~Happy Halloween~

Wishing you ALL a Merry Hallow's Eve. We will be out among the Ghouls and Goblins tonight! I will try and have my girls stand still long enough to take pictures and post them tomorrow. We didn't make cupcakes last night...I was looking and looking for the cupcake mixture, low and behold, I FORGOT TO BUY IT!! LOL So, we improvised and make sugar cookies! Boy, were they yummy. We have a pumpkin cut out and we had sprinkles for it.

The girls took some to their teachers. Well, I am off to start my day. Lots to do. I have more things to pack up and get shipped out. I didn't manage to make it to the post office yesterday...I ran out of time! Seems this week that all may days are rolling into one. Ever have weeks like that? I hope you all have a Happy & Safe Halloween. Toodles, ~Tonya

Wool Sale...

Ann of Crowing about Primitives is having a Wool Sale! It's Time to Stock up on your Wool! It's almost November and now is the time to get your last minute wool... Hurry and get your orders in so you will have your wool to finish off your goodies... holidays means slow delivery times..

~BLOG SPECIAL~ Email Ann, with your Orders
crowingaboutprimitives@hotmail.com you can find her wool on eBay or her website for prices thank you . All emailed orders will get free shipping on orders of 2oz or more... if you order 5 ounces the 6 ounce of the same value is on her, plus free shipping... Hurry stock up... 2 New Wools in.



A **NEW** Addition to my Olde-Thyme Simples Collection! I have the banner on my ~SELLING BLOG~ You will have to go and take a gander at it.

I had fun making this banner and I have just been working like a made women. I did finish up all my handmades for the Mercantile. I can't wait to see all of the goodies on there.

Other then that, it was a beautiful day today, a bit windy.......but nice and warm. I hope it is as warm tomorrow for the kiddies Trick or Treating. We are making some Halloween cupcakes this evening...YUM!! I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Toodles for now kiddies, ~Tonya


Ebay Listing and Stacey's Giveaway...

I have listed this sweet little gal on ebay. Fiona is listed for 5 days and will end on Sunday evening at 8 o'Clock pm, Central time. She has a look about her, that just makes you smile...

Stacey of Primarily Primitive is having a giveaway. She is giving these sweet altered art tags. I for one would LOVE to WIN these. I have adored many altered art pieces from others and do not currently have any...can you believe it! Just hop on over and leave a comment. It is that simple!

On another note, it is so COLD here in the wee hours. This morning it was only 27 degrees. That is below freezing and I must say, I am not ready for it...I wish Autumn would stay a bit longer. It is suppose to warm up a bit for the Little Goblins for All Hallow's Eve. I hope it does. My girls want to get some sweetsssss. Although, I told them they are sweet enough already *smirk*

We got S*N*O*W on Sunday, it didn't stay, but it looked like a BLIZZARD for a while. Can you believe that. We went to Mom's for a visit. It was only 32 out. High wings and Baby it was COLD outside....and some SLICK spots on the Interstate. Hubby even called before work to say "Drive Careful", how sweet. Be he knows me better then that, I am a safe driver. Some trees were uprooted and powerlines down. Not near us, thank goodness.

Other then that, I have been working on my Mercantile goodies and staying quite busy. Well, I think I have rambled enough :) I must go and get to work a bit. Have a Peaceful Evening and stay WARM! ~Tonya


~More Vintage Style Santa's~

I finished off some more Santa's in different colors. I had most of everthing done on several, just had to needle felt the hair onto a couple and I tell ya, it is way more time consuming, then I thought it would be. *smirk* They are going on my SELLING BLOG so be sure to grab one or two...purchase more then one and I will pay for the shipping on them, as a Thank you. Toodles for now, ~Tonya

So now what?

Ever feel like the walls are closing in on you? And then you say "So now what?" I can't help but look up and wonder and ask why? My husband went to the Doctor, for his second check-up, after his second sinus surgery....well, the results not good! He had his first check up and the left side was okay, the right side, not good. They gave him a steroid shot (hoping to reduce the inflammation) and also a rare prescription nasal spray (that most places do not even carry) hoping to help. It did not. It knocked some infection loose, into his body and he was sick with Bronchitis. So, then he went into the local Doc. for a Z-Pak, more prescription drugs.

