I was playing with my dollies *smirk* I just had to get a picture of these two sisters together! I normally do not get pictures of my dollies together...I just do not normally have time or the weather is not cooperating....you get the point.

I was on dial up all weekend...can we say SLOOW! I was very ANNOYED by the time Monday morning rolled around.

My Mom took my girls and my sister has my son, so I have a day to myself...but I am working. I had to take a break to play, before I packed up SPOOKY Lacie. I think she is so sweet. I will miss her.

I FINALLY Updated my Website! I added my latest patterns and added a NEW GALLERY page. Yup, that's right! For those of you that had been asking...there ya go. No many, but some.

I have not responded to ALL of the personal wonderful emails you have sent...THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH. I appreciate every one of them. I was on dial-up, so please forgive me. Have a GRAND Day! Tis beautiful here in ole Minnesota. Don't forget to register for the FUN Blog Give-A-Way!! Toodles for now, ~Tonya



Yippeeeee....A Blog giveaway! I said quite a while ago...that I would have one, and didn't. Well, I have felt a bit guilty since then and thought I needed to have one. Time has a way of getting away from me. You get all of the goodies listed here...plus before the goodies get sent out, I will be adding more!

All you have to do is leave a comment to this post. Include your name and email address. If you post it on your blog and link it back to me...I will enter your name in twice! Be sure to contace me and let me know you have posted it on your blog.

Yup, that is it! I will be drawing the LUCKY WINNER on Tuesday, July 8th. ...late at night and post it on my blog......on Wednesday July 9th.

Hubby and I made all of the wooden things here, The little shelf signs...good for window ledges and such and the wooden caddy, is neat for so many uses. There is also room spay, candles and patterns. I will also add a prim notepad or two...and some of my handmade note cards (with my dollies on the front).

If you do not have a blog...not to worry, email me a comment at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com and I will post it in the comment area for you. Be sure to leave your name and email address. I have to have a way to contact you, if you are the LUCKY WINNER. Toodles, ~Tonya

*****TO CLARIFY*****
If you do not have a blog, send me an email with a comment and I will post the comment for you. I have done it several times already. I put on the comment...Posting for so and so.
Thank you so much for ALL of your wonderful comments and link backs already! :)

~Soul Seeker~

Boy, I had soooooo much FUN creating this ~Devious~ Looking dollie. I was almost all done with her and I asked hubby...do you like her? He said, I sure wouldn't trust her. LOL I sure laughed at that one...

I made a face similar to this one, last year...My Lucinda Devil dollie. These eyes always "WIG" me out...when I first paint them on, I feel like I have ruined the dollie. Then, it begins to come together. I always get into a bit of a panic! I added glass glitter to her eyelids, like I did last year...so NEAT!

My thought is, she is WICKED cool...but this type of dollie is not for everyone *smirk* She is a bit different from Sweet Lacie...the Soul Keeper (from last week). This is her Devious older sister. She will be listed on ebay, this evening for 5 days. I will link her...after she lists.

You will have to stop back...as I have gathered up some goodies for a give-a-way. No dollie, but some OUR (Hubby & I) handmades. I have to take pics and such yet. Have a GRAND day. Toodles for now kiddies, ~Tonya


~WISH Dollie~

And here is my latest little dollie. She is for the Mercantile. She looks so sweet in person. The pictures are not the best...a bit grainy on the close up one. I tell ya, I am stuck on these banners. Our theme for the Mercantile was "Christmas in July" and with that in mind, I made this dollies. She has a WISH banner across the front of her...
I originally made her a very BIG star on a rusty wire to hold, but it blocked her banner. Now, she has a star attached to her hand. She has lots of extra added detail, wired tinsel and lots of woolens, with crystals. Her hair is light brown mohair. I thought she turned out so sweet. I did not want to make her real "Christmasy"...so that she may stay out the whole year through .

Funny how I always wanted my dollies to be "suprise" for the Mercantile...I received lots of emails asking for "sneak peeks" and now I, myself am like a kid in a candy store...I get so excited, I have to show them right away. *smirk*

Hubby is doing well, some pain...but that is to be expected. I feel sorry for the poor guy. I would not want to be in his shoes. I must go, I have lots of packing to do and then run to the post office. I hope ya all have a great day. Oh and THANK YOU for all of the emails with happiness for my great news and for the wondeful comments left here as well. You all are the BEST! Smiles and Blessings to you, ~Tonya


~GREAT Happiness~

I say this with GREAT Happiness...the results were negative for Melanoma! Yee Haw! I was so happy...but still can not stop thinking about my sister (who still has to have srveral spots removed) and pray that they remove ALL of them...with no problems.

