~Spring Bunnies & A Bug~

Remember these? They were on my Studio table, when I showed you pictures of my studio. Well, I finished 4 of them anyways. I have two more yet...but not bunnies or a bug. So, these sweet little bunnies have clay heads and are dimensional. I am very happy with the way they turned out....
They are about 13 inches tall, funky yarn with bells tied on. They were just so much fun to make. They will be on TDIPT Mercantile. They can set in something, hang or lay. They are $54.95 plus shipping...if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

These are the only ones I have available and will not be making more any time soon. And below, we have a FUNKY & FUN SPRING BUG! She was fun to make, a bit different for me...but someone may love her...
She is 13 inches as well and full of detail. She is the same price and only one of her is available. I must scoot, I have to get up early and go work at my sister's store tomorrow...

I hope you enjoyed the NEW goodies. TDIPT Mercantile will be having a BIG ol' BASH starting on the 1st of March, as TDIPT turns 2!! Simply AMAZING how time flies. Wow, I can not believe 2 years have already gone by, since we opened. Ya'all be good. Blessings, ~Tonya

~On Ebay~

I listed these two on Ebay this evening....well yesterday now, according to the time LOL They are listed without a reserve and a lower price, then my original asking price...
They will both end on Sunday evening. I do hope that you will take a gander at their listings. I also have some FUN things finished up for the Mercantile...


~Who will be in these shoes??

A little "teaser" if you will *smirk* Aren't they sweet??? I love the way they turned out and can't wait to finish making the dollie for it. I have the dress and everything all planned out and in pieces. Tata for now, ~Tonya

~Over-stock Supply SALE~

Okay kiddies, as you know, I have been busy MOVING into my studio....thus, I am finding too many goodies, I no longer need! So you know what that means....a SALE!! These frames are perfect for your altered-art, stitcheries, etc, the possibilites are endless. The over all size of the frames are about 7x9 inches. The inside of the frames, where the opening is, 4x6 (there is no glass)...
They are a type of raised panel fronts, made of solid wood....lots of detail. They can hang or sit, either horizontal or vertical. They are very nice to work with. I have a ton of them, but am willing to part with 13 of them...

Here is the back of them, so that you may see the construction of them, very durable. I paid $3.00 a piece for them (on Clearance) and that is what I am selling them for here...plus shipping. The ACTUAL shipping charges. You will have to email me with how many you would like to purchase and then we can work out the details for shipping and payment. Email me at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com
Any questions, give a holler. Have a wonderful day. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Sweetness & QUACKS!!

Awww, now that is SWEETNESS! Baby Boo and King love each other so much. I took this pic the other day while going through my things and I just had to share it with you.

On another note, I FINALLY broke down and went to urgent care today, (both Sydney and I) only to be told after 2+ weeks of being sick, that they are not going to give us anything! Keep doing what we are doing, he said. So, hack all day, feel like crap 24/7 and hack all night....all the while, feeling like you are going through a fog...oh and not to mention, our chests are tight and the other junk, I won't go in too. He said if he gives us a Z-pack in 5 years they won't help and if he gives us predisone, that since that is a steriod (used for reducing inflammation in the bronc's for asthma patience) that in years to come it will give me osteoprosis (sp) and also weaken my immune system and stay sick longer!

So, then I ask can you at least give Sydney a pres. cough syrup? She coughs all night long and gets a terrible night sleep. NO, he said. We should have never been giving children the stronger cough medicine to begin with! He says I do not want you to leave frustrated today......I said, BUT I AM. I said, more or less, you are just telling me to suffer. He said to give Sydney 5ml of Honey before bed. Yeah, whatever! So, I wasted my time and money and for what? Just suffer. He even went off into the INFLUENZA area and said that is most likely what we had....WHAT????? I said. He said, I could give you tests, but that would be very expensive and the medicine that was set aside for that this year, is not even touching it. What do our symptoms have to do with that!

Now you can all see why I wait so long to go to the doctors! I was laying down last night on the couch (which is not like me) before the girls went to bed...put them to bed at about 8:30, I laid back down, slept on the couch until 6 this morning and went to my bed, slept until 10 am. I think that is the most sleep I have gotten in a looooong time. But, I still feel awful! So, I say that 95% of Doctors are QUACKS and today, that young doctor ticked me off with his "this statisic and that statisic and all of the proven facts show this....I JUST WANTED TO FEEL BETTER!

