A Blur...

Everything has been a constant B*L*U*R lately. The whole family was sick with the flu, starting the day after Christmas. It started with my little Sydney and finished with my hubby. I was in between, but hubby was working, so I still had to take care of most of everything, being down and out. Jordan seemed to have it only a short time and he did help quite a bit, with getting this and getting that....but as for the housework, that of course was left for me.

I suppose it being the last day of the 2007, I should have some words of wisdom and such....but I am only me and I seem to be at a loss for words at the moment. Words to live by are words such as these, that we have all heard time and time again...

Live life to the fullest.
Dare to Dream.
Be True to yourself.
Love one another.
Never say anything that you might later regret, because you may not have tomorrow to apologize.

We had the funeral for Baby Jayce today. It was a very nice service. Lots of photos for him being only a month and 2 days old. Very Precious. We found out that he did pass away from SIDS, but that does not mean that it makes it any easier....for that is just a label that they have given. He is in God's hands now and I am sure Jayce has wings to fly, among the rest of the Angels and is watching from above.

I hope you all bring in the New Year safe. No New Year's Resolutions for me. Just appreciate each and everyday. Which that should be done on a daily basis anyways. Thank you to all of you who have supported me in the past year, it means so much. I look forward to 2008! Make some Happy Memories. Blessings to you, ~Tonya


Little Soul Lost...

None of us realize how very precious life truly is. My Heart is heavy and full of sadness today. A Little Soul Lost today...taken too early. My Niece lost her son, Jayce today. It is so very sad. He was only about a month old. He was dressed so adorable last night...he was in a little Santa suit and was just so very precious...He just never woke this morning...

No reason as to why. We may find out later. I do know, that at times like this, they make you think, stop and be Thankful. I can not imagine what she is going through, at this very difficult time. Christmas will never be the same again...Jayce has become an Angel now.


~Merry Christmas~

Sugar Cookies are an all time favorite around our house! The kids and I LOVE cutting them out and decorating them! I have found the best recipe for the sugar cookies and the frosting. They simply are the BEST. It is a Family Tradition for us to make cut out sugar cookies every year.

The kids always have a blast with them. I will decorate one or two with the kids, but I will wait until after they go to bed to make more. I love the simple joys of the frosting bags and tips and the different designs you can make with them. I use to be a cake decorator and I miss it...

Jordan made this Gingerbread House at school. He was so PROUD and he did an absolutely wonderful job on it. Normally 7th Graders do not get to do this type of thing, but there was a REBEL Party at school. A Rebel party takes place 3 times a year, for kids whose grades are above an F in all of their classes. If you have an F on your report card, no Party for them. They get to spend 3 to 4 long hours in a class and study.

The School puts together several different choices of fun things to do and the children get to choose two, from that list.....and so one of Jordan's choices was to make a Gingerbread House.

This Little Kitty has adopted us. He will not let us get near him (outside) but he sits at our window in our dining room and on a window box, at the front porch. We can tap on the window and meow to him and when he sees our cats, he gets even happier. He will rub against the window and he is just so adorable.

I feel so terrible for him. It was so COLD and WINDY out today. It looked like a BLIZZARD out and there he still was. We feed him cat food everyday and at times, he chooses water first, even over cut up little pieces of steak (as a treat). Maybe someday he will trust us enough to let us pet him, but until then, we will continue to feed him and talk to him through the window.

I want to wish each of you a BLESSED CHRISTMAS! Be Safe, Be Happy and Make Happy Memories.
Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


My New Santa...

Awww, isn't he ADORABLE! I was Lucky enough to have won him on eBay! He looks so much better in person. He is BIG! He only just arrived on Thursday. He is made by Shew Fly Pie and he will be treasured for years to come.

I have him displayed in a very old, antique highchair. I just had to share him with you. I was just so Happy to have him. I have been busy with my kiddies and I went out and about yesterday....just odds and end's. It was so busy, I would hate to even think about being out in it today and tomorrow.

