~TDIPT Mercantile~

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!! I took all my pictures and finished all my goodies for TDIPT Mercantile. Here is a peek at my April offerings. I love each of them and I just thought I would show ya all...

Such sweet shakers! Love each of them. I used paper under the colors from Annies (Glitter your World) and love the way it looks. You will have to wait to see more of them, until tonight.

Love the tinsel cording, from Annie too. I honestly don't know which shaker is my favorite. they all so so very different in person. They have wired ears and you can pose them however you would like...

Little Dottie, loved the pink and black combo. They all have the antique bobbins for handles...

I must go, I have lots to do. You will not see any handmades from me for awhile, as I have my DREADED TAXES to work on. Tomorrow, I will be at my sister's shop working and then after that TAXES, because my appt. is for the 7th! And for those of you that follow my blog, NO, I did not get organized for this year!! HA! I have lots of work ahead of me. Toodles for now ~Tonya


~Anyone's Auction~

Here is my ~Sweet Gracie Bunny~ I used the fabric on her dress that I received from Mo (in the below post). I love the way that Gracie Bunny turned out. I say "anyone's auction" because normally I would have a "reserve" on a piece like this....thus, making it truly "anyone's auction".

She has soooo much detail in her! This is one of those pieces, while creation...I got LOST in and that is the best kind of creating to do. The ribbon on her dress is the crushed organza that I purchased from Annie of Glitter your World/Blur.Baby. Love it!

Here is a close-up, of the chunky block and the fancy dress. I even embellished the block, with crystal centers in every flower. She is starting on ebay this evening and will run for 7 days, to end on next Sunday evening. I must get to work. I have lots to finish for TDIPT Mercantile. It updates on the 1st. Tic Toc...time does not stop. Ta ta for now kiddies, ~Tonya


~Goodies from Mo~

I was going to title this post "Thank you, Melissa", but I already did that below *smirk* What are the odds, that I would receive goodies from two Melissa's in one week? *smirk* Look at my "Goodies from Mo"! No reason, just a random act of kindness. Mo aka - Melissa from "Wings and Paws Whimsies (Primitives) spoiled me this week! I will break it down, with the pictures below...

First of all, Mo knows I LOVE Hallowe'en and she said that I just had to have this book! I LOVE this book! Loads and loads of Inspiration. Mo is so funny, she said I wrote a little note to you, on the inside of your book...so now you can't ever sell it (teasing me). I told her, Do you ever think I would get rid of a book like that! Love it!

Then there is fabric and trim LOVE! Sweet little spring print with bunnies, sail boats, bonnets and such on it and vintage trims....I am already using the fabric and have it one of my dollies...she is waiting for me in my studio as we speak. A "T" card, which she wrote on the back of it. Love them all and I can't wait to use the trims...

Then there was a little egg, filled with vintage pins and embellishmensts, another container of vintage pins, a sweet chick notepad, ribbon for my card making and NOT pictured was some Chocolate eggs (LONG GONE) *smirk* Mo knows I love vintage pins and such and said she just had to get them for me, as they had my name written all over them.

Last, but surely not least....Mo gave me one of her SWEET chalk-a-lets! She had it packaged in that sweet box (in the first picture) all wrapped up so pretty. Love Love Love my lil chick! Pictures simply do not do her pieces justice...they are on the "wee" side and hard to "capture" all the fine little details. The egg is "sugar-coated" and the flowers are just so tiny and sweet! Mo does wonderful work! She poured this sweet chick from one of her antique molds and it is just the sweetest chick, I have ever seen!

I wanted to say Thank you to you Mo! You have "touched" my heart, given me lots of laughs and are just plain sweet! I will treasure my goodies ALWAYS. Hop on over to Mo's blog and check out her links to find her goodies! I must get busy here today, as the days do not stand still. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weeekend. It is sunny here, but quite chilly for this time of year. It has been dipping down to the upper teens and low 20's at night and NOT getting much warmer, during the day. Toodles for now, ~Tonya

Thank you, Melissa!

