TDIPT Goodies...

My Page on TDIPT Mercantile is up and running....SHAME ON ME! A bit early, I guess I would rather be early then late! No sneak peeks here, you will have to check them out on my page ;)

I have two full dollies and 3 Whimsical Ornaments up on my page, you will have to check them out on TDIPT!!

TDIPT Mercantile is also having a ~OPEN HOUSE~ for Christmas, full of door prizes for YOU! Check it out on the main page. I hope you enjoy my new GOODIES, I worked very hard on then and am so happy with the way they turned out. Toodles for now, my kiddies are waiting for me. ~Tonya

~Merry Hallowe'en~

Wishing each of you a
~Merry Hallowe'en~


**Paper Pretties ** and....

A Warm Hello!! I have been *MIA* a bit...well, most of us have been sick (including ME)! Ninny, hubby and I have had a touch of broncitis and Jordan had an allergic reaction...to what?? Who knows. He was non-stop itching, they even had to give him an oral steroid.

Well after about a weeks worth of Benedryl and a day off from school, he is doing better. Ninny and I sat at "Urgent Care" last Sunday for almost 3 hours...non-stop SICK people kept coming in. I didn't see the Doc. me being a stubborn thing ya know *smirk* Hubby went to the Doc. just on Friday. I am taking over the counter medicine and I am "kicking it", slowly - but surely!

On to my ~Paper Pretties~ as most of you know, I love playing with paper! When I have a bit of "down-time" or not feeling like working on a dollie, I play with paper. It does not happen all the time and as Oct. ends and Nov. approaches I am going to have less time to play with paper...so if you see something you like, do not wait. I may not have time to make more or may not have the same paper and such....

I have all of these cards and gift tags listed in MY ETSY...you will have to check them out. They have tons of detail....were so much fun to make and are unique!

I have some listed as singles, some as a set of 2 and also as a set of 3...I have discounted them with more then one card. Just a lil something I like to do, if you are purchasing more then one card, when listed in MY ETSY...

I have glittered the wegde green snowflakes on these cards, so pretty! I love glitter. I have close-up pictures of the glitter in ETSY...so if you want to see any or my cards in greater detail, check them out in ETSY...

This is the last of my Holiday - Christmas Goodies --- with paper. You will have to wait, I have been quite busy and "quiet as a mouse", I am gearing up for TDIPT Mercantile's update on the 1st of Nov. and I have lots to WINTER FUN coming your way! No PEEKS here...don't know if I will be showing any on here. I might show a sneak peek to my EMAIL update list, but I am not sure.

I must go. I have lots to do and time does not stand still. I hope your Sunday evening is a BEAUTIFUL one. Toodles, ~Tonya


A few New Harvest Handmades...

I thought I would share with you, a couple of ~Harvest Handmades~ that my son and I made, together. Sewing takes him so long and he does get nervous, so he asked if I would do the machine sewing, so I did. I could not say no, to those baby blue's ;)

I know he said he was not going to make anymore handmades, he said they are to hard and too time consuming. I had to pick on him, because to make/save money, he always resorts back to making handmades. He said there is no other way he can make money, because we live in the country. HA! I chuckled at that one.

This Owl & Olde Crow/Raven are on Ebay (seperate auctions) until Sunday evening. He is saving up for an iPOD this time. He is a "saver", when he wants something and has his eye on the prize...
I think Jordan did a very nice job on these and I for one, am very PROUD of him! I for one, would love to have them in my home! He does such nice work and when we create together, well we get some Mother/son bonding in....so that is all the better! I hope he continues to create, because he has so much talent, I would hate for it to just sit there idol. I am very supportive when kids want to create, becausee without IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY, where would all of us be?

I do hope that you will go and check out his auctions, on ebay. Remember, they end sunday evening. And if you feel so inclinded to bid, not to worry. I had a hand in them all the way and I am the one packaging them up. Have a great Saturday. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


TDIPT Birthday Celebration & Giveaway!

TDIPT Turns 3 today, so in keeping with Traditions, we are Celebrating, but we are giving the gifts to you! If you visit our TDIPT Blog and are a "follower", you are already entered in. If you leave a comment on the TDIPT Blog Birthday post, then you are entered in as well. Be sure to leave your email address when you comment, so that we have a way of contacting you.

So many wonderful Handmades are being given away. Be sure to stop by. The Celebration starts today and ends on the 20th. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


FUN Cards --- On Etsy!

Yes, I am a day late listing these....but better late then never. Right? I made these a while back, but do not like taking the time to always list. That part is no fun....but it has to be done. I have listed 4 different cards on Etsy. I do hope you will be able to stop by my Etsy and take a peek...

This card is a larger card and is 5 x 7. It has lots and lots of detail and is the only one, that is made like this. It was too much work and too much detail to make another one. I have fun making them, but they are very time consuming....

This was a FUN little Notecard that I made. I used glitter and dew drops on this one...so neat.

And now for Ninny and her little sleep-over. She has lots of FUN, but they had me up at 6 a.m. oy! That was way too early for me. I took these pictures when they were playing dress up and just being pretty little girls...

I of course had to order these as prints and was going into town, so I picked them up right away on Saturday morning. When I showed Ninny, we made them into a scrapbook page for her scrapbook. Years later, when the memories fade, all you have sometimes are the pictures. I made copies for the girls, her Dad and for me. Just to sweet, not too.

Other then trying to stay dry, finish up some special requests and such, nothing much going on here today. I hope you all have a Beautiful Sunday. Many Blessings, ~Tonya