaway, so you won't want to miss out! Have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya