Busy weekend...

This is a picture of the park that we went to last weekend, to celebrate Sydney's 7th Birthday. A very pretty park, the lake around the park. A very pretty day, but by the lake, very windy.
This was Ninny's Birthday cake. The Care Bears were a bit heavy, along with the "frosting" clouds and started to slide off. Ninny could not even have candles that day...too windy. That was okay, she had them the day before, on her birthday. She didn't mind a bit...
And of course, more fairies and babies! She loves fairies, dollies and make-up...she is a girly girl. She got a lot of very nice things that day...She did get some money and gift cards as well, she says she is saving for am MP3 player... I thought this was such a pretty picture, I just had to post it...since this park does not have a merry-go-round (and Sydney wanted one) I took her to a park on her Birthday...one that had a merry-go-round...
And I had to post a picture of Courts! All the kids were pretty helpful and good that day...knock on wood. It helps out so much, when we all pitch in and get things done.
I had to post a picture of Jordan being a "Big Goof"...I told him, I am a gonna take a picture...I have one of him, "flying" off it, then he got back on and said go ahead and take a picture.
And last, but not least, My Mom and Ruth. Mom is the one standing by Ninny and Dear ol' Ruth is waiting patiently in the car. Ruth is hubby's Aunt. A very sweet lady. I believe she is 87 (she might be 88, can't remember), but she couldn't miss Sydney's birthday. See there was a flat that day on that car and hubby had to run and go get fix a flat for our sister-in-law. So we visited some more and took some more pictures.

Mom is still using a walker, but with her Physical Therapy is getting better day by day. Thank goodness. This has been a long haul for her and has taken quite a bit out of her. Remember, this is her third hip replacement.

Well, this past weekend, we had kids and more kids. Jordan had an air-soft war out here and had a friend stay over night. Courtney was away at a friends house and had fun. I met a lot of parents this weekend and needless to say, I didn't get much done...but thats okay. I hope you all had a great weekend. Now, I must get to work! Tata for now, ~Tonya


Char said...

looks like a wonderful day!...thanks for sharing.

Pea said...

what a wonderful day it was. The kids are so cute and Jordon, that is sooo funny. Cracks me up kids.
You look like your mom and that ruth is a sweet looking little lady. How nice and I want that picture printed...?!
Have a good day my friend.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a pretty birthday girl, love the picture of her in the swing:)
They love birthdays don't they I think it's because they feel so special on that day.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

It may have been windy but it looks like it was a great day...smiles all around!! I have been busy sculpting and painting so when I came to visit I had to spend some time reading and looking and you have been one busy lady!!! WOW! The dolls are all wonderful Tonya!!!! LOVE THEM!

Shay said...

Hi Tonya~
Miss Sydney's cake looked adorable, but not as much as Sydney herself! What cutie pictures! She looked like she got everything she wanted, so happy! I love the swing picture! And Jordan! hehe! I think I would have so much fun getting to talk to him, he's probably like Ian, never a dull moment and lots of smiles! So fun! Have a wonderful Tuesday Tonya!

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

looks like you had a fun busy week-end your kids are adorable and that cake looks sooo yummy :) Thanks for adding my link