On Friday, that is when he went in for his second check up, for his second surgery (about an hour away), the Doctor could not even get his scope, up into his sinus area, to look. They are both becoming blocked again. The Doctor shook his head and repeated 3 times, "I don't know what to do". Makes you feel real confident, that you are in good hands, right? So, now they prescribed some more antibotics (I think he has been on everything and nothing has worked, thus far) and also an oral steroid...hoping to reduce the inflammation. Now he must go back in 14 days.

They hope to be able to look into his sinus cavities, if not...yet another CAT SCAN and a possible 3rd surgery. Remember, this is a different doctor, from the first and a different set of eyes. SO NOW WHAT? I fear every time he goes under. I fear the worst, something that is embedded and will only get worse. I pray. That is about all one can do. Things have got to get better! In so many more ways then one and in more circumstances then just hubby's sinus problems.

Things are difficult right now. I do hope they get better and I am trying to stay positive. But it is hard. I have not updated for a while...and I know that I have received some AWARDS, Thank you. I have not forgotten, but I do not do awards well. I always drop the ball. It is not that I do not appreciate them...I just do not have the time, most of the time. I am busy making things for TDIPT Mercantile update. I am running behind...I just do not seem to have enough time lately and my mind can not stay focused.

Sorry this was not the most postitive post, but we do not live in a perfect world. And after all, we are all human, with so many emotions. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will be working. Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


Dreaming of a White Christmas

Almost forgot to post this. *smirk* For the month of Novemeber on TDIPT Mercantile, we are Celebrating with an Open House. What does that mean, you ask? Well, for you it means door prizes and a $50.00 Certificate, to be spent at the Mercantile.

To be elgible for this, all you have to do is be on or sign-up for the TDIPT Mercantile Newsletter. It is that simple! It is just like my Newsletter sign-up, a two step process. To sign up, it only takes a few seconds, you will then get an email stating that you "supscribed", make your subscription "active" by clicking on the link...that is it.

We want it to be a Grand Celebration, so be sure to stop by on the 1st & 15th for updates! Come and Dream of a White Christmas with US!

This is what I NEED!

I didn't sleep to good last night...Yesterday I kinked a muscle or two in my neck and it is very painful! I know how I did it too. I have a headset, for when I yack on the phone (that way it is hands free and I can still work or do whatever). I forgot to put it on the charger the night before, thus making it go dead, when I was on it yesterday....

So, my sister called and I was helping her with some things on her blog, well I was holding the phone, like most do, leaning your head to your shoulders...well this neck can not handle that I guess, because now I am in a "bind"!

Hubby rubbed my neck down with some "smelly stuff" and it is feeling better...so, I am sure I will be moving quite slow today and I will be smelling "minty" most of the day. LOL It won't keep me down, it will just slow me down a bit.

I must go, I have some doll parts calling my name. Tick Tock, the clock does not stop. Have a great day. ~Tonya


~Vintage Style Stockings~

Another offering for my ~Olde Thyme Simples Collection~ I must be in the Christmas mood...only 65 days until Christmas ya know..

I have put them on my selling blog. I have more then one of each. They are sold separately and you can purchase one, two or all three. I have given a discount, if you purchase all three. I am having quite a bit of FUN with these pieces. I hope you are enjoying seeing my updates. I am probably done for a short while now thou...

I must get to working on some things for TDIPT Mercantile. NO SNEAK PEEKS this month for The Mercantile. We are having a Special for the month of November. Stop back tomorrow, for all the details...

The WINNER for the STAR GARLAND is Linda Moore! Congratulations! I will be contacting you via your email. I will send your garland out to you this week. Thank you to all of you, who purchased my epatterns during the special. Have FUN Creating. I hope you all have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya


Quiet Sunday & New Santa's...

It has been a pretty quiet weekend. My girls played in the leaves and had a blast. Oh to be a kid again ;) Wouldn't it be fun to only think about things to keep you "occupied" rather then all of our ADULT responsibilities. Yesterday was a bit chilly, but today was beautiful...
I was busy making some Christmas things. I have decided to change my creating for a while and take it back to the more SIMPLE. I had forgotten how much fun it is to create without being so "serious". I love this little Santa and have kept one for myself! I also made some neat stockings, but will save them for another day.