Sorry for the long post and compaining, but I had to vent. I hope ya'all have good day. Tata for now. ~Tonya


~My Goodies~

I was soooo busy with Jordan and my studio, that I never did post my swap from Pea! Here are my goodies...so very sweet. That lil cat, is just a wee-tiny little thing. I said, how do ya turn arms and legs that tiny? I love my things and Pea had them packaged so nice. She also sent a few choc. kisses, but those are long gone! Thank you Pea, I love all of my goodies.

On another note, I was going to wash dishes last night, well there was this neat jar, from a candle and well, I wanted to keep the jar.....SOooooo, I put it in the palm of my left hand and proceeded to take a butter knife and try to break the wax, away from the jar (my master plan, right?), well, don't ya know, there must have been a weak spot on the jar (or I am just way too strong) the butter knife went right through that jar and broke the jar. Pieces of glass into my finger and cut my middle finger.

I applied pressure right away...not knowing how bad or deep it was. I held it their for a while. I looked at it, nope, still bleeding. I was going to butterfly stitch it with tape....right? Well, ya have to get it to stop bleeding first and then pull the tape, like an "X" tight. Well, I waited and then tried again...there was still a piece of glass in my finger (no wonder why it was throbbing so badly). So, we got the glass out and I wrapped it up. I am not going to get stitches (I am such a die-hard), it did bleed a bit today, when I re-bandaged it, but I will live.

I am so very Thankful it was not worse, Thankful it was not my right hand and again, Thankful that it is my middle finger and not my pointer finger. I will be fine. The moral of this story, Never try to get wax out of a glass candle holder, after you have softened it with hot water, by putting it in the palm of your hand!

I hope you all have a grand day. Toodles, ~Tonya


I have waited so long...

And here is my studio! I am so happy that I am about 90% done! I have waited so long to have my own studio (my very own space). I have not really decorated in there, some of the "fish" things are still up and the curtains...I am afraid that if I start to decorate, I will JINX it and Jordan will want his room back *smirk* The TV is a bit high, but works for me just fine. If it was in front of me...I may not get much done. I listen, more then watch...
This is my studio, as I walk in. The work-table space is HUGE and I have several different "work stations", so when I want to work on different things while something is drying...I can!
A little bit closer. Quite a few things in my studio, we purchased at auctions or sales (which help so much). The tables were purchased at a Police Auction $8.33 a piece! Can you believe it. The cabinets, 1/2 off at Shopko...
Here is one cabinet all organized (it probably will not stay that way). I love having my things in one space. No more running back and forth...no more mess in the kitchen and spilling into the dining room. I have my kitchen all cleaned up too, YAY!!
And here is the second cabinet. Can you believe I have gotten rid of some of my things and some things, are still in my porch? WOW! I have collected things for soooo long and have purchased some things, during some really good sales...
A table-top cubby hole...love having things within reach. I hope to be able to be a little more efficient (a girl can dream). That little table top thingy (with scissors and tools), is from Target and it is so handy, purchased that long ago...20 bucks!
And here is my fabric stash! I am a sick women...waaaaaay too much fabric! I don't think I will need another piece of fabric for a very looooong time! See, I could never see all of them, so I would go and buy more HA! This stand was purchased at an auction, it was only 20 bucks! Love auctions...you can find some pretty nice pieces, if you have the patience and the time...
And another area. More goodies and storage. I wish it were enclosed, oh well. There was one more corner with more things, behind my table-top cubby hole, but it was so bright in the room, it didn't turn out. Lots of natural lighting.

On the top shelf, in this pic...you see some of my older goodies. I had to put some neat things to look at too. I hope you enjoyed an "Inside Look" at my studio. I have not decorated yet...but I still love it. It has been a TON of work, but soooo worth it.

I hope ya all have a great evening. I am feeling a bit better...Knock on Wood! I hope to start working on some things...as a matter of fact, I am ITCHING too! I am sure my studio will not stay nice and clean very long. Hubby said, boy...you sure could make one BIG mess in here. I said YUP and I can shut the door! Toodles for now, ~Tonya



I have been MIA for a while....I have been busy and sick. Yes, I should have taken a break to get better, but never do. Most of the time, I keep on going. If I just sat around, nothing would get done around here *smirk* This is my "studio" (bare-bones state and formally Jordan's bedroom). We had to move all of Jordan's thing out (and down two flights of steps), lots and lots of work! Believe me, I feel it! And yes, still very sick...

