I got a wonderful email today 5/16/07!! I am turning the negative into a positive! I am going to work harder and create until my "Heart is Dancing"! I have received many wonderful emails and support. I Thank you...to each and everyone of you. Your support means so very much to me. I hope you all have a Blessed Day! Big Smiles, ~Tonya


Anonymous said...

Dear Tonya... I am equally frustrated with pattern designers that think they rule the designing company....I have made several great friends on eBay from dolls to patterns I have purchased...I am not a pattern designer but love all of you that are... I just wish that many of you out there would stop hurting those that create and sell there patterns... and please stop throwing in people's faces the "THE COPYRIGHT LAWS" ... I know there are many designers out there that think they rule the whole designing business...I guess the best way to put this to all of the designers that have issues with other designers and you know who you are... stop selling your dolls on eBay then if you are so worried about people taking your stuff...Tonya does not steal her creations.... She has put many hours into her designs... and I can say with great certainty because I purchase many doll patterns... that none of the hundreds I have look anything like Tonya's... and the last time I checked many dolls on eBay and sites have some similar things in common.... Do you all think that only one person can think up an American type doll...? Please shake your heads as this is not true... I believe you are all just jealous of her patterns....

debbieg said...

Tonya, I am so sorry you have to put up with these people. Obviously they have not been as successful as you have been in the doll making and desinging business and our jealous. There are a lot of doll patterns out there that are similar but that that does not mean that they are copied. They didn't stop selling their dolls on ebay; they didn't sell! I have several, probably 100's of doll patterns and yours are among the best. Your directions are very detailed and believe me there are some out there if you had no sewing experience at all you would have absolutely no idea how to put the doll together!!! Keep up the good work Tonya, keep your chin up and don't let these mud slinging people ever get you down.

Debbie G