When we were at the mall yesterday, to pick up some of my very favorite soap at Bath & Body, there was a Cat Adoption going on. Such very sweet kitty-cat's. My heart was heavy. We stayed there a while. Talked to the gals running it. Of course we had to pet the sweet little fur balls. One stole my heart, his name was McGoo. Black and white long-haired and just the sweetest. No I did not adopt him, we have 2 kitty-cat's that we adore, but I did give a donation. Animals and kids, well they are just so innocent and some become lost at the hand of their owners/parent's and it is just so very sad.

If you are looking for a fur-baby to add to your family, perhaps you should think about adopting one from your local Humane Society. You surly can not change the world by adopting just one, but that one, will have a loving home and I am sure he/she will LOVE you for it.

We are going to be making the kid's favorite today or tomorrow, decorated sugar cookies. Jordan (my oldest), he decorates each one with his heart. It may take up to a half hour, to just decorate one. We use the frosting tips and fancy sugars and such. We have a lot of fun with them. It gets a bit difficult, when they would all like the same color, but we get through it.

I hope you all have a great day. Don't do to much rushing around for that last minute shopping. Take time to enjoy the Season, for what it truly is. Make some Christmas Memories, ~Tonya



Pictures of My Winter Wonderland. I cheated, I took these pictures out my window! *smirk* We have such dense, heavy fog...it is collecting to the bare trees and it looks beautiful. I thought I would share it with all of you...

And this is out my front yard. It has been a little bit more mild for a couple of days, so it has created a bunch of fog, makes for a pretty picture....but visibility for driving is a bit tricky. I can not see far out my windows, that is for sure.

I took this picture the other day....Pheasants! I think I counted 12 of them, but could not get them all in one picture. They were browsing for food....what they are walking across is a field and they did end up in our front yard for a while. Oh did I ever tell you, I LOVE living in the Country. I would not have it any other way.....except the nasty roads in the WINTER!

And this is my sister Kim. She just received her Masters from Minnesota State University. The Commencement was very nice and then we went back to her house for a reception and Celebrated! CONGRATULATIONS Kim!!
Okay, now I really must scoot........time to go SHOPPING!! ~T

That time of year...

I have been so very busy. Busy with the last touches on a doll. I got that sent out yesterday. This past weekend feels like a blur. We went to my sister's commencement. She graduated from Minnesota State University. YAY! It was a very nice ceremony. I am so PROUD of her and what she has achieved!

Sunday, a Bowling Birthday Party for my nephew. That was fun. Sydney was still trying to "kick" whatever it is she has and was not feeling well on Saturday evening and Sunday...but she is just like me and is a "tough cookie". She just keeps going. I kept her home from school on Monday. I took her to the doctor and the "findings" floored me. She has had chest congestion, coughing, watery eyes and at times a low grade fever. Then on Sat. evening, she said her throat hurt, I thought maybe from coughing.....nope, STREP! So, I had her home yesterday too. Poor little girl. So many germs in school....

I will not be listing any dollies for a while. I am going to be busy around her for the Holidays and my kiddies will be home, starting on Friday. So much to do and so little time. Over the Christmas Vacation I plan on organizing my craft room (Back Porch), painting Sydney's room and just catching up on forgotten things, around the Olde Homestead....

So today I will do some shopping and finishing up things for Christmas around here. I do not want to be shopping the day before Christmas....that is no fun and the stores get jam packed. I can not handle that. *smirk* I have only wrapped 2 things...shame on me! I must shake a leg and get moving, tic toc. I hope you all have a great day. Take Care, ~Tonya


Happy Boy!!!

Jordan will be a HAPPY BOY when he gets home! He got a bid on his dollie and he made the the most watched list on epulse!! You will have to go and check it out! http://pulse.ebay.com/Primitives_W0QQsacatZ1217

He said to me last night.....Hey Ma, maybe I will be on the Most Watched list. I said ya never know, Jordan. Too cute. He will indeed be a Happy boy. Later, ~Tonya


We have been very busy around here. It has been a while since I posted. We went to my daughter, Courtney's Winter Dance Program on Sunday. It was so neat to see all the girls up there dancing. Courtney did a Wonderful job and we enjoyed our day...

