A Card...

I recieved a card today from a friend. I thought it was so very sweet of her. She said that if I wanted this stamp, that made this very card...that I could have it. She said that it was because I always use the saying "From My Heart & My Hands...To your Home! Isn't that so very thoughtful! She also sent me all kinds of goodies earlier this week. So very thoughtful and she sure put a smile on my face. You know who you are and "Thank you"! Just too Sweet!

Well, our doggie came home. Shortly after looking for him...we went driving and calling out for him, he came home. He has been gone for a couple of days before, but someone had shot "Bird-shot" at him. Which I think is very cruel. Yes, I know he should stay home, but he is a very kind dog and most of the time he does stay home. I just think people should think...before they react. Everyone needs to think with their hearts and their head. And ALWAYS treat other's, as you would want to be treated. If everyone did, we would live in a far better world!

Well, I have received an over-whelming (the good kind) of emails on my new listing on eBay! I will respond to each of them, but it will take a bit of time. I have to finish cleaning my so-called craft room (The Back Porch) ! It was looking pretty grim, but now it is far worse then before. So, I am off to clean and organize....as if I will find anything after I organize LOL!! You all have a great day.

BIG Smiles, ~Tonya

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