~Americana FROSTY Nodder~

This is my ~Americana FROSTY Nodder~ on ebay this evening. I thought he turned out so sweet. He will end on Sunday evening. I attached some neat glitter snowflakes on the rusty spring, I thought that was neat.

On another note...I was sculpting my Gritty Jane dollie, from her online class...well, I was so proud and showing my kids, and she fell forward and her face got smashed. I was so upset. I repaired her face, but I am not as happy the second time around, as I was the first. So, this one is probably going to be for me. Oh well! I hope you all have a great evening. ~Tonya


basketsnprims said...

Your American frosty is adorable. He will sell for sure. Love all the little extras you added to him.


fiddlestixstudios said...

Oh!He is so adorable!You come up with the most creative ideas!
Don't worry about that clay dollie,I'm sure she will turn out beautifully!It's amazing,how much they change,once you paint them!Believe me,I have quite a few stories of my own,I could tell you,about clay disasters!

Char said...

You know I love everything you make!...great job!

Shay said...

Tonya he's just so cute! I love his hat, it looks wonderful! His face is so sweet. Amazing job once again!

Well, I was rootin for you & Miss Pea for the shakers!
My "magic fingers" tried hard to pull your name out! Sadly, they didn't listen to me! But I am having another one tomorrow and I will have a winter giveaway soon too. So maybe then they'll cooperate more & listen! :)
I would be honored to have you win one, after all you are such an inspiration to me & many others.
Many hugs,

Debra Facer said...

Tonya I just stopped by this morning to look at your blog and I am so glad I did, this little Frosty is so cute. Great job. Hugs Deb