Thank you for all of your support, emails, prayers and good thoughts. I just can not say "Thank you" enough. BIG Hugs to all of YOU!

I am working here and there on a couple of special orders and have one more dollie to finish up for the Mercantile or Ebay...we will see if she comes together easily and in time. It is quite hot here and suppose to warm up even more....Thank Goodness for A/C! I hope you all have a wonderful evening! Toodles for now and BIG SMILES, ~Tonya



Today, I am very THANKFUL! Hubby's surgery went well, without any problems. I found this pretty picture here and thought it was so fitting...for how I felt today.

Hubby gave me quite a few chuckles today actually. The poor guy had to work last night, so he had to stay up after work (got done with work at 6 a.m.) and had to wait for his surgery...all of this while NO eating past midnight and NO drinking any liquids. He talked the nurse into drinking liquids until 6 this morning, since his surgery was not till almost 11 am.

Once he woke up from surgery...he told me he would be starving and I said he would not. Boy, that was the first thing he asked for. *smirk* He asked if I got him something from the cafeteria, at the hospital. He could not get something to eat fast enough. He did have to wait for "real" food for a couple of hours...so he did not get sick. He has been in and out (heavily medicated and feeling good). So, one down and one to go. Tomorrow can not get her fast enough for my results. I hope you all had a wonderful day. Mine was quite busy and in otherwards, a bit boring for me, with lots of sitting at the hospital. I am so glad that hubby made it through A-Okay. Toodles, ~Tonya


**Americana SNOW**

This is my NEWEST Dollie. I have been burning the Ole Midnight Oil again. *smirk* This Sweet Snowfolk Gal is for the Mercantile. Christmas in July this month...so I had to switch gears and think WINTER. A bit hard, with the weather that we have been having...

I did not get the best pictures, as it was dusk and in the back porch. She shimmers like a blanket of new fallen snow. Her eyelids are "sugar-coated" with glass glitter and look so very sweet. I will have to try and get new pictures before she lists on the Mercantile.

Well kiddies, I have lots to do and I have to get all squared away for hubby's surgery in the morning...I will be taking my kids with me, so this should
be FUN...Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Today is a beautiful day. The first full day of summer. I am feeling the temps rising and it is suppose to heat up this week. We did get the a/c in (yup, no central air) and have had them on. They sure help a lot on hot days.

Hubby goes in tomorrow for surgery. I am a bit worried, as he will be under general anesthetics. That is always a big fear, I think....for anyone. They did cancel his surgery on Thursday morning and then we more or less demanded that he have it. See, someone dropped the ball, didn't get the "prep" work done on his history....so there were just going to cancel it. Not! We pushed it and they got him in that day and Friday before he worked....for his heart tests and a stress test. He has had sinus problems/infections since Nov. of 07! He already had the two weeks of work off that he needed. So, I hope and pray that all turns out.

Then on Tuesday, I find out the results of my biopsy....it has been a very loooong wait. I have been trying to be postitive and I hope all turns out to be okay. I have been very busy trying to get a doll or two done for the Mercantile. It is "Christmas in July" for the Mercantile...so you will all have to check out on the 1st of July. I hope you all have a great day. Many Blessings to you, ~Tonya



I am just having waaay too much FUN, working on All Hallow's Eve dollies! This is Lacie...which means "Beautiful Soul". Yes, her soul is beautiful, just look within the "Windows to her Soul", (her eyes) and you shall see...
Yes, another banner! I love these banners! And look at those "wicked" boots! Love them and the fabric I found! See, with Halloween dollies, you can be funky and it is "acceptable", that is why it is soooo much FUN! *smirk* Lacie is wearing a nervous, crooked smirk too....because although she is trying to be ~SPOOKY~, she is a bit SPOOKED herself!

