Lady Bug, Lady Bug...Fly away Home!

That is the childhood verse or poem that kept coming to mind, when I was working on my latest handmade. I am so happy with the way that Lydie-Bug and her "Spring-Thyme Finds" finished up. I do believe I have myself a "Little Bug Collection" going on. I hope to add a few more buggies. I am having so much fun with them.

It has been absolutely gorgeous here. Now the grass is green and needs a "haircut". Awww, the daunting task of cutting almost 7 acres of grass. I know we really do not need to mow all of that....but it looks so nice. My son has been mowing a bit on it, but we will not let him cut close to the house or the area that has a lot of trees.

May Day was yesterday! Do any of you remember when...you would make a little basket, fill it with goodies and then go and hang it on a door. Knock on the door or ring the door bell and run? I know me and my family did that when I was a little girl. All of the good ole little traditions are being cast aside now days. I wonder why that is? Things have changed so much. I feel that families don't spend as much time together as they use too, several years back. It is a shame, because I have so many fond memories of little tid-bits like that. I did not make May Day baskets with my children...perhaps if we lived in town, we would have. We did talk about it and they thought it was pretty neat.

Well, I must go. I have a million and one things to do today. It seems as though there is never quite enough time in a day. I have to clean my house from making my dollie.....it looks as if there was a hurricane that ran through! *smirk* I hope you all have a Most Blessed Day.


Diane Duda said...

I'm coming here via Danita's blog. I've seen your creations on ebay, and really enjoy your work. Your new little bugs are no exception! All the details are just perfect.

I know what you mean about the grass. My poor dad spends every day all summer mowing on his farm. As soon as he's finished it's time to start again. He complains about, but I really don't think there is anything he enjoys more.

Danita said...

Love it!!!!! And the bee too!! I love all your work!