Melissa of "Queen of Holidays" has a Fantastic Follower drawing every friday.....and well, last Friday, I won! I tried to take my own picture, but Melissa has "way" with her pictures and her goodies. I love my lil skellies in that little draw sting bag. I have them in my studio with me for now, but can not wait to add them to my All Hallow's Eve Collection.

Melissa makes the NEATEST Holiday creations. You will have to stop by her blog and check out, all of her goodies.....she is one talented gal. Thank you again Melissa!


Donate to WIN!!

As most of you have become familiar with Jenny, from "Wonders of Whimsy", most of you also know that she has a LOVE for fur-babies and has put together "Alley Cat Rescue". She is trying to help the homeless kitty-cats in her area....she has been feeding/watering them and trying to get them spayed/neutered. Jenny is a "ONE MAN ARMY" and not getting much help, from the people in her area. Read and follow her "Alley Cat Rescue" blog, to see all the GOOD she has been doing.

So on to the "DONATE TO WIN" bit! Donate for the cause that is "near and dear to my heart", helping Jenny provide food/water, spay/neuter for the homeless kitty-cats. A dollar per chance to win, this sweet kitty-cat, hand made by Jenny. Give 10 bucks, your name gets put in 10 times! The drawing will take place on March 31st! Hurry on over to "Alley Cat Rescue". I don't know why I didn't post this earlier...so sorry Jenny. I get "side-tracked" very easily!

I am going to take some pictures of my goodies that I have gotten this past week, from some very generous gals. I hope to post them later today.....or maybe tomorrow. Have a GRAND evening. Toodles for now kiddies, ~Tonya



Cha-Cha-Change!! I have given notice for my website to be taken down (did that last night. I never update on there and last time I did...they had a server change and I lost about 3 hours of work. I was upset and tried to go back in, after the server change and everything is all FUNKY!

So, there goes that. In place of it, you will find to the right. My NEW buttons! Yes, they are all on blogger...more user friendly for me to update. I know I had made the new etsy and ebay buttons yesterday...too big. I did not like them. I have all the buttons linked, but I did not put any information on the two new pages yet. I just need some time. I will arrange my paper pattern page, newest to oldest.

I have a link on there for epatterns, that will take you to patternmart. I of course am always available to send you an invoice, if you do not want to use patternmart. I hope to place paypal buttons, under every paper pattern. It will not combined and discount the shipping....but I will give partial refunds for overcharges. I do not expect to make anything on shipping...I feel that is wrong!

I also have a NEW selling site (My WORKS of heART). I will delete the old one when I have the new one set up. I messed up the old one, when I first made it and it has never linked to my PROFILE page and it bothers the heck out of me. I always have to sign out of my regular blogger account and sign in to that one...pain in the arse. Plus, I made a new banner for it. Love my bunny, bunny.

Okay, I must get busy. Have a grand day. Here, it is very WINDY and I feel like Dorthy, in the "Wizard of Oz". Toodles, ~Tonya


~ETSY Listings~

HAPPY SPRING to each of YOU! Tis a BEAUTIFUL day here in Minnesota. LOVE this kind of weather. Woke up with a headache and my low back is giving me grief...but am still thinking positive. The SUN always has a way of making us all feel better!

I have been playing with graphics and adding a few to my side bar. I must get get my taxes done. I get to work on them this week....JOY! Not my favorite time of the year.

I have added a few pieces to Etsy. I am going to start listing my pieces regularly on ETSY and only every now and then on Ebay. Ebay is getting far to expensive and way too PICKY! They only allow people to use paypal (so they can charge you that extra fee for using paypal). I feel they are being very unfair with all of their fees. I feel more and more people will turn to Etsy.