~SPOOKY~ Lacie is scheduled to start tonight on
Ebay, at 8:30 pm (centeral time). She will end on Tuesday evening. I thought about listing her for 3 days, but that is a bit short. After all, it is too nice out...so I do believe people may be spending some time outside :)

Yesterday, an odd thing happened here at home....see, we have lived here for over 5 years. Yes, in the country, but never has a person come along riding a horse! A lady rode up, asking if we had lost any dogs (as our two dogs were barking). Ya know gas is high, when you see a person riding a horse, house to house, rather then driving. Ha ha ha! That is the first thing that came to my mind anyways. I know, we live in the country, but this was the first time it has happened... just had to share.

Well, my kiddies are playing outside in the water to keep cool, I must get some things done. I do hope that you have a wonderful evening. Thanks for listening to my "mindless dribble", I know I can be a bit odd at times. Toodles, ~Tonya


~SPOOKY TIME JINGLES~ A **NEW** Website! Not OPEN yet, but is sure to be a BLAST! It is where Sweet & Spooky Commingle. It is a website where there will only be Halloween and Christmas, Dani of Ambitious Designs is the one heading it up.

I have talked with Dani...but I am not quite sure I am ready to take the plunge...I will have to think long and hard about it. I would LOVE to be a part of it...but am afraid I will get behind on deadlines. As you all know, I am not good with deadlines. I am having so much FUN, watching it come together and I can not wait for it to OPEN!


~Bethany BOO~

This is my Precious Bethany BOO. I had her started before yesterday, but set her aside for the special order. I got a "Wild Hair" to work on her and low & behold, I was up until the birdies started chirping! Yup, 4:30 a.m. before I went to bed! I do love it when my work allows me to "get Lost" without going anywhere. I was having such a nice time creating, everything went so smooth. Some may call it crazy to stay up that late, but when you are enjoying yourself...well, then it is all worth it. This sweet Lil Punkin Girl makes me SMILE!
She is scheduled to start on ebay tonight at 8:30 pm (Centeral Time) and to end on Sunday evening. She has tons of hand stitching on her and LOTS of olde thyme charm....just the way I like'em. Well, I must scoot. To the post office and shopping I go. Have a great day Kiddies. Toodles, ~Tonya


Americana Dollie...

And here is the dollie I made for a Dear customer of mine. For the longest time I was not taking special orders...I have since then "re-thought" that situation. It still depends on the piece. Re-creating this dollie was fun. I had not made her since 2006, so it was like I had never made her. She is a BIG dollie. She was made using an adapted Crabby Gabby pattern.

Not very good pictures, but I thought I would post her anyways. I t was very, very bright out. She is so sweet in person. Her baby doll is just the sweetest lil thing. My dollie that just sold on ebay last night (Pumpkin Witch), she looks tiny compared to this dollie. She is definately going to make a statement in my customers home. She is already on her way home.

Today I must get crackin on something for ebay or the Mercantile. ~Christmas in July~ for the Mercantile......hmmm, I will have to see what I can pull out of my hat. *smirk* It will be fun. I may do a Winter/Christmas piece and if time allows, maybe a regular or All Hallow's Eve piece. It is hard to think of Christmas time when it is soooo nice out.

I did have a "Christmas Kick" the other day. I watched (while making my dollies) "Christmas with the Kranks" and "Deck the Halls", so odd. My workspace now has a tv with a DVD player, so if there is nothing on TV and I want to watch, I can pop in a DVD. Our little 13 inch TV went ca-put a couple of weeks ago...so I went and purchased one with a DVD, it was only a bit more.

Okay kiddies, I must shake a leg...I got lots to do. I hope you all have a GRAND day. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Happy Father's Day...

Happy Father's Day Honey! That is where my hubby is today...he is fishing with the kiddies. He took the kids camping yesterday and they had fun. I took this picture a couple of weeks ago.

I felt guilty at first (not going with), but realized I need time to myself too. So it was nice. I did do some cleaning and some doll making. I stayed up to late. *smirk*

I hope all of you Father's have a Wonderful Father's Day. Make some Memories today, that will last a lifetime.

I wanted to say Thank you to each of your....for the emails, comments and support for the issues I am going through. It will be okay, I am trying to stay postitive. It is hard...

Back to work for me. The house is quite and I can hear the birdies chirping, their sweet melodies. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Toodles, ~Tonya


And let the WAITING begin!

Today I went to the Doctor. Not a good start...I had to have a full body scan done and a biopsy taken off an area above my left ankle. Scared? HELL ya! I did receive some stitches. I will not find out the results of the biopsy until the 23rd and they will remove my stitches, at that time as well.

