~Americana FROSTY Nodder~

This is my ~Americana FROSTY Nodder~ on ebay this evening. I thought he turned out so sweet. He will end on Sunday evening. I attached some neat glitter snowflakes on the rusty spring, I thought that was neat.

On another note...I was sculpting my Gritty Jane dollie, from her online class...well, I was so proud and showing my kids, and she fell forward and her face got smashed. I was so upset. I repaired her face, but I am not as happy the second time around, as I was the first. So, this one is probably going to be for me. Oh well! I hope you all have a great evening. ~Tonya

Something Pretty Cool....

We have known for a while now that "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" was coming to our area. How cool is that!

Well, they unveiled the lucky family today and it happens to be, only be about 5 miles from my house. Maybe I will be able to get close enough and get some pictures. They have hired the Sherrif's Department for security.

I am thinking they are going to have the long driveway blocked and are not going to let the community get too close...

Today has been a chilly day. It dipped down into the low 40's on the over night and only in the low 60's for the high today. When the sun does not come out with lower temps, it makes for a chilly day. I am NOT ready to turn our furnace on quite yet.

I have a new nodder to be listed on ebay this evening. I will try to post pictures later, as I have to get it scheduled. I hope ya'all had a great day. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Busy weekend...

This is a picture of the park that we went to last weekend, to celebrate Sydney's 7th Birthday. A very pretty park, the lake around the park. A very pretty day, but by the lake, very windy.
This was Ninny's Birthday cake. The Care Bears were a bit heavy, along with the "frosting" clouds and started to slide off. Ninny could not even have candles that day...too windy. That was okay, she had them the day before, on her birthday. She didn't mind a bit...
And of course, more fairies and babies! She loves fairies, dollies and make-up...she is a girly girl. She got a lot of very nice things that day...She did get some money and gift cards as well, she says she is saving for am MP3 player... I thought this was such a pretty picture, I just had to post it...since this park does not have a merry-go-round (and Sydney wanted one) I took her to a park on her Birthday...one that had a merry-go-round...
And I had to post a picture of Courts! All the kids were pretty helpful and good that day...knock on wood. It helps out so much, when we all pitch in and get things done.
I had to post a picture of Jordan being a "Big Goof"...I told him, I am a gonna take a picture...I have one of him, "flying" off it, then he got back on and said go ahead and take a picture.
And last, but not least, My Mom and Ruth. Mom is the one standing by Ninny and Dear ol' Ruth is waiting patiently in the car. Ruth is hubby's Aunt. A very sweet lady. I believe she is 87 (she might be 88, can't remember), but she couldn't miss Sydney's birthday. See there was a flat that day on that car and hubby had to run and go get fix a flat for our sister-in-law. So we visited some more and took some more pictures.

Mom is still using a walker, but with her Physical Therapy is getting better day by day. Thank goodness. This has been a long haul for her and has taken quite a bit out of her. Remember, this is her third hip replacement.

Well, this past weekend, we had kids and more kids. Jordan had an air-soft war out here and had a friend stay over night. Courtney was away at a friends house and had fun. I met a lot of parents this weekend and needless to say, I didn't get much done...but thats okay. I hope you all had a great weekend. Now, I must get to work! Tata for now, ~Tonya


Some have asked...

What the price of my dollies for the Mercantile are. I had originally thought of selling them for $195.00, but they will be $165.00 each. Just in case anyone else was wondering. Thank you for asking. If you should find yourself in need of any of my lil dollies...you can contact me at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com

I did manage to start playing with some clay today. Not much, ya know clay takes a long time to dry. Others have "tricks" for fast drying, but I am letting them dry naturally. I have been wanting to play with clay for so long and after signing up for Gritty Jane's class, I have had the itch. LOL

I also have a couple of custom orders to finish up...slowly, but surely. I work on them here and there. I would also like to get something on ebay. It has been a few weeks now...only a pattern listed on there now. I have been going slow at it, all I seem to do is cough and cough. I will kick it...sooner or later.

I hope you all have a great Friday evening and I hope to maybe list some of the pics from last Sunday, some time this weekend. Toodles for now kiddies. ~Tonya


Been Busy...