I must "shake a leg" and get some things done around here. Always so much to do and so little time to do it. Toodles Kiddies, ~Tonya


~Pinky Pinkeep~

Awww, isn't that just the most ADORABLE Lil Mousie ever! I had fun with this one...I know, it looks smililar to the ones I made, not that long ago, but I could not resist! I have Pinky for sale over on my selling blog...
And I just love putting that lil flower on the end of the tail. Check out my selling blog for all the details. Not much going on in my world...a BEAUTIFUL day and lots of work to do this week. Have a great evening and Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~Handmade Cards~

Awww, Lookie Lookie what I made! I had so much FUN making these....especially the embossing! That is my NEWEST Addiction! I want to emboss everything...

The set of 4 is available on my ~Selling Blog~ Only ONE set available..hop on over to my selling blog to see them in great detail. Toodles for now, ~Tonya

~Thank you, Stephanie!!

I received my GOODIES from Stephanie yesterday!! Yay!! I love them all so very much! Some of you may not know, I was the lucky winner of Stephanie's ~Old World Primtives~ Blogiversay Giveway. I still could not BELIEVE that I won! I still can't believe it. I had the biggest grin on my face, while opening my goodies....

I thought I would get a close-up of my little willow crocks...so very neat! Love them. And my garland, my basket, and star they all fit me perfectly! I realize you do not see the little handmade chicks and bunnies that Stephanie made...well that is because I had to hang them immediately, because they are just too darn ADORABLE!

I hung them on my star garland, that is strung across my olde hutch. They look so very sweet. Stephanie does a beautiful job, at making the vintage looking ornaments. Actually, you should go and check out her blog...she makes so very many neat things! Oh and you will have to check out her etsy, as she has them for sale on there...

If I had to pick a favorite, of all my goodies, I honestly don't know which one I would pick. I love them ALL!! Thank you so much, Stephanie! You are so very generous and I will ALWAYS treasure my goodies from you.

And last, but certainly not least...brown bunny. Stephanie has the SWEETEST graphics picked out for these little guys. I need to get the rest of my spring and Easter things out. As you can see in the picture, there are still some snowfolk in the background...shame on me. *smirk*

Well, I must edit some pictures...I made some really neat cards last night. A set of 4 and I will be selling them on my selling blog. I will have one picture here, but more detailed pictures on my selling blog. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~Pretty Tags~

I love playing with paper and well, these tags are a project that I just finished up. They are made from an olde book for the front, hand stamped and then backed, with pretty, pretty paper. Use them to fancy up a package or hang them on a twiggy tree for Spring...

They have an eyelet in the center, where the hemp string hangs and I have tied on a little ribbon tie, either in satin or sheer ribbon. They are about 3 inches across and you will receive 8 birdie tags...

This is the back of the tags, all 8 are different. They will arrive in a crisp cello bag, as shown above. Each Set of 8 Tags are $9.50 and that includes shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

If you are interested in purchasing a set of Sweet Birdie Tags, please email me at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com Toodles for now and Have a Great Day! ~Tonya



Boy, this week sure has been a FUN week, to say the least and it is only Tuesday! A HUGE difference from last week, I tell ya. So, as some of you have read....I was also in a ~Skelly Swap~, hosted by Dani of Ambitions Design...

I was paired up with Candy of Howling Moons Design. She is a gem and I LOVE my Skelly! Pictures do not do this sweet skelly justice! He has glass glitter on him and he is more muted. He will look awesome with my All Hallow's Eve Collection...but will reside with me in my studio until then.

The funny thing is...Candy and I both used trims and glitters from Annie of Glitter your World/Blur.Baby! How NEAT is that! Thank you so much, Candy. I had so much FUN with this swap and I will treasure him ALWAYS!

And here is the Skelly that I gave to Candy. I love making shakers and of course, I just had to make one for Candy. I also gave her a candle. I had so much fun making this shaker...I said to myself, when I was on Spooky Time Jingles, this is what I should have been making. Oh well, live and learn.
Here is a close-up shot of my skelly. Love that paper garland around the neck...another find from Annie at Glitter your World...as is the glitter and the little ribbon, with dots! Love her stuff. Stop on by her website and add a little SPARKLE, go Glitter your world...she just added some FLUFF...go and Fluff your WORLD! *smirk* I had to chuckle at that one. That was cute.