This santa is the first of this Collection that I am calling ~Olde-Thyme Simples~ More FUN to make, less expensive to purchase and because as ALL of us know....times are difficult right now. You can find my Santa and all of his details on my SELLING BLOG.

I hope you have a great evening and a wonderful Monday Morning. Did you know it is only 66 days until Christmas.....WOW!! Where does the time go? Toodles, ~Tonya


My **NEW** SELLING Blog...

Yup, that's right...A NEW Selling Blog! It is so much easier to use and update then putting things on my website. Remember last time I updated, all the information was lost (3 hours worth) when they switched servers. So, here is my SELLING BLOG. Be sure to save the link and I will also link it on my ~Where to FIND ME~ links list, to the rights...
I some how managed to make it a whole separate blog, so if you go to my PROFILE, you will not fine it. LOL Leave it to me to do something like that ;) Click on the picture or the links, that are highlighted to take you to my Selling Blog. The Snowfolk Trinket Box is for sale, so be sure to pop on over. The blog will have only my selling items on there (when available) nothing else and only links to find me. No duplicates are going to be made of the handmades I place on there. Have a good one. Blessings~Tonya

I decorated and worked!

I worked and worked some more! I started getting my Halloween and Autumn things out...well, it didn't stop there. *smirk* My house actually looked like a tornado ran through it. I started bringing out some primitive cupboards and rearranging. Look out when I get bit by that bug, because when that happens, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is sacred. I go and reorganize everything and then I stay up to wee-hours of the night to get things done...

This is one small area that was just re-done. I have yet to put some different things on the shelves, but did not want them bare. I am still going to add and or take some things out...
This is on top of our tv, but I have to find another "tuck" for under the crate. There are metal binds and sharp wood pieces on the underside of the crate...I didn't want it to scratch the tv, but now see, it is quite visible. Love my kitty cat from (Suzie Q)...
And this is what else I worked on, until 3 am this morning...good grief I am one crazy women! Yup, I am paying for it today. Moving slow and feeling tired. I suppose that is also from the last couple of days, lifting heavy objects too. LOL I adore this little triket box! The box it wood and the head is another paperclay...lots of dimension, a crackle finish and some paper playing on the front of this box, brought this guy to life. I must re-take pictures, I am not really happy with them. I am either going to offer him right here or on ebay, I will let ya'all know...

Another little area for my favorite Holiday. Love Skelly's, you can't tell, can you? A Pywackit piece here. I did add a black fancy collar to it, just pinned it in the back. Hope you don't mind Cindy, but I love a little glitz sometimes on some things. And some sculpted things from Dani...

And a little "nook" on my old cabinet in my dining room. I was going to show the whole thing, but you could not see much of anything. And there are some more familiar faces in there, one from Annie, Pea, Laurie, Dani, Jamie and Stacie. I did manage to keep one of my punkin buckets, "Peeking out" on that first upper shelf to the left...
Here Kinko, such a sweet kitty...a little lover too. This is a bench in my front porch area. Not one of my favorite rooms, but will re-do it as time and money permits. I added a "splash" of Autumn here, with some black cat garland...
And I forgot to post this when Deb of Onion Patch took a picture of all the things I gave her. I love that back drop! The room sprays came in a hand stamped bag. There is some beeswax fruit for bowl fillers. A wax witchy candle and tucked behind a vintage style treat container with some candy inside...I had fun putting the things together for Deb. We are having another swap in our TDIPT group and just found out out secret sister's name the other day.

Well, that is all for now kiddies. I must shake a leg. I have lots to do...today is quite gloomy, kind of "fits" me today. A bit chilly and drizzling on and off too. No sunshine to chase the blues away....kinda been in a funk lately, but this too shall pass. I hope ya'all have a good one! I hope you enjoyed my "ramblings and decorating". Happy Trails, ~Tonya


Cuddle Buddies...