This is what I have been up to! Been very busy...to say the least. I felt like these dollies took F-o-r-e-v-e-r! They were FUN, but glad to be done. The dollies are for TDIPT Mercanitle. The one fairy (Fiona), was a going to be a Hallow's Eve Witch, but she turned out much too sweet, to be a witch...she wanted to be a fairy. Her wings are made of rusty metal screen, finished with wired tinsel and glass german glitter. The belt around her dress has an antique buckle, to match. She can be left out all year through. Her wings are removeable and only held in place, with decorative pins.

The other two are lil "Halloween Tricksters. They are the last Halloween dollies that are going to be on TDIPT Mercantile for this year. There is my Little Skelly boy! He is so neat in person, his name is Hector and his little side-kick is Bones! His little banner reads SPOOKY. He is the first little boy, that I have made, for my lil Tricksters.

The lil Witchy Trickster, her name is Crystal. She totes in her hand, glass glitter "treats" and in her other hand, her banner reads Oct 31st. On the front of her dress, atop her woolen, I stitched on an antique button...very neat in person. I love that fabric used on this lil witch.

If you should have any questions about my lil Tricksters or Fiona, the Fairy, just let me know. Other then working like a mad women to finish these up and still being sick...nothing much going on here. Now, I get to clean my work area....then back to work for me tomorrow. I hope you have had a wonderful week, thus far. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Fat Jak's Giveaway!

I thought I would give ya'all a "heads-up" on a wonderful giveaway from Jackie over at "Fat Jak Originals". She is having a very unique giveaway. She has some pictures of some wonderful creations that she has made...but here is the unique part, you get to customize and pick out from one of three, of her past handmades....if you are the lucky winner!

I thought that was so very neat. But, my heart is heavy for Jackie, as they have had some major flooding in their area and are faced with the loss of precious "keepsakes" and a flooded basement. You can read about her giveaway and her story, on her blog. The giveaway ends on Friday, so hurry on over there.


We had a nice day for Ninny's birthday party...we had it at a park. We did have quite a bit of wind, off the lake, but none the less a most beautiful day. I did take some pictures of the lake and kids, maybe I will share them with you later this week.

I feel like I have been running in circles this week, without getting much accomplished. I hope this week will be productive, as I have the Mercatile deadline looming over my head :) I must go. I hope you had a wonderful day. Toodles for now. ~Tonya



It is my Ninny's Birthday today! Today, we will celebrate with just us and tomorrow, with some of our extended family. We are going to go to a park. We do that every year, so the kids can play. For today, she picked out a French Silk Pie and I will make homemade pizza...YUM! May all of Sydney's Birthday Wishes come true!

Well, other then fighting my bronchitis, I do not feel like I am getting much accomplished. I hope you all have a great day! Toodles, ~Tonya



Ever had that kind of day...when everything fights you "tooth & nail"? Well, that is me, this morning. I tried to update my post from last night...and it allowed me to update, but I didn't read what I wrote, before I hit post. NOW, I went back and read the update at the top and I sound like I do no know how to talk properly. LOL and now, it will not let me fix it. It is just one of those days today, I guess...

I put "tooth and nail" into google and this came up. I thought it was kind of neat. I don't know what it is for...but my son would like the image. He is into skulls a bit. He made a skull pillowcase, with roses on it. I did help him and it is neat fabric, just not for me. LOL

Well, I must get moving. I have lots to do and it seems like I am getting less done everyday. *smirk* Have yourselves a great day. ~Tonya


**Update, the pattern is now listed on ebay, if you do not want to go through patternmart or ebay, you can always contact me and I can invoice you. I will have to work at getting my website updated again...since the last time I update, failed becasue of their server switch. All of my information that I update (about 3 hours worth) was LOST!

Well, here she is! I bet most of you did not have a "clue", that the **NEW** pattern would be my ~Wynter's Queen~ I know I didn't list her on ebay...so she didn't get much exposure, but I hope she will do fine.