It started when my Grandma (the only grandma I have left) had to have some Melanoma removed...she came back with terrible results...Stage 4 Melanoma. It is too late to try and help her. They said with our family history that all of us needed to be scanned. One of my sisters had this done...the findings, Stage 3 Melanoma! She is being very positive right now and I pray for them both daily.

She has had some removed...and must have some more removed, along with one that needs to be redone. So, I made an appointment, because frankly it scares the hell out of me. The main area that is causing concern, is a large birthmark. It has all the characteristics for Melanoma. So until the 24th, I will play the waiting game. I am not very good at this. The doctor said that if it comes back negative, I will have to go back yearly and have it rechecked. He said with my family history, it is nothing to mess with.

Today is gloomy...it goes along with how I feel. It already rained (tears from Heaven) and is now chilly out. A good day to just stay inside and just be. I have a custom order to make, so I will be working on that later today. So many thoughts are running through my head. It will get better. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


*Pheobe* The Pumpkin Witch

Meet ~Precious Pheobe & Jinxie, her cat. They are scheduled to start on eBay, this evening at 8:30 pm (centeral time) and end on Sunday. I had so much fun making them! They are so FESTIVE for "All Hallow's Eve"....My VERY FAVORITE time of Year.
I think I have the most fun with all of the ebellishments. I honestly think at times, that can really make a dollie become even more *SPECIAL*.

Today, was a better day for me. I was busy finishing Phoebe today and cleaned a bit. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. I was a BEAUTIFUL Day here today. I wish all the days were like today. Many Blessings, ~Tonya



Well, it was a looong weekend! Hubby worked all weekend and he works on the over-nights, so that means he sleeps during the day....the whole day. He has such a crazy shift, that when he works over-nights, it leaves me wanting to go running for the hills!

So, the kiddies were on my nerves today...the constant bantering, the squabbles, the continuous "Moooom, Jordan is doing this and Courtney is doing that"...otherwise known as "brotherly & sisterly LOVE".

I was so annoyed by it... I went out and mowed! Yup, I would rather listen to the running Kohler Engine, rather then the kids today! And I might add, we have 7 acres to mow, so it gave me a real nice break! I mowed for about 4 hours and weed whacked after that. Hubby made dinner, but the dishes of course are left for me....and NO, we do not have a dishwasher. I am the dishwasher!

Well, I am going to go and do some more cleaning (as if I have not done enough of that in the past few days), can't tell I am ANNOYED can you? I am sure tomorrow will be better...I hope to list my new dollie, I am almost done. I have been staying up late working at night, when all is quiet and the evening becomes my own. Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


GOD Paints...

GOD paints the Heavens today? This was taken at about 9 p.m. tonight (central time) This is Beauty, the natural way...but to get to this, was a very treacherous day. Is this the beauty after the rain/storm or the calm before another storm?

Today, we left at a bit after 8 a.m. for fishing. The bright skies were turning to darkness and I had thoughts of turning back. After about 10 min. into town, the heavens opened and the down pouring began, rumbling and lightning to follow.

I turned on the station that updates us locally on the weather and the storm was moving 59 mph and we were right in the heart of it. It began to hail (nickel sized) and cars were pulled along side the road, because it was so difficult to see.

I continued on...and said we were going to Shopko. It was right on the edge of that side of town. I felt this was safer then sitting along side the road. So, we arrived there safely. Shopped a bit and it cleared...we went fishing. It grumbled a bit, but was a decent day for fishing. The kids had a nice time. After fishing, we got a bit to eat and went to Wal-Mart for the things we all must. Shortly after we got home, "Mother Nature" was at it again!

Cells moving our way...as many as 5. A tornado touched down about an hour away. Tornado watches/warnings and then extending them today. It was a bit of a scare. We made it through and Thankful nothing happened around here...other then dark skies, rain, wind and hail. Jordan told me after we got home...Mom, I was scared this morning when you were driving in the storm. I said, I could tell...you were quiet.

All in all, today was a very thought provoking day with lots of ups and downs and kids screaming and fighting in between. Oh and lets not forget, this morning was chilly and then it turned to sticky and humid. Now, all is quiet. The girls are watching a movie, darkness has fallen once again and I get to have some random thoughts to myself for the first time today. I hope you and yours have a Peaceful evening.