I snapped this picture yesterday...so very sweet. They were both sleeping, but as I walked over to snap some pictures, they both woke up. I caught King, in the middle of a yawn. It was a gloomy, cold day yesterday...perfect for "Cat Napping" *smirk" And the other kitty is "Kinko" (named after the "kink" in his tail). Both were homeless, well ya all know about Kingfisher...but Kinko was a homeless kitty, from when my hubby was a mechanic. He would stop by everyday just starving, for food and attention. He brought him home. We now have 3 cats (never thought that would happen) I only wanted my Lu-Lu...but our hearts are BIG for animals. No more kitties for us.

Just thought I would share a sweet picture with you. Today is a ho-hum day...chilly, but sunny now. I am doing some cleaning and then going to try to get to my Halloween/Autumn decor...a little late, but better late, then never. Have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya

A Quilt Giveaway...

Yes, this is the BEAUTIFUL handmade quilt that Lizzy at Pigtails and Snails is generously giving away. All you have to do, is pop on over to her blog and read all about it. I could not imagine putting all that time and love into something and then giving it to someone. One very generous gal. Hurry on over, it ends Friday.


2 **NEW** Dollies for Ebay...

~JOYFUL ANGEL~ is what my sneak peek was. She is so pretty and I would love to keep her for our tree this year. Yup, she is a tree-topper...but she can also just be set on a table top and used as a beautiful centerpiece with greens and pinecones...
Her JOY banner can be removed and she could be kept out all year long or tucked away until Valentine's Day (without the banner). I love it when pieces can be kept out most of the year. I myself, do not like to tuck pieces away. She is listed on ebay and will end on Sunday evening...
It is so odd, it was such a gloomy day, but when I took pictures of sweet little JOY, the sun looked as if it was shining right on her in almost every picture, except there was NO SUN. So very odd, she is an Angel in deed...see look at Blitz below. This is the third picture re-takes for JOY and ALL of them were bright like this???
This is my Whimsical piece...BLITZ! He is KING of the HILL....Shhhh, don't tell him he is only a top a SNOWBALL. Goofy little Snowfolk. I loved working on this piece. I think paperclay is for my more Whimsical and not so serious side...I gave him a really neat fine crackle finish and a glass glittered snowball. Blitz will end on Sunday evening as well...

Well, for the past couple of days, I have been doing nothing but working and I think tomorrow, I must take a break...and maybe, just maybe get my Halloween and Autumn decor out. WOW am I late this year! I must go, I have lots to do. Toodles Kiddies, ~Tonya


Epattern SALE & A Drawing!

Here is the Deal...Purchase an Epattern at the **SPECIAL DISCOUNTED** rate of $6.50 each and for every epattern purchase, I will enter you into a DRAWING for one of my very own handmade Vintage Star Garlands!

The stars are all cut out by hand and then REAL German glass glitter is used. Each star, will tarnish over time, for a olde-fashioned look. The garland is about 8 ft long, with rusty bells and 11 stars. Very neat garland...I even kept one for myself.
You will be added into the drawing, one time...for each epattern purchased. I will leave the drawing open and the discounted epattern price available, until Sunday, Oct. 19th. I will draw one LUCKY WINNER on Monday, Oct. 20th. I will post it here, on my blog and also contact you, via email.

This is a BLOG ONLY Special. For EVERY epattern you purchase, you will be entered in one time. The garland is a $24.95 value and I am also paying for the shipping. A great DEAL for anyone that is looking to "stock up" on my epatterns!

Here is the link to Patternmart, that shows you, all of my epatterns. You must email me, for me to invoice you, through paypal. Please email me with your Paypal Email address and the epattern(s) choice(s). If you should have any other questions, give me a shout. dandtturvold@deskmedia.com

Thanks so much and Good Luck! ~Tonya

<><>Sneak Peek<><>

A Sneak Peek of my dollie...but only just a little portion of her. *smirk* She is so very sweet and I am very happy with her. She will be listed on ebay on tomorrow evening and to end on Sunday evening. She was so much fun to make and I am so glad I do not have to take pictures of her today...it is yucky, cold and raining out.

It has been raining the majority of the day. We were in the 70's on Saturday and Sunday, they were beautiful days, so this is rain today is okay. One thing positive about the rain, we still have green grass in October! Well, my work table needs cleaning and we are going to make some blue berry muffins, so I must go....oh and Happy Columbus Day to all and to my friends/customers in Canada, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Toodles, ~Tonya


Beautiful Day...