I currently have her listed on Patternmart and have her "shortcut" here for you. I will have her listed on ebay, either tonight or tomorrow...but you can also purchase the paper pattern on Patternmart as well. Okay kiddies, I am tired, I have been working all day...so Toodles for now. ~Tonya

Americana Winter Snowman Girl Queen Primitive Folk Art E Pattern BPP 30
Americana Winter Snowman Girl Queen Primitive Folk Art E Pattern BPP 30

Wynter’s Queen is so very sweet and is all set for the Wynter Season. Beautiful Bella, finished ...
Price: US$10.00
Click for details


I have been working on a *NEW* pattern today. I am almost finished with it and I hope one more will follow!

Any thoughts on what it might be? I have been a little slow at releasing new patterns lately. You all have been so wonderful as to ask...and now I have finally gotten some time, to get some done.

I should get done with it, later today...I hope. I had to pack some dollies up, for their journey home and now I have to run to the Post Office :)

Hubby is feeling a bit better, Thank you for all the well-wishes. I am still coughing and a bit out of sorts, but am use to it. It hasn't gotten any worse...so "knock on wood". *smirk*

Okay kiddies, I must go. Have a great day! ~Tonya


Got my swap...

I did get my swap today! It was from Jamie of Peach Street Primitives. She had a sweet little "Packing List" on top....

A hat from a paper mache box, with a lil' paper clay punkin inside. He is so sweet. The kids liked the candy and claimed it as their own, right away after school. Thank you Jamie!

I didn't manage to get much done today. I didn't feel like it. I did watch some of Jane's clay/cloth video's, in her class. I hope to work on some clay things soon.

I would really like to make a Gritty Jane Dollie. She even has a little banner that you can post on your blog. I have not had time yet...to play, but will sometime soon.

I must go and make some dinner for my kiddies. Hubby is not feeling so hot. He said it feels as if he has been hit by a freight train and I can't say I blame him. Poor guy. I hope this time around, the surgery works. Blessings, ~Tonya


Today I feel RELIEVED, Thankful and a little bit less stressed! Well, yesterday was a very LONG day! We had to be to the hospital at 8:30 for check-in. It was about an hour drive.

We got the kids on the bus and hurried over there, got checked in and there we sat, go to his room and sat and sat and sat!

They finally took hub at about 12;15, they said that they had to flush him with antibiotics and then would go in for his surgery....right? Well, I waited some more, finally at about 2 p.m. they said there was a message for me at the Out patient desk. I get my message and they told me he has just now started his sugery. I said, you mean he is done and coming out of the anesthetics? She said no, going into surgery.

So, there I sit some more! I had a very long day of NOTHING-NESS! I am not one to just sit there. Yes, I brought things to read and my mp3 player, but you can only do that for so long! Finally at almost 4 p.m. he is wheeled back to his room and I went down there. He had to then eat, make sure his pain level was okay and all that fun stuff. We also had to wait for prescrips and the Doc. So, some more waiting. With bigger Hospitals and clinics, it is lots and lots of waiting. Needless to say, hubs surgery went well, but we didn't get home until almost 8 p.m.

I was freaking out a bit! See the kids get home around 4 - 4:15 and we told them where the key was (there is always one in place, incase of an emergency) and said, we HOPED to be home, by the time they were or shortly after, ya right! Well, several calls from them, several calls from me and hub, Grandma and my sister to them....I don't think they had time to get into trouble!

You see, yes Jordan is 13, but I have ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS been there for them! It was very hard for yesterday. I knew they would be okay, but ya know how Mom's are. *sigh* And then guess what? We got home, the house was not burned down and the kids were fine. LOL All in all, it was a very hard and stressful day for me, yesterday.

So as most of you have read, TDIPT Members (some) are having a Autumn Swap. Well, I sent mine out to Deb (Onionpatch) and I only took a picture of the dollie I sent her. I did not take a picture of everything else I gave her and I thought I would share it with you.