So, I think I have been enough of a CHATTERBOX today...now I must work! Remember I was gone most of the day...Ninny had her Spring concert. She did a great job. I took pictures, but have not had time to look at them or edit them, just yet. I hope they turned out, as it is always dark in the gym. Toodles, ~Tonya

~What I gave~

Here are all the goodies I gave to Lynn (2stitchin) for my TDIPT Swap. I received the SWEETEST email from Lynn today. She loved everything and for both of us...we both said as if it were shopping for ourselves...how neat is that!
I had fun making this crow. Yes, it was suppose to be a spring swap, but we have a questionaire that we fill out for swaps (to help us with each other's likes and dislikes) and we both said we didn't collect much spring, but loved crow, sheep and willows...

Lynn said she collects wooden bowls...so I found this, along with a scoop. I gave her a journal, two room sprays, some jar candles, olde taper candles, candy (yum) some handmade tags, a drawstring bad with what else...but a crow and a twiggy wreath!
I had fun with this swap. I had just as much giving, as I did receiving. I love adding the little touches, such as the ties, tags, bells and such. As I always say, it is all about the little things!
I also received my SKELLY SWAP today and will be posting pictures of that as well. Tata for now, ~Tonya

~Sweet Innocence~

When I began this dollie...you can not tell that I was thinking of spring...can you? This winter has been a long one...as each year passes by, I think they grow longer by the year...

This to me is "Sweet Innocence", she is a reminder to me, to take the time to look at the beauty all around. Innocence is looking at that little birdie that has perched on her hand, so intently.

The birdie can be removed, I thought that was a neat part. Innocence reminds me of a little prairie girl....although I have been told by a couple, she looks like George Washington's wife *smirk* I think she is just simple, innocent and pretty. Innocence can sit (with a little coaxing of her dress), and hang. Her arms are wired, so you can postition them...

Her hair is Ann's wonderful wool, that is needle felted in place. She has a little bun in back, but I had to pull some little side-hairs down and a little "poof" on top...along with a little flower on each side. The indoor pics are about driving me insane anymore...nature lighting is BEST for pictures with dollies.

I am going to list Innocence on ebay, for this evenin. No reserve and for 5 days. I have lots to do and must go to my Ninny's Spring Concert. I have never understood the Spring Concerts, while there is still snow on the ground. Have a great day. Blessings, ~Tonya


~TDIPT Swap Goodies~

I received my Spring Swap from Lynn of 2stitchin today and man, she sure outdid herself! Ohhh, look at that lovely wrapping....it was wrapped so neat. I opened up each wrapped item carefully and enjoyed myself immensely...

I was not able to take the best of pictures...I would end up having 5 billion of them *smirk* Lynn and I really do not collect Spring things (we filled out a little questionaire) and I told her I loved sheep, willows and crows...and I tell ya, all of these goodies she picked out for me...has my name written all over them! I love them all...

There was so many goodies that include lotions, body washes, body cream, Maple Syrup, a hand painted light-switch, a neat sheep, sheep notepad, a berry wreath, a ticking towel, a painted tin punch bucket and spoon and finally...

Lynn made me hand-stitched Willow Trees with a lil prim hanger and then one that framed up! So AWESOME! I love them, I love everything. The one framed up, will go in my bedroom and I will have to find a special place for the willow hanger...

Here is a close-up of the willow, (the other pictures were a bit far away). Lynn's stitching is just
impeccable and her willows are just the neatest. I will treasure my gifts always. Thank you so much, Lynn.