A Beautiful day today! Could not have asked for a nicer day in October. I stayed up in the wee-late hours last night...it was about half past 4, before I fell asleep last night. I worked until almost 3 am. Yup, crazy. I just wanted to get that special order done...now I can work on something new. I have all kinds of things "dancing" around in my head.

We are suppose to have nice weather, for a while. Indian Summer? I hope so, I love them. I have yet to put my Halloween and Autumn things out...sad, but true. I hope to get that done tomorrow. I have a Confirmation to go to in the morning.

Just thought I would say "Hello" and I hope ya'all are having a fabulous weekend. Oh, one more thing, I was in town today and gas is down again....YeeeHawwwww!! $282.9 a gallon, can you believe it? I had to do a "double-take" to make sure I read it right. Toodles, ~Tonya


Down-sizing some Supplies...

~ALL SOLD~ Thank you Jody!
I have been wanting to down size some of my supplies for a while and I thought, no better time, like the present. LOL I will try to add some here and there...on my blog. So, what we have here is German Glass Glitter. I am not making a profit on it, I am only asking for it, what I paid for it and if you try to purchase this same size quantity now, it is more then 10 bucks...so it is a decent deal.

I purchased this from Splinters and Rags. Real German Glass Glitter, so it will tarnish over time. On the label, is says medium grade (most popular). Each bottle is at least 8 oz, some a little more. I have 2 bottles of black, 1 bottle of the deep orange and 1 bottle of the light light green/blue-ish. I have not used any out of these bottles, I just purchased way to much. Each bottle, $10.00 plus shipping.

If you would like to purchase any of the glass glitter or have any questions, please contact me at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com I can invoice you through paypal. Toodles, ~Tonya


Vintage Vinnie was so much FUN! He has a paperclay head, that I have "sugar-coated" with glass glitter for that olde-thyme look...he SPARKLES like freshly fallen snow. He has tons of "vintage appeal" and that is what I love about him! I made for Vinnie a little SNOW sign, that is attached to his hand/arm, but is removeable...
All of the silver glass glitter is "REAL" and will tarnish over time. The star on the hat, was made some time ago and is already tarnishing. I have hand stitched wire tinsel around his jacket, sleevs and pants. Vinnie comes complete with his 3 glass glittered snowballs...after all, no snowfolk would be complete with out them :)
Vinnie has lots of dimensional features on his face, but it was hard to "capture" that in the pictures. Vinnie is adorable in person and is my first clay head dollie, that will be for sale on Ebay, starting this evening. He will be listed for only 3 Days. I have enjoyed dabbling in clay and will contiue to here and there. I really enjoy working with paperclay :)

Other then Vinnie, I am still working on my special order. I had to take a wee bit of a break from it, as it was more then one item (3 to be exact) and it is taking more time, then I originally thought :) I am almost done thou and they should go out tomorrow. I hope you have all had a blessed day and take care. ~Tonya


Move that BUS!!

Today was the day that the Devries seen their house...I heard they were over-joyed and very happy. I did not go and see it first hand...darn it. I wish I could have, but I would not venture out in this. It rained ALL day and is still raining now. It is only 48 degrees out and very cold and muddy. Some were stuck in the mud with their vehicles, I will watch the news tonight to see it and the show in Dec. (that is what we have been told). Today, I heard that they were packed in like sardines, cold, wet and it was a loooooong day for filming...
This was Ty moving furniture out of the truck on Monday (not my pictures). The cast had the spectators just a roaring for the cameras... The Albert Lea Tribune, our area paper took this picture and the one below...
And this is Ty on Monday, when he was handed the keys. Very sweet, see the butterfly tile on the sidewalk (Susan Devries made that, the Mom), Ty placed the butterfly tile in place and he said, this tile just made this house, a HOME. Very neat! I can't wait to watch the news tonight.

Other then that, not much going on in my neck of the woods, trying to get my special order done...almost done. YAY, knock on wood. I hope ya all have a good night and stay warm. Toodles, ~Tonya


Home Makeover UPDATE...