It was a more primitive/simple style Punkin dollie, as that is how she decorates her home. She loved everything! She said she especially loved the dollie. She called and left a message on my machine, but I was not home...
The Halloween woolen on the dress, can be removed, if Deb wants. I also gave her 3 bottles of room spray, in a neat drawstring, hand stamped bag. A vintage style Halloween bucket, with candy, 3 blackened/scented beeswax fruits, a neat larger potion bottle (also blackened beeswax), with 3 witches on the front and a lil bottle brush tree...
I sent my package out to Deb, on Wednesday (the deadline). Deb was suppose to get it on Friday, well the package was MISSENT and I was so WORRIED...so it was nice she got it yesterday. I had purchased Delivery Confirmation and was trying to track it a bit, finally late Saturday, that is when it said it was MISSENT, so I am sure you can imagine how annoyed I was. I thought, for sure it would take much longer...but was happy she got it yesterday. There are only a couple of gals left to get their package and of course, one is me.

I must go....I think I have written a NOVEL today. So sorry for being long-winded. I tend to ramble when I am tired or annoyed and I am both today. So, back to the old grind-stone for me. The house is in dis-array and I have many other things to do. Toodles and I hope your day is a Beautiful one. ~Tonya


~TDIPT Mercantile~!

Thought I would let you all know that TDIPT Mercantile has updated and there are lots of wonderful goodies to feast your peeper on.

So hop on over and see if there is just something you can not live without.

Ya all have a great day. I am off to take the kiddies to the bus and then to take hubby in for his sugery. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Wynters Queen~

Here is my latest dollie. I am very pleased with how she turned out. I love making Wynter Snowfolk, they are so much FUN! And she has the sweetest face and I don't know if you can see the bottom of her lil dress...yup, I bent it to make lil crimps in her dress. I thought it looked so neat like that...
She has lots of detail and lots of REAL German glass glitter. Her woolen, with glass glitter star is removeable, as are her snowflakes, that she holds in her wired arms...
I was going to sell her on ebay, but she is SOLD...to one of my wonderful customers. Well, tomorrow is hubby's surgery...I have my fingers and toes crossed for a day without any problems arising. I hope this takes care of his sinus blockage/problems. The poor guy has had this problem, stemming from last November. I do believe I will get lots of reading done. I am taking my dollie books and prim magazines with me. *smirk* I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Peaceful Blessings to you, ~Tonya


There is still time...

To visit ~Miracles for Mallory~ Silent Auction. The Auction ends tomorrow, Sunday evening, Sept. 14th evening at midnight.

So, there is plenty of time to go and put your bid in. Let's make this a great auction and give generously, for such a worth while cause.

On another note, I am sick again. I have been fighting it all week and was feeling better for a while, but it has gotten the better of me. Damn seasonal allergies, along with asthma.

Poor Sydney is just like me...her and I get sick at the same time, almost always. Yes, she was diagnosed with asthma about a year ago. I knew all along that she had asthma, but some doctors do not listen to MOM's and they have to practically be hit over the head with a brick, before they listen. So her and I are coughing and stuggling to breath...OH JOY! I hope you all have a wonderful evening. I am working on a dollie and hope to have her done and listed for my normal Tuesday evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


Olde Colonial Peddler...

Shay is having her first BLOG GIVEAWAY!! She is giving away three wonderful prizes and all you have to do is leave a comment on her blog. That is it! And, if you post it to your blog and let her know, she will enter you in three times.

Today, I have been busy making a dollie. I did finish up my handmades for TDIPT Swap and got that out on Wednesday. In our swap, it was a secret swap, so we do not know who we are getting out swap from....so, now everyday I get to wait on pins & needles waiting to see if the mailman or the UPS truck is bringing my box!!

Today, the mailman came up my driveway...that means it could not fit in my mailbox......well, so I got all excited thinking is was my swap goodies and all it was some Priority USPS boxes!! Boo hiss!! I was soooo disappointed! I know I am acting like a kid in a candy store. But this waiting is just getting to me.

Nothing much else is going on. I woke up to a dark and gloomy day and it was misting out. The sun has not peeked out at all today, so it has been a quite chilly day----low 60's, which is fine by me. I must go, I am going to work on my dollie. I also would like to release a couple of patterns in the next couple of weeks. I have not been very good at keeping up with that area *smirk* I hope you all have a great evening. Toodles for now! ~Tonya


7 years ago, today...

