A Wish...

This is one of my latest "Paper Pretties", just love playing with paper!! A Wish? I woke up to laughter this morning along with Courtney making homemade Chocolate Chip pancakes! Then to top it all off, she even rubbed my feet with lotion and massaged them! What a sweetheart. Ya know, my kids may make me frustrated some times, but they sure are great kids! What more could I ask for today...I asked Courtney why? She said, Just Because! Sweet *smirk*

Lots of layers to this card and of course Spellbinder die cuts, lots of shading, stamping, pastels, water color pencils, gems, inks, stickles, ribbon and I even glass glittered the stars with real German glass glitter, so they will tarnish over time, for that time worn look...

oh and I also used Tim Holtz distressed ink (of course) and I was LUCKY enough to purchase the NEW BOOK from T!m! A signed copy of "A Compendium of Curiosities" and with a Limited Edition apron of his most frequently used words! How neat is that? Can't wait to get it and page my fingers through that book. Now maybe I can dress like a normal person and just use the apron...we shall see.

Lots of dimension to this card. I may have to keep this card and put it in a little frame, in my studio....to ALWAYS remind myself to WISH and well...to DREAM! We all have to have a few of those... I am going to be added a splash of color to my studio in the next month or so. I am also going to make new valances and I purchased some prints from Jane Desrosier a while back and I finally got them framed in some basic black frames and boy do they POP, with those frames. I can't wait to get those hung up in my studio as well...

And here is my Sweet Ninny (Sydney) at her BFF Birthday Party last Saturday. We bought a present for Brenda, wrapped it all up pretty, made her a pretty butterfly card together -- of course with butterflies, glitter and gems and then Ninny made Brenda (and herself) a pretty paper crown! I had to snap a picture...oh to be 8 and 9 again. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday. Looks to be another SUNNY Day here. Peaceful Blessings to you, ~Tonya


That's the breaks!

Well, I didn't make the Spellbinder's Design Team, but I did have fun trying! I know if I would have been one of the "chosen ones", that I am scared to death of flying! The last time I flew, was many years ago and there was sooo much turbulence, that I thought the plane was going down! I am sure it ALL would have been worth it! To meet new people and the workshops....and CHOCOLATE! HA! A BIG Congratulations to all of the gals that made the DT!!

I thought I would show you the final challenge piece I submitted. We had to use the inverted circle die and also the filmstrip die. We had to use at least one of each. I used several. This was my second layout I started. The first one was totally different, more rustic, more artsy and a bit vintage...maybe I should have gone with that one? One will never know...

It was an honor, to even have been chosen to be a finalist...that is something in it's self! It would have been wonderful to make the Design Team, but it just wasn't in the cards and was not meant to be. I can always try again next year...ya just never know...

One of the hardest things about trying out and being a finalist for Spellbinders, was sending this beautiful layout of my girls. No, I will not get it back and I did even get teary-eyed while packing it up. I put so much love and time in this layout...

A layout like this could never be put into a book, but to be framed and put on a wall. It would be gorgeous. Maybe I will make another one and have a shadow box made for it...my hubby could make me the box, he is awesome with wood...

I really loved how these flowers turned out. So much dimension and detail. I added Robin's Egg Dew Drops to the top of the flower...

And this is where I used the film strip die...I tried many other ways for this layout (with the film strip die), but with the very elegant style, the film strip just would not work any other way. So, I became inventive! HA! There is always more ways to look at things, then just one...

It is a beautiful sun-shiny day out! Love it! I was doing some re-situating in my studio yesterday and I may add a coat of paint, come spring to make it reflect more of my style. Remember, it use to be Jordan's bedroom. I hope you all have a perfect day. Ta-ta for now, ~Tonya


What I have been up too...

Thought I would show you a Birthday card I made for my sister. I love playing with paper. Pretty glitter in the center....love all things that glitter too!

A bit of a close-up. Lots of layers to that flower. And what I have been up too.....Lots and lots of cleaning and organizing! Going through things I have wanted to for so long, getting rid of a lot of stuff that - I JUST DO NOT NEED! Feels so GOOD too!!

I have shelves in my basement, like what you see in stores (gondola units) and quite a few of them I might add....well, most of them are now empty! Yeee haaawww! We are removing the shelves and not having them in the basement....you know the old saying, the more storage you have, the more you tend to collect/have.

I am "weeding out" and don't want to be a "keeper" anymore. I am starting to do things for me! Things that make me feel good...on the inside and out. It's about time too ;) So often I do so many things for others and I tend to forget about ME. I have been a bit slow in the creating dept. which is fine, at the moment. This time of the year is normally used for lots of "reflecting" and lots of "thoughts".

Just thought I would stop in and say HI! I have not been a very good blogger lately (shame on me), but I have been getting lots done! Like Martha S. says, "That's a GOOD thing". Have a wonderful evening and Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~Ahanna & Gracie~

Meet Ahanna & Gracie, they will be on ebay this evening. Ahanna has glass eyes, which are so very neat...but are very hard to photograph. In person, they are so much more sweet. I had to take the pictures inside, because of all of the snow and cold temps.

Sweet Ahanna has so much detail to her. I love the color combination (browns & pinks), that I decided to use. Sweet Ahanna & Gracie are just waiting patiently for SPRING to arrive!

