A New Collection...

I have been working on a new dollie...very SLOWLY I might add!! Just picking her up here and there and working on her. I do believe the new collection is going to be ~Magikal Merriment~ A Collection for the IMAGINATION (to take you beyond wonders)...and where it takes me, you just never know...

I wanted to get her finished by this weekend, because first thing Monday morning I will be leaving. This weekend is busy, busy well with my nephews birthday party on Saturday and National Scrap Day on Saturday...I have to be at my sister's store for all of the FUN things going on. So, in between that does not leave much time.

Right now, the sun is finally shining! It was much needed. We have had rain, rain and more rain...not to mention gloom. When there is rain and no sun, most people are not very productive and that is me! *smirk* Just thought I would stop in and say HI. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


More Learning...

This is one AWESOME little machine! My sister had a Demo at her store today, with Heidi Blankenship for the Wizard! Some of you may not know, but Heidi is on the design team for Spellbinders and is a very sweet gal.

I learned some new things and now I must purchase some more things...of course!! I also learned that the Wizard flattens bottle caps perfectly...for those altered art pieces. I also learned you can cut pop cans with the dies. The foil is super fun and all the things you can emboss with are just endless! As I said before, the possibilities are endless and you are only limited with where your imagination takes you.

I had fun! Got out for a bit and on May 4th and 5th, I am going to a scrapbooking convention with my sister. YEEE HAWWWW!! It should be FUN and I soooo need to get away, if only for just a while. Get my creative imagination going again.

Yes, as many of you have guessed, I am in a bit of a funk! I will get through it and move on. I always do. Summer is fast approaching and soon my kiddies will be home full-time. So, I need to get my ducks in a row.

Okay, enough of that *smirk* Yesterday was 87 here and now today, you need the furnace on again! Wow, what a difference a day makes. We did receive some much needed rain and now our grass is much greener. I have lots to do...so I must run along. I hope you all have a grand weekend. Blessings, ~Tonya


~Twitter is over capacity~

This is what I got, when I tried to go and play on TWITTER! And then is said..."Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again." I guess it is the NEW thing. I am still trying to "figure" it out and "wonder" what the HYPE is all about.

I just think it may be one more thing to update and keep up on. *smirk* Ya know me with updates and such. I hope you all have a Beautiful Sunday. Me, more of the same. We did get some rain here, so that was a good thing. Toodles for now kiddies. ~Tonya


So many random thoughts...

My days lately have been filled with so many random thoughts. I can not focus. I have been soul searching. I have been doing a lot of day.dreaming. The wonders of life. The passions in ones life. The paths not taken. The path taken to where I am today. The what if's. Where do I want to be. How can I get there. I am taking.it.all.in. Where to begin. Where to grow, yes I said GROW. I want to grow as a person. I want to just be. Be content in my skin.

I am beginning to change focus.....on what you may ask? Life in general. Take more time to do the things I should. I often get lost in my work......well with things being slow, it has given me time to "re-group" and have many random thoughts. Where my random thoughts will take me, I just don't know. I know I don't want another year of just rolling with the punches. I almost feel as if I am trying to fit a round peg, in a square hole....

I could go on......but I won't. My little Ninny was sick with the flu last night and today (Wednesday). She was doing better by nightfall, we shall see if she will go to school in the morning. Other then finishing up a special order for Jenny, nothing much else....I should have done with Jenny's dollie a long time ago.....Thank you for your patience, Jenny. I sure do appreciate it.

I must scoot....I must get to bed. I wish each of you a beautiful day. The weather here has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Blessings, ~Tonya


~Easter Wishes~

Wishing each of you a BEAUTIFUL Day. A Blessed EASTER and enjoy your loved ones. Easter Blessing, ~Tonya


~Endless Possibilities!!

Such a "TWEET" Birdie card! Some of you know, I work at my sisters scrapbook store, a couple of times a week...some of you do not. Well, I have found myself some really unique treasures from her store! The WIZARD from "Spellbinders", is my latest "toy". I LOVE the WIZARD!! So easy to use and so versatile!! Endless Possibilities with the WIZARD!!

I made this "TWEET" card (my design), using the WIZARD (Spellbinders), Penny Lane paper, (from My Mind's Eye) and Dazzlers (from Petaloo). Love Love Love the WIZARD and the paper/glitter flowers! Oh and I also Inked the edges with Tim Holt distressed ink. All the goodies are found at my sister's store.

I have lots of fun working there, but I do always have lots of work to do and never is enough time. I think I enjoy working there, becasue I am out of the house and in a different "type" of Inspirational Creativity.

Well kiddies, I have lots to do...and my TAX appt. is tomorrow. I can't wait to be done with that JUNK! Tax time is the most dreaded time of year for me! Toodles for now kiddies, ~Tonya



Have you checked out Annie's (Blur.Baby - Glitter your World) Lolli-Shop yet? I have and I love her shop! Found myself some of of her E-Licious Goodies that I just could NOT do without. I got some of the highly sought after vintage seam binding. It is Divine and she crushed it up...and I love the look of it!
She packages it up so BA-UTIFULLY!! Love Love it! She even has a couple of glass glittered hearts in there...such a sweet touch! If you have not stopped by Annie's Lolli-Shop, then you are missing out.

Have a great day. I am staying "tucked" in warm, inside my house...as we are under a WINTER ADVISORY...in APRIL!! Go figure. If it is rain, it will be an inch, it is snow, it will BE A FOOT!! I am so ready for SPRING. All the little Robins are out, my kids even found catipillars, there are buds on trees and well, what will happen if we get all that snow and freezing temps again! Toodles for now kiddies. ~Tonya