Was when the "Twin Towers" went down. Such a very sad day and I remember it, as if it were yesterday. I was just 9 days shy, of giving birth to my sweet little Sydney. As I sat watching...I could not help but think of, what is next? So very sad and so many innocent lives were lost.

I personally did not lose anyone that I knew, but the sadness is still there. I am so sorry that so many people lost their loved ones. May you find the strength everyday to find peace in your heart.

As I was searching the internet for a picture, I just put in "Twin Towers" (in images) and this was one of the first pictures that came up. No, I did not want a picture of the Twin Towers on fire or half way destroyed....I wanted to show them as they were...

but look at this picture carefully. What do you see? After I saved it and was looking at it, I see a cross in there, from the sun shining through. Becasue like my ~Angel of Hope~ dollie for the Silent Auction for Mallory...we all NEED a little HOPE. Without HOPE, where would we all be?

Please take the time today, to do something nice for someone else. Because you just never know, what tomorrow will bring. Peaceful Blessings to you, ~Tonya


~TRICK or TREAT - Tasha~

And this is the last post for today! Geeeez, like I have always said, ALL or NONE. LOL you know how it is. So, this is my Sweet Tasha. She is a Little TRICK or TREAT Witch, you see she is sitting atop a little treat box. She just loves treats and she is doing a pretty good job at hiding that box!

This Sweet little Tasha is the start to my NEW collection....~Wee-Bitty Collection~ they have bent legs and stay in the sitting position. I have had a lot of customers that are very happy with my little dollies and they are so much fun. I added my hand in this picture, so that you can see how small she truly is...
And here is a peek at her paper mache box that she was trying to hide! Love this box and you will see more detailed pictures on my auction. Well, I must go and get my girls ready for bed. You have a great night...I am signing off now, ~The Chatter Box!

Chatter Box...

This little sweetie is on her journey home today. This was a commissioned ~Wee-Leggins~ piece and she turned out so very sweet. I had so much fun creating her. The bottom of her dress has wired tinsel and I had it puffed out, she looked like a little ballrrina...
Before I sent her out, I did "crimp" the bottom and that looked sweet too. I made her some real glass glitter stars for her to hold, simple...but sometimes things that are simple, are just the sweetest...
I waxed her whiskers. I love kitty-cats! Well, I did get my dollie done. She is scheduled to list tonight. I will have to post about her too....see, a CHATTER BOX, I am today! Her pictures are not the best, but she is the start of a NEW Collection. Toodles for now kiddies. ~Tonya

Black Birds!

I looked outside and this is what I saw! Attack of the BIRDS or what? Geeeez and they kept coming. I would make one little noise and then they would fly...only to come right back again.

Reminds me of that old movie "The Birds", back from the 1960's by Hitchcock. *smirk*

I am sure they are eating all the acorns on our lawn. Yup, oodles and oodles of them. When Mom was over the other evening, she said a lot of acorns falling so early....means a cold, harsh winter. I hope that is not true! I love the snow, but only when it falls gracefully and quietly, that is beautiful. Not the cold, frigid temps and fierce snowfalls that we tend to get here. When it is around 25 - 30 degress ABOVE, I can handle that...but 30 below, forget it!

This morning, when I took the kiddies to the bus, it was only 38 degrees out. Wow, for early Sept. that is quite chilly! No wonder why it was so chilly in the house. My Courtney (last night) wanted to wear shorts today. I told her last night, I think it is going to be too cold out. Long story short, she wore jeans! LOL

I did finish up a custom order yesterday and she is going out today, pics maybe later. I also finished up a new little Hallow's Eve dollie late last night and I still have to add a little something today. I hope to list her this evening. I signed up for a swap in my TDIPT group and must also finish that up, as it is suppose to go out tomorrow. Busy day ahead of me...so I must run along kiddies. Take Care and have a great day. ~Tonya



Well, some of you that follow my blog, know that......hubby had a surgery, a short while back. It was for sinus problems and a deviated septum, right? Some of you have so thoughtfully emailed me and such (and I appreciate that), asking how hubby was. Hubby has healed just fine, buuuuut the sinus problem NEVER went away! There is still blockage and infection.

