~Miss Merry Wishes~

Here is my latest creation! I adore Miss Merry and how she turned out~ I had so much fun making her and as you all know, I love adding all the details! I have just listed her on Etsy...

I gave Miss Merry glass eyes and they look so very pretty! I also made her a little banner and a vintage style tree, finished with real German Glass glitter...

Look at all the added little things on Miss Merry....in person, she is so very precious. I must go, I have lots to do...summer is just so busy with my kiddies. I hope you all have a grand weekend! Toodles, ~Tonya


~Miss Raven Hollow~

This is the little dollie that I was working on last week, but never found the time to finish her. We have been so busy...but I finally went into the studio last night and got to work! I was up way late...but ~Miss Raven Hollow~ is soooo worth it. I think she turned out a little Sweet, a little Spooky and a little bit sad. How can you have all of those characteristics in one dollie? She is an everyday little Spook. I love these little dollies on the wood bases!

Miss Raven Hollow will be listed on Ebay this evening. She will list for 5 days and end on Monday evening. She has a little furry friend, that she takes with her - everywhere she goes...

Miss Raven Hollow has such a pretty up-do, with some fallen strands for sweetness. I have given her a pretty paper rose, dipped in black glitter for her hair. Raven has an antique rhinestone button, sewn in place on her high empire waistline. I don't have many of those buttons left and find it very difficult to use those ;) I have finished off her sleeves, dress, pantalets, and shoes with black metallic trim. I also hand stitched some vintage looking lace on her dress. Her neckline has oodles of lace on to achieve that look...so much fun in the details!

I have some new handmades in the works, but slow going. I thought about posting more pictures from the tornado hitting our area, but I am not. I don't think people need to see any more reminders of that destruction. People just want to move forward. Other then my kiddies keeping me busy and trying to stay cool, nothing much else going on. Have a beautiful day. ~Tonya



This is only one picture of just part of the devastation, that hit our area, yesterday June 17, 2010. It started around 6:30 pm, on Thursday evening. I was trying to put more photos on here, but my internet is in and out...and is damaged. The tornado that leveled this building site, was hovering over our house and went straight north (about a mile away) and hit my son's friends house. This is not his house, but another in the area. His friend's house is a total loss.

My husband was out with the County Sheriff, Fire Dept./First Responders and Storm spotters and watched the tornado hovering around/over our house and watched it hit the other houses. The damage that this tornado caused is UNBELIEVABLE. It makes you want to cry. So many have lost their homes/business and there was at least one death (I have heard 3, but only one has been released at this time, so I am not sure). There were quite a few hurt as well.

**Here is the video I was talking about from the Fire Dept. - that is our house in the distance, in the video and then the tornado moves north. When it turns black and dark at the "cone-shaped" base, that is when it took out Jordan's friends' house ;(

I wanted to include links to video footage of the tornado, but can not really browse with my internet the way it is, I tried. We watched the news and seen footage of the tornado with our house in it...we were VERY LUCKY. I will try to add a video or links, when our internet is fixed. You can google it or look for videos on youtube. They are there. Google Hollandale, MN Tornado June 17, 2001. You will not believe how massive that tornado was. This evening we went to look at the damage, it is so very heart-wrenching. I do not even have the words to describe it. They have set up a shelter with the Red Cross, the military were here, electric crews working around the clock - so many are still without power and the list goes on and on.

I am so Thankful, but feel so very bad for the families that have been affected by this Tornado and storm. There are farms hit where everything was leveled. A year to the day, another Tornado ripped through this area (and surrounding) as well. I just thought I would share what has been going on around here. My heart is heavy today...


~Sweet Ellie Bunny~

Hello to YOU! Seems like time is just flying by and I do not get in much time to blog....Summer Time, Fun Time! The kiddies keep me busy, but I am still creating, just takes me a bit longer. I have just finished this Sweet lil gal and she is listed in my Etsy! Love the fabric I used...just had to pick up some new whimsical fabric and could not wait to use it!

Sweet Ellie is her name and she just wants to feel FREE! She wants to FLY like the butterflies and she has her arms wide OPEN and wondering why she can not fly. I know I would love to fly at times...close your eyes and let the wind blow upon your face. You can go there with your mind - if you believe. She has lots and lots of hand stitching on her and look at all that trim!

Her dress is FULL and will stay put, as there is chenille stems at the bottom of her dress, all hand stitched in place. You can go and view ELLIE in my Etsy Shoppe for all the FUN details! We finally had a day without rain today. Yay! Courtney is at camp and I am sure she is loving it. I can't wait to hear all of her stories, when she comes home. Have a wonderful evening. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~Scare D. Cat Suzie~

I finished up this little sweetie today....her name is Suzie! I have her listed on Ebay, for 5 days and she will end on Sunday evening. I have her listed with a Buy it Now option and I think it will disappear if someone bids on her? That is, if I did it right. LOL

I am really loving these dollies on these little stands. I love the size of them and lately I have been into making bunnies and Halloween Dollies and having just so much FUN!!

Here is a full picture of Suzie! I made for her a glass glittered moon and scared d. cat! I think that they turned out so neat. I am such a dork....when I sent out my email update, I had the wrong link listed and the link goes to my ETSY SHOPPE! Duh! That is what I get for being in a hurry.

Lately, I have not been up to a whole lot, just busy with the kids and summer. The weather here was pretty gloomy today and not much fun.....tomorrow looks like a picture perfect day or so they say. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Hunny BEA Bunny~

Oh I love this lil Hunny Bea Bunny! She has oodles & oodles of detail and hand stitching on her. I use to load my dollies up with lots of detail, but slipped away from that, on account of it being so time consuming. From time to time, you will see a highly detailed creation from me, but not many...well this Sweet Bea has it all!

I have another one in the works, but a Whimsical Witch, that will also be on a stand. Love how they are on lil stands. They stand so PROUD and look so very SWEET! I have this Sweet Hunny Bea Bunny listed on Etsy...she is more expensive compared to some of my other handmades, due to all of the time invested in her details. She has a petal - neckline all hand stitched, and metallic trim around that. Her dress is full of sweet flowers...

With lil button centers. She has hand sewn ric-rac and then another trim to showcase the ric-rac and teeny ric-rac hand sewn on around the pants and more hand sewn trim around her shoes with stitched on buttons. Hand painted base and it goes on and on. I even made a neat, removable flower by her ear. It is held in place with decorative matching pins...

My sneak peek I sent out to my email customers. I had to show the bee here.....I hope you will check Bea out on Etsy. I hope to have my Whimsical Witch done tomorrow....we shall see. My lawn is calling my name. *smirk* It is nice out today and we are to get rain tomorrow, so I better shake a leg! Toodles for now kiddies, I hope your day is a GRAND ONE! ~Tonya