Today I feel RELIEVED, Thankful and a little bit less stressed! Well, yesterday was a very LONG day! We had to be to the hospital at 8:30 for check-in. It was about an hour drive.

We got the kids on the bus and hurried over there, got checked in and there we sat, go to his room and sat and sat and sat!

They finally took hub at about 12;15, they said that they had to flush him with antibiotics and then would go in for his surgery....right? Well, I waited some more, finally at about 2 p.m. they said there was a message for me at the Out patient desk. I get my message and they told me he has just now started his sugery. I said, you mean he is done and coming out of the anesthetics? She said no, going into surgery.

So, there I sit some more! I had a very long day of NOTHING-NESS! I am not one to just sit there. Yes, I brought things to read and my mp3 player, but you can only do that for so long! Finally at almost 4 p.m. he is wheeled back to his room and I went down there. He had to then eat, make sure his pain level was okay and all that fun stuff. We also had to wait for prescrips and the Doc. So, some more waiting. With bigger Hospitals and clinics, it is lots and lots of waiting. Needless to say, hubs surgery went well, but we didn't get home until almost 8 p.m.

I was freaking out a bit! See the kids get home around 4 - 4:15 and we told them where the key was (there is always one in place, incase of an emergency) and said, we HOPED to be home, by the time they were or shortly after, ya right! Well, several calls from them, several calls from me and hub, Grandma and my sister to them....I don't think they had time to get into trouble!

You see, yes Jordan is 13, but I have ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS been there for them! It was very hard for yesterday. I knew they would be okay, but ya know how Mom's are. *sigh* And then guess what? We got home, the house was not burned down and the kids were fine. LOL All in all, it was a very hard and stressful day for me, yesterday.

So as most of you have read, TDIPT Members (some) are having a Autumn Swap. Well, I sent mine out to Deb (Onionpatch) and I only took a picture of the dollie I sent her. I did not take a picture of everything else I gave her and I thought I would share it with you.

It was a more primitive/simple style Punkin dollie, as that is how she decorates her home. She loved everything! She said she especially loved the dollie. She called and left a message on my machine, but I was not home...
The Halloween woolen on the dress, can be removed, if Deb wants. I also gave her 3 bottles of room spray, in a neat drawstring, hand stamped bag. A vintage style Halloween bucket, with candy, 3 blackened/scented beeswax fruits, a neat larger potion bottle (also blackened beeswax), with 3 witches on the front and a lil bottle brush tree...
I sent my package out to Deb, on Wednesday (the deadline). Deb was suppose to get it on Friday, well the package was MISSENT and I was so WORRIED...so it was nice she got it yesterday. I had purchased Delivery Confirmation and was trying to track it a bit, finally late Saturday, that is when it said it was MISSENT, so I am sure you can imagine how annoyed I was. I thought, for sure it would take much longer...but was happy she got it yesterday. There are only a couple of gals left to get their package and of course, one is me.

I must go....I think I have written a NOVEL today. So sorry for being long-winded. I tend to ramble when I am tired or annoyed and I am both today. So, back to the old grind-stone for me. The house is in dis-array and I have many other things to do. Toodles and I hope your day is a Beautiful one. ~Tonya


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I've had days like that too, I think hospital waits are mentally draining but so glad everything turned out fine for you.
Love what you sent for the swap,so prim and I'm sure your package will be delivered soon.

fiddlestixstudios said...

I am so glad to hear that everything went well for your Hubs-that waiting is SO hard!I LOVE that sweet little Punkin dollie that you sent Deb-I know she's tickled pink!Hopefully you'll get your swap soon!

oodlekadoodle said...

I feel for you Tonya...that waiting in a hospital is for the birds...I have spent many, many hours waiting in doctor's offices, facial dental clincs and hospitals...My daughter was born with a cleft lip & palete...that was many years ago...She is now 49..So glad all went well with your husbands surgery.......I wish I had, had you for a swap partener...that was a lovely gift you sent....You know when I am down and blue I always read your blog....It inspires me so much...Keep up your amazing work...Just goes to show how many good things come from Minnesota..


Crowing About Primitives said...

Tonya he is so sweet.. make him a pattern...hint hint.. I love patterns... lol.. like I need more.. but I do.. Hugs Ann

Therese said...

Wow, what a cutie!!!

Yes, make him a pattern...Please!!!