Courtney is in the front row, 3rd one over from left. At the end of the program, the 12th grade girls, preformed a dance in the dark. They each had a red and green glow stick. The song they preformed to the song "Carol of the Bells", from Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Metallica (The Rock one) which I love! It has a beat, that makes you feel it in your bones. You may say Metallica with an Orchestra? It sounds awesome and you should try to look it up on the net and listen to it.

Any who, they turned out all of the lights and they moved the lights in pattens and sync to the beat of the music. Not just standing in one spot, they were in full performance and it was AWESOME! A NEAT ending to the Winter 2007 Program.

Courtney is a quick study. She always has been. She also preformed at a Basketball game on Friday, during half-time...

This little sweetie is Jordan's newest Hand-did. I think this is the BEST doll he has ever made. He said this is his last one for the year. He has it listed on eBay and she ends on Thursday evening. No bids yet, but he has a bunch of watchers (41). Probably want to see if it sells or not.

Well, I have a couple of new smaller pieces to list on eBay this evening. I found some round wooden boxes and have attached some Snowfolk heads to them. Very similar to the box, that I sent to Terri for my swap gift. I love the way they turned out.....I just do not have pictures yet.

I have much to do today. I need to finish putting up my Christmas Things and also some cleaning....never ending, isn't it. I hope you all have a great day. Stay warm and in some parts, dry. My Heart goes out to all of the people that are in the midst of the ice and flooding. I will continue to pray. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


Gearing up for 2008

Meet DaLylah, The New Year's Eve 2008 Party Girl! I had so much FUN bringing her to life. She is a bit different for me...but to be a PARTY GIRL, she had to be LOUD and FUN!! I had to take pictures inside, so they are not the best. It was dark and cold outside...

I just finished listing her on eBay for a 3 day Auction. I do not normally do a lot of 3 day Auctions, but I wanted the winner to be able to have DaLylah in their home, to "Ring" in the New Year! Just think 2008, another year is almost gone...

Well the ice finally got me today! Yup, I took a spill and I am feelin it. I will be very sore tomorrow. Darn ice. I am sure it is here to stay. It is so cold and we received some more snow tonight and it seems we are to get more snow, every 2 days.

I received some Good News today, I was doing the HAPPY Dance a few minutes ago. Dana of http://eccentricitiesstudio.blogspot.com/ had left a comment on my blog. I WON her drawing for her handmade Angel ornie! I am tickled pink! I had to write her right away of course. I seem to never win anything, so this is my LUCKY day! Thank you Dana.

Well, I am off to visit a few blogs and then off to clean. I hope you all had a great day. Many Blessings to you, ~Tonya



I had not listened to Enya for quite a long time. I love listening to her beautiful music and my hubby said, put some Enya on. I was just roaming through my groups and some blogs and I tell ya, listening to Enya....most of the time, it brings goosebumps to me....and of course, this time was no exception, I had goosebumps this time too. I love her music and I find if very relaxing. I never take the time that I should to do things just for myself. I get to "listen" to it from so many people. I do need to start taking time.....just for me.

Maybe that should be a "New Year's Resolution". Boy, time sure is sneaking up on me. Mom always said, the older you get, the faster time flies and boy was she right. I often wonder on a daily basis, where the time goes. It slips away so very fast. In the blink of an eye, at certain times, my life just seems to be passing me by. I sit and ponder about all the things I have done, haven't done and still would like to do...someday...

I sit and think about my children. My son is taller then me, at 12. My Little Miss Sydney, well I was standing by the dryer last night...folding clothes and talking on the phone, she looks at me and she hugs my leg. She says "I love you, Mama". Little moments like that, well before you know it, she is going to be hugging me on her graduation day. Yes, she is only 6, but the way time is going by so quickly, it will be here before I know it. Then there is my Courtney. Strong-willed and defiant. Someday she will figure it out....not to be so Independent and allow herself to be able to accept help. She will figure it out in her own good time.

