Black Birds!

I looked outside and this is what I saw! Attack of the BIRDS or what? Geeeez and they kept coming. I would make one little noise and then they would fly...only to come right back again.

Reminds me of that old movie "The Birds", back from the 1960's by Hitchcock. *smirk*

I am sure they are eating all the acorns on our lawn. Yup, oodles and oodles of them. When Mom was over the other evening, she said a lot of acorns falling so early....means a cold, harsh winter. I hope that is not true! I love the snow, but only when it falls gracefully and quietly, that is beautiful. Not the cold, frigid temps and fierce snowfalls that we tend to get here. When it is around 25 - 30 degress ABOVE, I can handle that...but 30 below, forget it!

This morning, when I took the kiddies to the bus, it was only 38 degrees out. Wow, for early Sept. that is quite chilly! No wonder why it was so chilly in the house. My Courtney (last night) wanted to wear shorts today. I told her last night, I think it is going to be too cold out. Long story short, she wore jeans! LOL

I did finish up a custom order yesterday and she is going out today, pics maybe later. I also finished up a new little Hallow's Eve dollie late last night and I still have to add a little something today. I hope to list her this evening. I signed up for a swap in my TDIPT group and must also finish that up, as it is suppose to go out tomorrow. Busy day ahead of me...so I must run along kiddies. Take Care and have a great day. ~Tonya


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I remember when I first saw that movie we were in 9th grade and had won spirit week...that movie scared me especially when the showed the old man behind the door with his eyeballs pecked out..now I watch it and the acting is so dramatic..I just giggle...

Jenny said...

yes, it has been cold here too! I bet we get a september snow fall here in Denver~ I hate it cuz it ruins so many trees that have not lost their leaves yet...plus it destroyed cars parked under them...whoops!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

LOL!! I remember that movie!! Was a "thriller" in its day for sure... Our little hummingbirds are still enjoying the few flowers left in our yard. They should be leaving us soon. We have lots of acorns in our yard as well, and walnuts. Great pic Tonya :) xox