He had to go back in for a check-up a bit later after surgery and during the appt. hubby said to the doc, that it was all blocked again! Doc looked and agredd....the doc took his "knife" and just cut/ripped his right sinus cavity open, while in the doctor's office. OUCH!!!

Well, hubby got sick of the doc's around here, he went to MAYO Clinic in Rochester (which our local outfit is sill the Mayo clinic, just a smaller version) and had a second opinion done, with a NEW pair of eyes and a new Cat scan....well a couple 4-5 thousand dollars later, we found out he NEEDS SURGERY AGAIN!!! I am NOT a happy camper!

He must go back in for another sinus surgery and it is on the 15th of this month. Well, that just happens to be on the day that Jane of Gritty Arts is having her class that I am taking on line! Sound selfish....well, maybe a bit. I normally am not, so for once, I was doing something for myself and now........I get to wait, till I get home or the next day. NO fair ;) I am so looking forward to the clay over cloth doll class. The class is full, so I am glad I signed up way in the beginning. It will be so much fun!
I love to dabble in clay and if you can learn something while you are at it, it is all the better. After all, knowledge is power, right? That is what I tell my kiddies and I truly do believe it.

On another note, it is my sisters birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY! I do hope all of your Birthday Wishes come true.

I must get to work! I have lots to do....ALWAYS! Have a HAPPY MONDAY. Toodles, ~Tonya


The Auction has begun!

The ~Miracles for Mallory~ Silent Charity Auction has begun! Just click on the banner, it will take you right to the Auction. Remember, this is to raise Awareness for Triosmy 18. Check out the auction and if you can...give generously. There are so many wonderful pieces, that were so generously donated, for such a worthy cause. I do hope you have a wonderful Sunday.
Many Blessings to you, ~Tonya


~Miracles for Mallory~

I thought I would show you my dollie that I am donating...I have been working hard all day long to get my dollie done for the ~Miracles for Mallory~ Silent Auction. I am so happy that I finished her...and on time! Knock on wood. *smirk* I am very pleased with the way that Hope finished up. She is one of my smaller dollies and just so sweet in person. Click here to see more detailed pictures.

Bidding will start on Sept. 7th and end on the 14th. Here is the link for the Silent Auction Site. They have done a wonderful job, making it look so very prefessional and very user friendly. I am very honored to be a part of such a wonderful cause. I do hope you will take the time to read more about ~Miracles for Mallory~ and help in "the Awareness for Trisomy 18".


Today is a WORK day for me! I must get my offering done for the Silent Auction for Mallory.

Mom came over last night, had dinner with us and I made some more fresh Apple Crisp, from our own apples... YUM! I love the aroma in the air when something yummy is baking in the oven. The heat from the oven was nice too...it has been a bit chilly here in Minnesota.

That is okay, the cooler temps are most welcome, but I am not ready for old man winter. I love the cooler temps that Autumn brings. Autumn is definately in the air. Trees are changing colors and falling to the ground. The mornings are a bit crisp too. It wa only 51 out this morning, when I took the kids to the bus. Yesterday went better for Sydney, Thank you for all of your kind words and thoughts. It is tough being a kid now days, but being a parent, as out hearts break for out children, is even tougher!

So today, I sew. I want to play...so I must finish the things I am working on, to play. I have had a hankering to play with some clay. Yup, got me some tools, after my Jordan misplaced my other ones....then, after I purchased some new ones....low and behold, I found the other ones. Isn't that just the way!

I also forgot to mention, I WON one of Pam's wonderful door prizes! I get so busy, I forgot to mention it. I won the 3rd Prize, two books (Nancy Drew) and candles. Thank you Pam! So very generous of you and I can't wait to get my goodies. My kids already asked, can I read the books. LOL They just have to try to take whatever is mine. I hope you all have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya


Kris Kringle on Ebay...

I listed Olde Kris Kringle on ebay this evening. He is listed for 5 days, to end on Sunday evening.