Many Blessings, ~Tonya



I have been busy making a **NEW** addition to My ~Wee-Leggins Collection~ Meet ~Stella~ "The All Hallow's Eve Kitty-Cat". I have her listed on ebay...with a slight delay in the listing. Just call me as it is...Always a day late and a dollar short. *smirk*

I fell a bit behind today with taking pictures and editing them for the listing. We had a busy day today, we went to a Dear family members home and CELEBRATED her 87th Birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTH! We baked a cake and went to her house for a visit. We bought her a cedar birdhouse with lots and lots of bird seed. Ruth has always loved watching birds.

Well tomorrow I get to get up waaay early and take the kiddies to "Take a KID fishing Day". Sponsorded by the Sportsman Fisherman...they normally give each child a fishing pole, tackle and bait. A chance to win prizes for the biggest fishe and such. A very neat thing for parents and kids to do, I just wish hubby could go too....he works till 6 a.m. and then must sleep because he works all weekend.

I must go, I have quite a bit to do before I hit the hay. Oh and so sorry for my rudeness at not replying to comments on my blog...I have just simply not had any time. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


~Sweet Isabella~

The second! This is what I have been doing lately.
A Special Order dollie. I have some more lined up as well...from another Dear customer.

Yes, I have decided to accept some special orders. For some dollies, I will never make again. It just depends on what they are. In the past, I did have a very difficult time with one of my special orders...so I said, probably "no more", till I found osanburg.

Osanburg has made my life soooo much easier. This ~Sweet Isabella~ was made for Jenny...Thank you so much Jenny. I hope you like her. I have made several small changes to this one....but she is very similar to the first one...

Well, my home looks like a tornado ran through it and I can not stand it...so toodles for now kiddes!

Last Day of School!

Today is the LAST day of School! The kids are HAPPY.....ready for summer break. Not that the weather screams summer or anything like that.

I was looking back on my blog last night (looking for a certain doll that was no longer on my computer) and seen the FIRST day of school, they looked so different...just since school started in Sept.

Jordan has gotten so much taller, by several inches and now is taller then me. I should have had some type of "marker" on the tree. Courtney's hair has gotten a lot longer and Sydney, she has grown quite a bit as well. You sure can tell it by all the clothes that she has out grown.

Courtney is wearing her "Math Masters" T-shirt and is going to have all the kids that were in Math Master's sign it.

In this picture, they look worn and tired, if you ask me (compared to the first day of school). I am picking them up from School today...I do that EVERY year.

Well last night was a late one for me....2:30 a.m. trying to finish a custom order. I am almost done and would like to get her shipped out today! I have another dollie to pack up and some pattern orders, and I have to leave early to pick my kiddies up from school. So, I must go! I have a million and one things to do. I hope ya all have a Grand day, in whatever you do. Toodles, ~Tonya


Just a Day...

Today was a gloomy day. I noticed my very first Iris was in bloom...but no time to take a picture. I did not take this picture. I am in a little bit of a ho-hum state of mind, very tired too. I think the weather plays a vital roll in all of that. A 7 day run of a chance of rain every day...joy.

I did do something for myself today...I went to the quilt shoppe (I was a good girl), I didn't buy any fabric there, just needlpunch supplies. Yup, I am gonna get me some more needlepunch supplies too. I use to use the "Perfect Punch" many years ago. Same type of thing, different thread and now a days, much different designs. I am going to make some things myslef...for our Home.

Much to often, I do not not take the time to do things for myself....well I have began to do so. Tis long over due. I can not wait to get all my goodies in the mail. I was reading a book that I had purchased on Needle punch (long ago) and in there, they said a very old art, that is new again. I like the simple.

I think we all tend to take things for granted and if we all take a step back...well we might appreciate things so much more. I had recently gone on a field trip with my youngest daugher (the historical museum) and they were talking of the times a HUNDRED years ago. I think they had it very difficult back in the day. I do not want it that simple, but it really made me think!

Well kiddies, I must hit the hay. I am tired. My kids only have 2 DAYS of School left and on Thursday...Let the Games begin! Yup, a juggling act for me and so much more. It will be difficult for me to get any work done. I will be burning the olde midnight oil, I am sure of that! Toodles for now, ~Tonya