A bit dark, but the kids hounded me to take them for one last look. LOL They said they wanted to see it, but Jordan was gone at a friends house...so we did not get out there till about 7:15 PM. They got done building the house, before the deadline. They finished the house in UNDER 100 hours. Truly Amazing! It is a Beautiful house and I am sure the Devries will love it!

I tried to get a picture of the other side, it was just too dark. Designers and volunteers were unloading furniture and such. They still had a bunch of things in the garage to put in the house as well. I guess Ty was running around there earlier today. All the designers came out and they were doing some filming. Would have been neat to see...

I tried to lighten up the pictures, but then you see all the dust on my camera. The wind out there was pretty fierce again. Tomorrow is the MOVE THAT BUS DAY! They said you can come on out and advised you to start at 10 am.

They said filming could take as long as 4 hours, but the Devries are not to see it until 1 or 2 pm, so I am a bit confused. Hubby and the kids want to see it, I can see it, but do not really want to stand there that long, in hopes to just MAYBE see a glimpse of Ty. LOL I know it is a chance of a Lifetime, but I honestly believe people are going to be there before the break of dawn. You should have seen the people there tonight...it was CRAZY!

I hope you liked my little tour and now, I can't wait to see it, when it airs. It will be neat, to see what they show and don't show. I must go, I have lots to do. Have a good evening. ~Tonya

My Gritty Jane Dollie...

As I have written in the past, I took Gritty Art (Jane's) Cloth & Clay doll Workshop. Well, I have my dollie done and thought I would show pictures of her. Now, she is my first attempt at making a clay, over cloth dollie...
This is a badge Jane gave us to display on our blogs, if we wanted. So sweet. I love that dollie on the little badge.
This is the dollie, that Jane used to teach us in her online class. We could make one in likeness and then we can try to make a second dollie, by the time the class is over (A challenge Dollie), but I do not think I am going to have time. I have learned a lot and loved the class, and I will continue to dabble in clay. While I enjoy playing with clay, I must say, it is fun, but very time consuming. I wanted my dollie to look really olde...the cracking and peeling effect. Although it looks very neat in person, you can not see "capture" it in pictures very well.
I feel for my first cloth over clay dollie, I did pretty well and Lola, is a KEEPER! Yup, she is a labor of LOVE, my first dollie and I am keeping her. I had a heck of a time with re-constructing her face, after she took a nose dive and while we (our selves) are our hardest crictics, I can see things I could have done differently. In person Lola looks so pretty, I do not like the way she looks in these pictures...

I am pleased with her, because she is my very first clay/cloth dollie. I have always wanted to learn this technique and I have several books on this, they have all told the same thing as Jane, but the diffence was Jane showed it! I love watching and having visual aide.
I made a little paper flower garland for Lola to hang on to. There are little rusty bells for the centers. I have wired them to her hands...

And there are her little ballarina shoes. So very sweet. I had lots of fun adding them. She did not show that in class, but she had them on some of her other dollies and I thought they looked so sweet. I had FUN, but the old nerves got to me when I had to paint the face. The faces on my cloth dollies use too, but have done so many it does not bother me any more. This dollie was a challenge, but definately FUN! Thank you Jane.

I must get to work. I didn't get much done this weekend. I don't know if we will go out to the Home Makeover site today. They will finish up tonight/tomorrow and show The Devries tomorrow. I do not know what time. I have heard that you must have a purchased ticket for the reveal, but do not know if that is true. Toodles for now kiddies, ~Tonya


MORE Home Makeover Show Pictures...

Boy, have we seen a lot, learned a lot and can't wait until the real show airs. It is to air about 10 weeks from now. That would put us into Dec. I have heard all the re-do things that people have to do, for the show. Like, if you see this show, when it airs...you will see a bunch of buses coming down their driveway and all the volunteers come running off, screaming...

That took a WHOPPING 5 hours to shoot. Just imagine, the buses kept having to back up, and start all over again, the volunteers, loading back onto the bus again and again. I am sure it will only be a couple second "take" on the show. Isn't that CRAZY! Almost everything is "re-SHOT", not what it seems on the show. Most of the captured "reactions", re-takes and re-takes again and again. Sorry, don't mean to spoil this for you, but I thought they were all REAL, RAW emotions on the show...

