Back to School...

The first day back to school! The morning went well, without any problems...Knock on wood! My kids are growing so fast. Jordan, already going into 8th grade. Next year will be a challenge for him, as he will be going to the High School. You can see his "teenager personality" coming out in him...Look at that shirt! HA! I laughed hard when he wanted that! Nice first impression for his teachers. Kid's will be kids. We met all of his new teachers and well, the ones that he has from last year, already know him. Jordan is a good kid.

Courtney is going into 6th, this year...the same for her next year, she will have a challenge going to the Middle School. The are mixing things up a bit and having them change classes this year through out the day....getting kids ready a bit for middle school, next year. I think that is a good idea.

And little Miss Sydney, she tries to act indpendant, but I must have gotten atleast 4 hugs out of her this morning (so sweet). She is going into first grade. She still has big sis at the same school this year, but next year she will by flying solo. That will be hard for Sydney, as she looks to Courtney for guidance...

This was the sunrise this morning, not much of a "punch". Very quiet, very heavy and not very bright. I have some quiet time for ME today. It is nice to have some time to yourself every now and then. I will work, as I have a lot to do. I will think of my kids often today, wondering how their first day is going.

On another note, I have gotten a couple more awards, I appreciate all of them.......but I just play the "Award Game" terribly. I am honestly thinking of a "Tag Free" Zone. It is not fair, that many times I do not pass them on. It is not that I do not appreciate them, it is just that I simply do not have the time. So, to all of you that have given me awards and I have not posted, please forgive me, I do hope you understand. I hope you all have a GRAND day. Toodles, ~Tonya

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Pea said...

put bricks on that boys head!!! MY GOSH they are getting so BIG!
Wonderful and hey jordon I want your shirt!!!