I am playing catch-up! I was playing too much this past Holiday weekend. LOL I am finishing up a few special orders and I am also finishing my offering for Mircles for Mallory. I will post more about that later this week.

Well, school went well for the kids today. I was glad to know that. Well, there was one incident that I am bothered by. Kids can be so mean, especially older kids, that should know better. Sydney's face was peeling (it didn't start till the later part of school) and of course, older kids on the bus...just haaaaad to pick on her and say mean things.

I picked the kids up at the end of the driveway and she came in there crying. My poor little girl. I hope tomorrow goes better for her. I still have lots to do, so I must go. Have a wonderful evening. Blessings, ~Tonya

Back to School...

The first day back to school! The morning went well, without any problems...Knock on wood! My kids are growing so fast. Jordan, already going into 8th grade. Next year will be a challenge for him, as he will be going to the High School. You can see his "teenager personality" coming out in him...Look at that shirt! HA! I laughed hard when he wanted that! Nice first impression for his teachers. Kid's will be kids. We met all of his new teachers and well, the ones that he has from last year, already know him. Jordan is a good kid.

Courtney is going into 6th, this year...the same for her next year, she will have a challenge going to the Middle School. The are mixing things up a bit and having them change classes this year through out the day....getting kids ready a bit for middle school, next year. I think that is a good idea.

And little Miss Sydney, she tries to act indpendant, but I must have gotten atleast 4 hugs out of her this morning (so sweet). She is going into first grade. She still has big sis at the same school this year, but next year she will by flying solo. That will be hard for Sydney, as she looks to Courtney for guidance...

This was the sunrise this morning, not much of a "punch". Very quiet, very heavy and not very bright. I have some quiet time for ME today. It is nice to have some time to yourself every now and then. I will work, as I have a lot to do. I will think of my kids often today, wondering how their first day is going.

On another note, I have gotten a couple more awards, I appreciate all of them.......but I just play the "Award Game" terribly. I am honestly thinking of a "Tag Free" Zone. It is not fair, that many times I do not pass them on. It is not that I do not appreciate them, it is just that I simply do not have the time. So, to all of you that have given me awards and I have not posted, please forgive me, I do hope you understand. I hope you all have a GRAND day. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Renaissance Festival~

Pictures of the Renaissance Festival...we had a blast. Lots of wonderful sites, lots of walking, a beautiful day and Miss Syndey had to have one of the dresses and hair pieces and then later picked out some wings as well...
I ADORE this picture! Yes, I worked some of my magic with my editing program and blurred the background, otherwise the photo remains "untouched". I could not have all of those other poeple in the background of this picture. Now it looks "magical'. I will have this picture enlarged and it will go in Sydnye's "fairy themed" bedroom.
Courtney in a really neat mask. Poor little miss Courtney could not smile. Her face got really sunburned when they went camping on Friday/Saturday. It was very painful for her. And yes, she used sunscreen. The sun and the water just got the best of her.
My Mr. Jorday, Arrrrr! LOL Could not resist a picture with a pirate! He loves skeletons and such. He has a bit of a knife collection, but would love someday to have a sword collection. I told him to save his pennies.
And this gal was so pretty. The girls both got a picture with her, but I thought she was prettiest in this picture. She was waving her wings and twirling them around....the sun was hitting them perfectly...just beautiful.
The girls had an elephant ride. Very short and Joran & I couldn't help but talk about the elephants and wondered how they liked walking around in a circle all day long. You always wonder what an animal is thinking...
This gal was one of the King's servants. I asked if I could take a picture of her. I did, and then she asked if my girls would like a picture and if they have gotten a GOLD coin. I replied, no. She went into her little bag and gave each of the girl's a gold coin. Very neat. They proceeded to talk with the girls and kept calling them a Princess and they were the chosen ones and are very special. I know when the King talked to them and said the same thing, they thought that was so neat! That memory will last a lifetime for them.
And I could not resist a picture of some sheep. I love sheep and the way they talk. We watched a show that had some sheep dogs rounding up sheep. A very nice day we had and we all slept like rocks. I hope you enjoyed a little glimps into our day at the Renaissance. Peaceful Blessings and enjoy your Labor Day. ~Tonya