Over the long weekend, Jordan and I have been staying up late and moving and moving some more. Now we are both getting situated in and they are both looking pretty good...

The two tables that are in these pictures were moved in for me...only to move them back out. HA! I had some other steel tables, the same height and shape in the shed, so we moved these out and the others in. I kept the book shelf in there thou. My studio is really starting to look nice and I am giddy about it. I want so badly to work in there, but still have lots to do. Looks like a cyclone hit, in my back porch, hallway and living room. I will get there thou...

Lulu always has to be in the area we are doing something in. So sweet! We had taken the drawers out of Jordan's dresser, stacked them, only to go back and this is what we found. I was putting things away last night in my studio and he had to be in there too...

This is an area in our basement that Jordan helped me organize....such a sweet son! You should have seen this area before...a NIGHTMARE I tell ya! So, we moved all the stuff over, put one unit up and there was still a bunch of junk/stuff under the stairs and knew I needed that space too. So, we were going to put up another unit under there....we didn't have the right standard size for under the steps....so down came the shelf we just put up and had to re-do it all over again! Jordan has the patience of a saint. He has been so very helpful.

So, with that being said...I have emails to answer (forgot to tell ya, my internet was being a piece of JUNK too!) I hope you all had a wonderful President's Day. I have lots to do, have a nice Sunday evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


I am a Knuckle-Head!

Happy Valentine's Day! I was in a Swap for Valentine's Day with the "Prim Whimsy Girls", well, Pea and I were matched up, to swap with one another. The deadline was the 7th, but of course, we "pushed" it to the 10th (which was on Monday, the 7th was on a Saturday and noone likes going in to the post office early on a Saturday). Monday came and went and Pea asked, "Did you get your swap out?", Nope and I bet you didn't either, I said? She laughed. Nope, she didn't either.
I said, it has been "fighting" me, "Tooth & Nail" and it WILL BE OUT TOMORROW (Tuesday, the 11th...just in time for Valentine's Day, right?). Well, I sent her package out and I also wrapped up a few other things, along with my Daisy Mae Dollie, that Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy purchased. They both received their packages yesterday and well, Pea was freaking out and called my house and called my cell...said that her card on top was addressed to JENNY!!!

I had hoped I only messed up on the card...my heart sank! Nope, I sent the wrong package, to the wrong person!! I felt horrible. I was gone all day (at my sister's store) Jenny had written me and told me the same thing....she had written a very sweet email and was very understanding,.

Since this did happen, I am glad that it happened to these to gals...as they are both so sweet and understanding. Pea, wrapped the package back up and got it out ASAP (she had Jenny's address). Jenny did not have Pea's address, otherwise she have sent it out yesterday. Jenny said she would send it out today.

Thank you to both of you! I had to pay shipping twice, but so glad that Both packages are to their RIGHT destinations!

I must go, I will be back later with pics from my swap, from Pea. I have already written a NOVEL! My gosh. Have a great Valentine's Day! Toddles, ~Tonya



A GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister KIM!!! I hope your birthday is a good one. Go and do something **SPECIAL** just for you!

Here are a couple more pictures of Jordan's bunny-rabbit. He has him listed on ebay...for only 3 days. It will end on Sunday evening. I think he did such a wonderful job on it...he makes me PROUD! This sewing is something he can take "with him" and use it for a lifetime...

I had to take pictures inside, but they turned out okay. I wish Jordan Luck! Also, Spooky Time Jingles updated! We have the Holiday Hootenanny that appeared again, with Spring/Easter things on some of the artists pages. I did not finish up my Halloween things...Life got in the way.

Friday the 13th today, are you superstitious? Do you believe that things out of the ordinary happen on this day. Me, I believe that we do "set ourselves up" in a way. So, I guess I may be a non-believer? Any who, have a great day and I hope you don't see any black cats or walk under any ladders.

Last night Jordan helped me get some of my "packaging" area organized. We set up a gondola unit and I feel that we accomplished quite a bit. It is in the basement and I didn't have it organized, it was just all piled on a table. WOW, what a difference shelves make! Maybe when I get the area all done, I will share pics with you...we shall see.

