It is my Ninny's Birthday today! Today, we will celebrate with just us and tomorrow, with some of our extended family. We are going to go to a park. We do that every year, so the kids can play. For today, she picked out a French Silk Pie and I will make homemade pizza...YUM! May all of Sydney's Birthday Wishes come true!

Well, other then fighting my bronchitis, I do not feel like I am getting much accomplished. I hope you all have a great day! Toodles, ~Tonya


Shay said...

Happy 7th Birthday sweet Sydney! May you have the best birthday and all your birthday wishes come true! Have a fun day eating yummy pizza and pie!
Birthday Blessings & hugs~

Awww, I so hope you get to feeling better! I'm so sorry to hear it bronchitis again! I'm sending many hugs and well wishes to you!

iris chen said...

happy birthday to Sydney! :D
you look lovely with a smile :)
i just a girl who come from Taiwan and passed u'r blog
i wish you all have a great day,too! :D

Jenny said...

She looks so machure is that photo!
Lucky 7! So, what did she ask for for her birthday? Well, I hope she has a great weekend. Nice to have two days to celebrate!

I am gonna comment on her blog!



Pea said...

OHMG Tonya,
She does look all grown up. What a beautiful young lady she is. Very mature looking indeed. Lock the doors now you are gonna be in real trouble in a few years.
Happy Birthday dear sweetness Sydney. Have a wonderful party time tomorrow. Hugs,Pea

Crowing About Primitives said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYDNEY... may you have a great day with your family today and tomorrow... hope you get spoiled... Have a great one.. Ann and family..

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy 7th Birthday Sydney!!! I hope your birthday was extra special and I bet mom's pizza is just super yummy huh??? Hugs, Mo

Bittersweet Pastimes said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sydney! You're so beautiful and I hope your birthday was, too. :)

The Smiling Goat said...

How pretty your little "Ninny" is!!!! This is so uncanny! Our cat's name is Sydney and we call him Ninny too!!!!!!Happy belated birthday! I hope you got what you wished for Sydney!


basketsnprims said...

Happy belated birthday to Sydney! What a doll. I just printed out the olde thyme noise maker pattern & can't wait to make it. I will post the finished product on my blog & give you credit as the designer. Thanks so much. Your patterns are awesome. You are on my bloglist, stop by for a visit.


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Glad to hear the park celebration was enjoyed and I'm sure it was a birthday she will remember!!! She is a girl after my own heart...French Silk Pie instead of cake and she is so lovely in the picture!!! Isn't she a doll!

Hope you and hubby get healed and 100% again!! Fall is tough with asthma.