This lil bunny is my favorite, I think. I love making lil critters to go along with my dollies...they just take so much thought and time to create. I will be scheduling Sweet Ahanna & Gracie to start on ebay this evening, for 5 days to end on Wednesday evening. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


A Beautiful Day!

It was such a beautiful day out today...the sun was shining and even though it was a bit "brisk", it was calm, no snow and after all, the sun was shining! I just had to go out and enjoy the day a bit. I took this picture, while the sun was peering through our trees....what do you see? I only added the border to this picture, nothing else and I see little spots, that look like little prisms or something. I would like to think that in our wooded area, may be there are "little sprites" (fairies) dancing around. Maybe? A small being, yet being in human form, playful and having magical powers...you just never know...you always must let your imagination play...

Over the past couple of years while being on-line, I have always been asked, where do you live? Are there hills, flat land, what? So, here is a picture of part our back yard...and yes, flat, very flat land in my area. I love this picture and how the trees stand so proud...if you listen, trees talk to you....yes, even during the winter. The sun played off the trees and created beautiful shadows...

And this is in the front of our home. Our home is virtually in the middle of a field. We have a very long driveway and field all the way around us. We have somewhat more of a "wooded" area, on the north side of our property. I didn't get a picture taken of that. During the more mild months, you can see so much nature, hear so many birds and see so much beauty. I love living here...although the winters can be pretty brutal. We have lived here for almost 7 years and in that time, this winter is the one that has been the worst...

This is our long driveway. I was standing at the end of our sidewalk, from our home...yes, a long sidewalk too. Some have asked about living in the country and why do we live here....well, there is just something about living in the country that you can not put into words. Yes, there is more work - to living in the country, a longer drive - to and from town, but out here - when all is quiet and it is just you, with the sun on your face and a slight breeze, listening to the birds singing....well, there is nothing quite like it. Peaceful Winter Blessings to you, ~Tonya


I am on a ROLL!!

I think I need to "pinch myself".....I am on a roll folks! I thought I would share my good fortune (Lucky Streak)! A couple of weeks ago, Jackie of Fat Jak Originals, was having a giveaway "Spreading the LVE", she called it ;) I was the LUCKY one that WON! I received that SWEET lil Girl today and she is too ADORABLE!! You should go and visit Jackie's blog, she has such a way with her creations! Thank you so much, Jackie!! I will always treasure her and think of you when I look at her!

And today, I received an email from Justine at "CARDiology" ~ Cards from the Heart by Justine and she told me I was the WINNER of her Blog Giveaway for her 2nd Blogoversary! Thank you so much, Justine! You should stop on over to Justine's blog, she is very creative and has lots of Inspiration in the paper department! Lots of Paper Pretties.

I have been staying quite busy around here, not getting much done......but that is how things go some times. We had a nice Valentine's Day...we went out to eat Saturday evening and then on Sunday, I was greeted with lots of handmade cards and such. Even hubby made me a card ;) I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with lots of LVE!!

I have a special order that I am finishing up and I am also working on a dollie. See, lots of "Coals in the Fire"! I also submitted my Spellbinders Challenge piece for the Finals. I figure if I win, I win (which would be great) and if I don't win...then I know it was not meant to be and I know that I put my best foot forward.

Geez, I had not posted for a while and that is not like me...I wonder what is up with that? I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Thanks for letting me ramble! Toodles, ~Tonya



Yes, revived by a hair-cut! That isn't me in the picture, but I normally always post with a picture, odd I know. Our taxes are finished and so glad to have that behind us. I just really do not like that time of the year.....too much paper work. You would think I would learn to do my paper work every month. Someday I will learn! *smirk* Probably not any time soon thou. I am always a glutton for punishment.

Little Miss Ninny had the flu...it started Wednesday evening and went into Thursday too. Poor little girl. I hope it is gone for good and the rest of us do not get it! She feels much better today.
Just wanted to pop in and say HI. I received my Spellbinders dies today, for the Final layout Challenge. I have been thinking of what I am going to do with my layout, but nothing really set in stone...the ol' wheels are turning in my head thou!

I hope you all have a Grand weekend! Many Blessings to each of you. ~Tonya


~I am Honored!!

Spellbinders had a Call-Out for a New Design Team for 2010, it was at the tail end of last year. I thought about it long an hard. I thought it would be neat to try-out for the design team. I made my card, my altered art project, a 12x12 layout and a 500 word essay about Me....and then submitted them. I didn't tell anyone, I just kept it to myself and told my hubby and kids. I just waited for the announcement to roll around and that day was today!

I was contacted by Spellbinders today and was told I am among the 24 Finalist! I am so Honored. I never thought that I would be chosen from so many submissions....now the REAL, STIFF Competition begins! I have to make a 12x12 layout. It is a challenge and they want to see your best work. Spellbinders will send each of the 24 finalist product to completed the challenge. They will make the announcement on Feb. 27th. This is exciting and nerve-wracking all at once! I had to let you all in on my Good News. I know this is not about doll making, but most of you know how much I love paper! Yup, me and my "Paper Pretties".

I thought I would show you the card, the altered art project and the layout that made me a finalist. I had so much fun creating them.

You will not see much of me this week....I am DEEP in paper work....TAX TIME! No fun, but it must be done. We made our tax appointment for Thursday. We did this so that I had a dead-line and no excuses for any procrastination! *smirk* A girl has to do, what a girl has to do...to get it done! I hope you all had a fabulous day. As for here, in MN... it is snowing again. Toodles for now, ~Tonya