I must go. I have to get to my sister's store....more NEW product. I woke up quite "stuffy" this morning, but I hope if I keep moving, this cold (or whatever it is) will not "set-in" to bad. I hope you all have a GRAND Friday! Toodles, ~Tonya


~So Busy~

Here is a small peek at the Rabbit doll, my son made. He has been really busy with it (driving me a bit batty), and he has it listed to start on ebay, this evening. Yes, I am PROUD of him, but it is very time consuming. I do "nag" at him, to get it just right. *smirk* This time he wants to save up money for a lap-top, so "Wish him Luck" on his auction.

Lately, I have not been getting a whole lot done. With Ninny being sick for two days, it sure through a wrench into my best laid plans. Ninny is feeling much better (Thank you for the well-wishes) and is back at school today. I only have two things for Spooky Time Jingles (which updates tonight) and some clays heads sitting there, looking at me. I so wanted to finish them.

Then Jordan had a GRAND PLAN of moving into the basement...so, he is on the move and making a mess every inch of the way. I of course had to help him. That is okay. He is 13 (will be 14 in Aug.) and he wants his privacy, from his sisters. So, do you know what this means for me???? A STUDIO!!!! No more working at the kitchen table and spilling over into the dining room. No more embarrasing looks, when peole come and ask why all of my "stuff" that I work with, is in my kitchen. But, do you also know what this means??? TONS AND TONS of work!

Jordan said he would help me move all the junk upstairs and I am sure the girls will help too. He is is a BIG hurry and I can't figure out why. This was all his idea and he is so very sweet to think of me. I had not even thought of using his bedroom for my studio, when he asked to move into the basement...he is the one that thought of it.

Today, I have to pick up my kiddies from school, register Jordan for High School, and Ninny has a Math and Munchies night. Busy, busy, busy. I then, am going to work at my sister's store tomorrow and all this while "fighting" a cold (leave it to my asthma to flare up, just when I DON'T need it too). I have the scratchy thoat, watery eyes, coughing and conjestion in my chest...JOY! I must get moving. I am a regular chatter box today. I will post more pics of Jordan's rabbit later, when the auction starts. Tata for now kiddies and have a good day. ~Tonya


~Bunny-Rabbits & Wool~

Here are two of my goodies for STJ. I just had to make some Bunny-Rabbits for Spring/Easter. The first one is a nodder and the second attached to a paper mache box...

I have not handpainted my bunny-rabbits eyes for quite some time. I was using glass eyes, I must admit, although glass eyes look neat...I had missed my painted eyes on my bunnies...

I had fun making both of them and they helped me get in the mood for SPRING. We have a spring like day today, with lots of MUD.

And here is the bunny lid off the box. I hope you enjoyed seeing my goodies...

Ann of Crowing About Primitives is have a WOOL SALE!! She has them listed on ebay. The sale is for bundles of 4 oz, all different of course, so that they are not the same. She always packages them so nice and labels them. Click on the links below, it will take you to the links...
If you should have any questions about my bunny, feel free to email me. Have a GRAND evening. Toodles kiddies, ~Tonya

~No Fair & Somethin FUN~

My little Ninny is sick....poor little girl. It really is no fair. I feel so terrible when one of my kiddies are sick She said shortly after she came home from school yesterday, that she didn't feel good. Then at the dinner table, she was not eating and again, said she did not feel good.....so. I told her to go and lay down.

She fell asleep and then about 8 pm she threw-up, right where she was sleeping and didn't even wake up. I know, too much information, right? Sorry! Ninny is still sleeping and it really is the best thing for her...to just sleep right through, feeling all yucky.

And at the top of this post, you see the ~Spooky Time Jingles~ banner! HOW FUN is that? Yup, we are tossing Easter/Spring things into the mix of our Halloween & Christmas offerings. I have something in the Spring/Easter mix and am working on a lil somethin' for Halloween. Be sure to stop by ~Spooky Time Jingles~ on the 13th! For those of you that can not wait for the 13th....late night on the 12th!

Our weather here in Minnesota, has been a bit CRAZY to say the least. Our temps are about 20 to 30 degrees above average and things are a BIG, SLOPPY MESS! We had rain yesterday along with VERY HIGH winds and the WINDS are still here today. The only thing that I see the high winds are good for, is to help dry up the melting snow. This type of weather in the beginning part of Feb. is sheer craziness.

Well, I must get to work. The day is a wasting. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. Maybe if I get some time, I can give a sneak peek of my goodies that I have finished so far...we shall see. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


LoOKie - LoOKie...

