Well, some of you that follow my blog, know that......hubby had a surgery, a short while back. It was for sinus problems and a deviated septum, right? Some of you have so thoughtfully emailed me and such (and I appreciate that), asking how hubby was. Hubby has healed just fine, buuuuut the sinus problem NEVER went away! There is still blockage and infection.

He had to go back in for a check-up a bit later after surgery and during the appt. hubby said to the doc, that it was all blocked again! Doc looked and agredd....the doc took his "knife" and just cut/ripped his right sinus cavity open, while in the doctor's office. OUCH!!!

Well, hubby got sick of the doc's around here, he went to MAYO Clinic in Rochester (which our local outfit is sill the Mayo clinic, just a smaller version) and had a second opinion done, with a NEW pair of eyes and a new Cat scan....well a couple 4-5 thousand dollars later, we found out he NEEDS SURGERY AGAIN!!! I am NOT a happy camper!

He must go back in for another sinus surgery and it is on the 15th of this month. Well, that just happens to be on the day that Jane of Gritty Arts is having her class that I am taking on line! Sound selfish....well, maybe a bit. I normally am not, so for once, I was doing something for myself and now........I get to wait, till I get home or the next day. NO fair ;) I am so looking forward to the clay over cloth doll class. The class is full, so I am glad I signed up way in the beginning. It will be so much fun!
I love to dabble in clay and if you can learn something while you are at it, it is all the better. After all, knowledge is power, right? That is what I tell my kiddies and I truly do believe it.

On another note, it is my sisters birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY! I do hope all of your Birthday Wishes come true.

I must get to work! I have lots to do....ALWAYS! Have a HAPPY MONDAY. Toodles, ~Tonya


Tammy said...

So sorry your hubby is having to go through that. I will be keepin him in my thoughts and prayers.

Shay said...

Oh no!!! Oh your poor hubby! That is not fun (for you either, that class looked awesome!) I'll be keeping him and your family in my thoughts and prayers! Let me know if there is anything you need!
Many hugs & blessings,