Well, I have just finished a dollie...a very different dollie. My dollie is a reminder of "Innocence" and taking time to "Enjoy Nature". I will post pictures later today or tomorrow. Tata for now, ~Tonya



Birthday Wishes to my Honey! Yup, another year older....ummmm, I mean wiser *smirk* No special plans for today, he has to work. Always seems to work out that way ever year. We are going to have a little bit of a celebration before he goes to work. A bit hard, he worked until 6 am this morning and has to go back to work at 6 pm tonight.....and he has to have sleep ya know. Happy Birthday Honey! I hope all your wishes come true!

It is gloomy out today, with a mixed bag of rain and snow. Other than that, I have been laying a bit low and working slowly on a little dollie. She is going to be a Spring/Easter dollie. Well, I must shake a leg...oh and I was doing the HAPPY DANCE on Friday evening!! I WON Stephanie's (Old World Primitives) Blogiversary Giveaway!! When Stephanie emailed me and told me I won.....well, from having such a terrible day (heck, week) I got all teary-eyed. I still can not believe that I won and I love everything!! Thank you so much, Stephanie! I will have to post pictures when my package arrives.

I hope you all have a great day. Blessings, ~Tonya



Yuppers, I FINALLY GOT ONE DONE!! Knock on wood! I have the Sweet Melody Spring Bunny Box listed on Patternmart, but if you do not want to purchase the pattern/epattern through patternmart, you can ALWAYS contact me and I can send you an invoice dandtturvold@deskmedia.com

For your convenience I am adding the little linky for Patternmart. For you gals that contacted me, wanting to purchase the epattern....I sure hope I made your day *smirk*

BBP32 Bunny Rabbit Spring Easter Primitive Doll E Pattern Trinket Box
BBP32 Bunny Rabbit Spring Easter Primitive Doll E Pattern Trinket Box

NEW for ©2009 Spring Melody is full of olde-thyme charm. The over-all size it 10 inches tall and 6 ...
Price: US$10.00
Click for details

I hope ya all have a grand day. I must go and pack up my swap goodies.

Toodles for now, ~Tonya



I was a VICTIM to FRAUD! I had signed up for a Paypal Debit Card, through my Paypal account. I chose NOT to have a back-up source, such as my bank account...boy, am I glad that I made that decision!

I was hit not once, not twice, but three times! They say the third time is the charm HA! Well, by the third time, I was a little peeved. The two transactions showed "pending" on Sunday evening...so first thing Monday, I called and had them cancel my debit card and they DID reverse the transactions, since they had not gone thru. Thank GOODNESS! Chris was the man that helped me and he was so understanding and sweet.

So, we thought it was all done, right? Wrong!! Another transaction went thru today for $59.90 and when I signed onto Paypal, there was a big window that popped up stating I owed paypal money. See the gentleman at paypal on Monday, told me to take all my money out of my paypal account....said that noone would be able to try to pull money out, especially since the card was canceled. I did, so we thought that would be it.

Some how paypal allowed the transaction today. They said an "oversight" on their part. I had to fill out a form and for now, they did refund my money back and it shows I do not owe them anything. We shall see how things turn out. We are not talking a small amout, we are talking a total of about 199 bucks. In this day and age, our family needs every dime we have (not trying to sell a sob story, just stating the facts) and I feel very VIOLATED and UPSET to say the least.

So these people or companies that tried to do this have wasted my time, ticked me off and has caused a lot of stress. Yes, for now it is okay......but being on the money subject hubby said he is tired of working two jobs and living pay check to pay check and that I should go out and get a job. Funny thing is....some gals that have gotten to know me, thought that the money I made was "Play Money". I told them we need the money I earn, to live. So, with that being said, I will get out of this pity-bag (I hope) that I am in and get to work!

I have a couple of swaps that are going out tomorrow and damn, KNOCK ON WOOD-----------> I am ON TIME *smirk* So, all in all....I guess it is about "THE ALMIGHTY BUCK" and sometime, somewhere, something has got to give! Don'tcha think?? Tomorrow will be better...that is what I keep telling myself. Toodles, ~Tonya