We all want is the best for my children and to be accepted, but what I have found out...that now'a days, kids are very mean and cruel. I will leave it at that. I try to teach my children to be kind-hearted and respectful. They come home with stories of children and what they say and how they act. I tell them, not to worry. Don't let them upset you. Just go about your own business, it sounds like they have problems, is what I say. I tell them, maybe they have a really hard life and they have to try to bring you down...to make themselves feel better. And in most cases, that is totally true. After all, negativity and being miserable.........loves company.

I just hope they figure things out. As long as they try to be the best they can be, it is ok. Be true to yourself. Be loving, be king, be respectful. Love one another. It is ok to ask for help. Lend a helping hand, when someone needs it. Appreciate the little things in life. Never give up and look to the future. And if by chance they forget, they should always have a dream, of where they can follow their heart. Because Dreams do have wings and wings do take Flight!

Too many thoughts...I will leave you with that. Peaceful Thoughts to you, ~Tonya


Stocking Swap...

This is just one of the things that I made for Terri of "Terri Brush Designs" for our stocking swap. I mounted this snowfolk head to a wooden box. I love the way it turned out. I know it isn't really Christmas colors...but we all filled out a questionnaire and teal was a color she decorates with. So, you see...it does make sense.

I filled it up with Coffee Toffee Chocolate Kisses (she is a coffee drinker). I thought she might like them. I am now looking for some more wooden boxes. I would like to make some more...

And I made her that stocking as well. She decorates with browns and mustard too. I thought she may be able to leave it out all year long...stockings are a big hit these days, for all year through.

The candle is YUMMY Christmas Sugar Cookies. I bought myself one too. I love Yankee Candles. This was so much FUN! I can't wait to receive mine. She said it will be mailed out some time this week. I will post pics here.

Well it seems as if Pea of Pea Picker's Primitives and Terri (the gal I just gave to) are having an awful time in Washington. First there was so much snow, now it is raining and that has now turned to flooding. They have declared it a State of Emergency. How very terrible. I told them both, I would pray.

On another note, I am going to be working on a FUN & FUNKY dollie...to RING in the NEW YEAR! She is going to be holding a present in her hands/arms and there is going to be a "GIFT" inside, for the Lucky person that wins her on eBay. You will have to watch, to see....

Other then that, I am busy with the kiddes, dollies, doggies and whatever else arises around here. We are slowing getting de-iced around here. I had to "chisel" my way into my van on Sunday and the roads were just like glass! I drove slow into town, the girls said they were bored. *smirk* We made it and we were safe! And that is all that matters. I would rather drive in snow any old day! I hope you all have a Wonderful evening. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


Winter Storm...

We are under a Winter Weather Advisory! Yuck! High winds, very cold and snow/sleet. My daughter was suppose to have her first Dance Program today and it has been cancelled. It is a good thing...I did not want to go out in this. It has been rescheduled for next Saturday.

It is a good day to stay inside and be warm. I am just working on a custom order, almost done. They are coming along well. We finally put our tree up last night and now I must finish putting all of the other Christmas things up. I sure do not like nasty weather, but before this snow...it didn't feel much like Christmas was just around the corner...and now it does. I guess being born and raised in Minnesota, if there isn't any snow, it doesn't feel like Christmas.

Well, I must scoot, I have lots to do. Oh, the Mercantile updated and this is my one and only offering that I had this month.

She is already ~SOLD~ but she was so very sweet. I was to send her today, but I didn't get to the Post Office, because of the storm. I got my (Secret) Stocking Swap sent out yesterday. I was on time, actually early...but only by a day! I will post a picture of what I made for her, after she receives it. I love it and would have loved to kept it. *smirk* I hope all is going well for all of you. So much to do before Christmas and so little time. I hope you all have a Great Weekend. Smiles, ~Tonya