Our NEW Doggie...

Well, it has been quite a weekend! Meet Kali...she is the newest member to our family. She is one of the biggest babies I have ever met. If you leave her for just a bit, she wines. She needs to be by someone all the time. She is so sweet and so very smart. Cocoa is so HAPPY!! They get along wonderful and they are already the best of friends.

We decided against Zach, because he was so very young. We thought Cocoa and Kali, would be a better fit....although it was very hard to see Zach left there, along with all of the other doggies. I sure wish that they all could find a wonderful "permanent" home. My heart was heavy when we left the Humane Society. Kali is almost a year old. She was spayed on Thursday. We took her home on Friday. So, she is being pampered in the house, until she heals from surgery.

Kali made herself at home quite fast. Her she was finally relaxing after a long Friday. We had her on the leash for a while, not knowing how she would act in the house and such. She is wonderful with kids and in the house, what more could you ask for. She follows me around every where and lays at my feet when I am working on my handmades. How could anyone not want her?? Look at that face. So very sweet and innocent.

Some more pretties from my flower beds. I actually played a bit in the dirt this weekend. It was so nice on Saturday. It was nice and cool, so I managed to go and pull some weeds, before the rain moved in. Also, for you pattern lovers, I hope to release some new patterns this month, so keep those eye's peeled. LOL. I have had many of you asking, so you gave me the push....that at times, I NEED!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know that I worked on dollies, but they were orders and such. Nothing new for ebay...yet. I just never have enough time in a day. I think that is true for many of us. I would also love to list some new handmades and such on my website, but I think I am dreaming there *chuckles*

Well, I have to get to sewing. This is now my time to get things done. The kiddies are in bed and hubby is at work. So, all is quiet...just think, only 4 more days of school for my kids. Wow, how time flies. Speaking of time flying..........gotta get to work.

Smiles, ~Tonya


Sylvia Anderson said...

Awwwwww Kali is a sweetie! What a beautiful dog! It sounds like it was a hard decision, but that you made the right one since she has fit right in with no problems!

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Hi Tonya -- your new pup is adorable! And your peonies are beautiful -- my very favorite flower!


~Tonya said...

Thank you so much, Sylvia and Sarah!

Kali is doing wonderful and I think she is happy to be part of our family.

I love all flowers. I love watching them "peek" out of the dirt and then watching them grow.