These are pictures from Sat. Oct. 4th. Now remember, this is only 49 hours, after the house was knocked down. It was knocked down and removed Thursday, Oct. 2 at about 1 p.m. Simply Amazing. They used steele roofing, many are switiching over to that. It last longer and in the long run, cheaper...
Our local area did the siding. ABC Seamless Siding. They did a wonderful job on it and I love that color. The view you are seeing here, is the master bedroom...yes, with a fireplace. Love those stones as well and the windows...

This is the other side of the house. No cement for a side walk here, they have/are putting down some beautiful blocks. I can't wait to see this when it is all done.

This is the main entry way, BEAUTIFUL! Love the stones on here too. They knocked out all the sheetrock inside in just a couple of hours. They had about 50 men hanging all the sheetrock and they also have large machines, that take out all the humidity, from the "mud" that you use to tape and join the sheetrock. I know if you dry the mud too quickly, it will crack...so I am sure they use a very high quality, expensive solution for that too.

Here is the bird that Sydney and I made for the "Duct Tape" challenge. We worked on it for about 3 hours. And no we did not win, but had fun making it. The judging was suppose to be at 3 pm, well we had to walk about a 1/2 mile to get there, in the middle of a picked cornfield and we waited and we waited and at about 5:30, it finally started.

Here is Courtney's flower she made for the challenge. She made it all by herself and I thought she did a great job. Jordan made a wallet, but by the time it came around to judging, he had had it. He had Dad take him home. He said it wasn't worth all the waiting. Well, it was windy and cold. All the little tractors and carts driving all over, they kept kicking up the dirt as well, it was not a very pleasant time...

This is when the designer was on the stage and taking to each contestant about their piece. He was also in a duct tape suit. He said it was about 180 degrees in there. There is Courts and Ninny on stage...

The hamburgler was out there, passing out cookies, as was Dairy Queen (in a cone) and had a helper, passing out dilly bars. Lots and lots of people were out there and most go out everyday for several hours. Needless to say, we were out there from about 1 pm, until about 6:45 pm. Darrel ran Jordan home, it became so cold and I had to wait for the judging. We were so ready to go, by the time he was back.

This is the "Six Mile Grove" band. A band that has been around since 97, from this area and they were asked to play for the "Extreme Home Show". Well, we feel we were kind of "roped" into watching them...this is when we were suppose to have the judging done. They told us to "crowd" in around the stage and NOT to pay attention to the cameras. They did the filming and then onto more waiting. They tore down from this band and then set up for the judging. More waiting. It was a good band, but most, by this time were growing impatient. You would not believe what goes into the "behind the scenes", very interesting to say the least.

Then they said, "our time here", was a little faster then the west coast time (California) and kept joking...trying to buy some time. They came and past out some water, from Culligain. Any who, they did the judging, 10 contestants at a time and by clapping and hollaring, it how they determained who won, in that group of 10. Before they did this, they said they were going to film during judging. No flashes, no looking all around, no waving, pretend like they were NOT there. If you did, you and about 20 feet around you, would be voided in the shoot. We left before it was done. Our faces and noses, just all of us was covered in dirt, from the fields and wind. We looked liked little piggy's.

And by this picture (compare it to the other day) you can see all the cars. Lots of cars. Dirk Devries brother was there,working on the house...he said, he seen more people here, then at our county fair. This is quite an event for our small community. We have learned a lot, seen a community come together and are watching something truly Amazing that has touched out hearts!

We gave one of our wooden signs. I am kind of excited to see it they use it. When hubby dropped it off in the tent, their eyes lit up and said, oh yes. We love this. The sign is one of our hand made signs. It is one our primitive/rustic signs, so we didn't know if it would "mesh" with the designers look? It says "HOME is Where your Story Begins", and it has a little scroll on each side. Black in color and we felt is was so "fitting".

So, today we are staying put and we might run out there on Monday. From the outside, we would not see much today anyways. Have a great day and I must get some things done around here. Thanks for listening to me ramble today, a bit long I know. Have a good one. ~Tonya