Looky - Looky here, I got some goodies in the mail from Annie today...woohoo I LOVE them ALL! I can't wait to use them...those Halloween ribbons and such are calling my name. I just wish I had MORE TIME! STJ's deadline is just around the corner...

If you want to "Tickle your Fancy" hop on over to ~Blur.Baby/Glitter Your World~ because like I always say....It's all about the details, that make the difference! So, add some Sparkle to your Life! Annie wraps everything just so sweet....and her new little card, is just adorable. If you purchase something from Annie, you will not be disappointed and do remember, that shipping is INCLUDED if you are with in the U.S. on her website.

I have been working at my sister's shop the past couple of days. It has been so much fun! Time has a way of just slipping on by, from me there too. So many new papers, bling, rub-ons and so much more. I am working for product, which is just fine with me. *smirk* I may not use the product now, but I will some-day. It is soooo much FUN to collect, I am best at that!

SO, I must go...I have a million and one things to do and I must get crackin' on my STJ goodies. Ya'all have a great day now. Tata for now kiddies, ~Tonya



Daisy Mae is just a lil-bitty dollie. She is so very sweet and I am completely happy with the way that Daisy Mae finished up. I have so much detail in her....lots of playing I did! But after all, I have always said, "It is all about the details"...the little things...

I have my hand here in the picture, so that you may see just how itty-bitty she is. From her bum to her hat, she sits just a wee-bit over 8 inches tall (only because of her hat). I figure with small dollies, they can fit just about anywhere...

I LOVE the color of her hair, it is brown, with reddish tints...very neat! She is kept in the "sitting position" and sits very nicely, I might add. Her garland can be removed and her arms are wired. She will be heading to ebay this evening...for 5 days and end on Sunday Evening...

And here is a bit of a close-up, to see her garland, tag and trim. The garland, I made by hand. It is double backed, has little petals, that I made slits in and antiqued, glittered and then wired together. Very sweet and VERY time consuming. I also made for her a paper hang tag with the letter "D", for Daisy Mae. I glass glittered that one...but the flowers are Martha S. glitter (love that stuff too).

Now on to the fancy trim....I purchased that from Annie at ~Blur.Baby/Glitter your World~ and I aged it a bit. Actually, this dollie, I stained all of her. Something about a little bit of an aged look, gives my dollies a much sofer look, that I love. Any who, the trim, is absolutely WONDERFUL! Love this trim, she has it in white and soft pink...it has little pleats in it. You can click on her name and it will take you to her blog...you can see all of her yummy trims and such!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my dollie...that is all I have been up too. Actually, worked on her waaaay too much, but had so much FUN! I have not had that much enjoyment making a dollie for quite a while. So, I must scoot. Have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Hubby thinks he FUNNY!!

Just to bring you up to speed....I do cut hair (normally only a boy-ish style cut or a trim). I normally cut my Hubby's, my son's, my Mom's hair and the ocassional trim to my own hair. Any who, hubby does not normally like to wait for me to "find time" to cut his hair, so last time he went to "Great Clips". They did a nice job and well....we recently seen a coupon in the paper (after all, who doesn't like to save money), he was going to get his haircut on Saturday.

In the meantime, my son had been asking me for a couple of weeks, to cut his hair. I told him, this weekend....well that was about 2 to 3 weeks ago. Remember hubby went to get his haircut on Saturday (with the coupon), there was too long of a line...he said he was not going to wait. He said there was about an hour and a half wait. He ended up without a haircut that day. So, lastnight I was cutting Jordan's hair. I told him I would! See, cutting hair is not my favorite, it cramps my hands at times.

While cutting Jordan's hair, hubby walks up to me and pulls his coupon and money out and says..."Say Ma'am, I heard that you take competitors coupons and I was wondering if I could get my haircut...I will give you a tip and all?" "I said, well it is going to be an awful long wait." He says, How long? I said about an hour and a half and then busted out laughing! So, hubby thinks he is PRETTY SMART! It was cute and ya just had to be there. He had the most serious look on his face and said it all without laughing. In the end, he did get his hair cut and I didn't get a tip. *smirk*

Any who, long story I know. But I just had to share. We had a BEAUTIFUL weekend here. It was above freezing and we did have some melting. I don't even know if the groundhog seen his shadow or not. All I know is that I am READY FOR SPRING! I must get to work. I am working on a sweet little dollie. Have a SWEET MONDAY! Toodles, ~Tonya