7 years ago, today...

Was when the "Twin Towers" went down. Such a very sad day and I remember it, as if it were yesterday. I was just 9 days shy, of giving birth to my sweet little Sydney. As I sat watching...I could not help but think of, what is next? So very sad and so many innocent lives were lost.

I personally did not lose anyone that I knew, but the sadness is still there. I am so sorry that so many people lost their loved ones. May you find the strength everyday to find peace in your heart.

As I was searching the internet for a picture, I just put in "Twin Towers" (in images) and this was one of the first pictures that came up. No, I did not want a picture of the Twin Towers on fire or half way destroyed....I wanted to show them as they were...

but look at this picture carefully. What do you see? After I saved it and was looking at it, I see a cross in there, from the sun shining through. Becasue like my ~Angel of Hope~ dollie for the Silent Auction for Mallory...we all NEED a little HOPE. Without HOPE, where would we all be?

Please take the time today, to do something nice for someone else. Because you just never know, what tomorrow will bring. Peaceful Blessings to you, ~Tonya


Patti said...

What a beautiful photo! Thanks so much for sharing.

How wonderful that shortly after a day of great sorrow, came a day of great joy!

My youngest was hospitalized a lot as a baby and toddler. His last hospitalization was 5 days after 9/11. So while I mourn & remember the tragic day, I also thank the Lord that it has been seven years since he's been hospitalized!

Blessings, Patti

Anonymous said...

I have seen that picture many times & had never noticed that cross!!

~Tonya said...

HI Kate,

Thank you for stopping by...

It is all in the way we percieve things. Two people can look at the same exact things and see them totally differently :)

Isn't it neat thou.


~Star Spangled Pretties~ said...

What a lovely picture! I didn't see the cross until you mentioned it...how neat!
Thanks for sharing!


Country*Road*Primitives said...

I saw the cross immediately Tonya and love the picture you found. Peaceful Blessings to you as well xox

Pam said...

The picture is beautiful. I remember that day so clearly. My hubby and i were at Daytona Beach for our anniversary..Are anniversary is Sept.13 And i know how scared i was. And how horrified that anyone could do something that cruel. Just sending blessing and prayers to all that have lost loved ones and to the ones that were hurt, firemen and police officers that were there to help.

I never noticed the cross either until now.

Hugs Pam

Pea said...

Hi Tonya,
before I read what you wrote I saw the cross and it brought me comfort. Love the picture and saved it for my files.
May someone needing a lift find it from this picture on your blog.

Shay said...

Beautiful picture. I noticed the cross right off :)
I agree, I prefer to remember them how they were instead of seeing devastation, such a sad time. I remember exactly what I was doing that day. I had just gotten off the night shift from the hospital b/c one of my techs not showing up for work. I remember my husband calling and waking me up to see what happened, I remember thinking how horrible that so many lives were lost and worse yet, many people could commit such an act.

It makes me very grateful for all those that serve our country and those countless volunteers, police officers, fire fighters, and coast guards that were there to help!
Such a wonderful post, thank you for sharing!
Many hugs,

nanny*goat*primitives said...

Stunning photograph Tonya! Thank you for posting it for all to see.