This is my **NEWEST** Addition to My Wee-Leggins Collection! I do love the way that Olde Kris Kringle turned out. He will be up on auction starting Tuesday and will be up for 5 days, to end on Sunday evening...
I love making new additions to my Wee-Leggins, they are one of my most favorite. I also have some pictures to share with you from the Renaissance Festival and I have some really neat pictures. We had a blast, but we are tuckered!


Another Award...

I received another Wonderful Award yesterday from Brenda of Olde Harbor Saltbox. Thank you so much Brenda. I am suppose to pass this on to 7 other people. Well, I am going to get back to you on that. I have lots to do and hubby took the kids camping for the day/night.

Yes, only one night, but a full day of it....I am behind once again and must stay off of this computer. *smirk* It is a beautiful day and the clock is not standing still! I hope you all have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya


14 Years ago today...

I married my high school sweetheart. Today, we woke up and it was so cold and gloomy, nothing like it was 14 years ago. That day, was so hot and humid, it was almost unbearable.

Now, this afternoon the sun is out and warming up. It is turning out to be a beautiful day. Today, we met Courtney and Sydney's teachers and that fun stuff.

Picture taking, lunch money, getting lockers assigned and all that jazz. All three of my kiddies start school on Tuesday. It will be quite a change for me once again...I must go to be earlier and then get up early! Oh happy day.

Nothing special going on today, just cleaning and hanging around. That is okay, after 14 years, we know we love each other and we tend not to celebrate to much. I hope you all have a great day. Peaceful Blessings to you and yours, ~Tonya


~Sneak Peek~

Well, really more then just peeks. LOL I get requests for sneak peeks, so I might as well show them here... Americana Snowcone...isn't that just the sweetest! It is quite large actually. It is about 22 inches tall and I am very pleased, with the way it finished up. I put lots of detail into this piece...
A little Snowfolk Trinket Box, made of wood and stenciled FUN & FOLKY! I had lots of FUN with this piece. It is fully functional and this piece was so much fun as well...
And the pictures do not do this garland much justice, but this is olde thyme vintage star garland. Made the olde fashioned way...cutting out one star at a time. It is smothered in REAL german glass glitter and will tarnish over time...
It can be displayed several ways and left out all year through. Rusty bells in between and a total of 11 stars. The garland is about 7 to 8 feet long. I am keeping one of these for myself. The stars are 1.75 inches tall. Each garland is $24.95 plus shipping. I have a couple of these and will take orders for a limited few. They take quite a bit of time to make, but I enjoyed making them.

Well, I must go. We have to go and meet some teaches and such for school. I hope ya have a great day. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~NO Crows~

Fall is in the air here, in Minnesota and it got me thinking "Autumn"......so, I made a Scarecrow! It is my "take" on a wonderful pattern from Lottie of Sweet Pea Primitives. She did an awesome job with this pattern and he is one of my favorites from Lottie...
I am going to list him to start on ebay, Tuesday evening and to end on Sunday evening. He has a "sack" style head...which is so neat...
Scarecrow comes with a small bale of hay, with a pesky ol crow perched on there! I made a little sign that reads NO CROWS and that pesky crow, looks like he is looking right at that sign! I think this piece would look so neat sitting on an olde cupboard as a center piece.

This weekend was kind of a ho-hum weekend. Didn't do much, shopped a bit for supplies, worked quite a bit and I am now, still working on things for the Mercantile. Time is slipping away and the deadline will be upon me, before I know it. I must go, I have some dollies to pack up and ship out. You all have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya


A Blog Award...

Look what I received the other day! A Wonderful Award, from Laurie of Monkey-Cats Studio. So very sweet of Laurie to think of me and to give this award to me. Thank you, Laurie...

So now, I get to pass this Award on to only 7 others, which is going to be very difficult. I don't get to visit everyone's blogs as much as I like to. I do know that if Laurie did not already receive this Award, I would be giving it to her...I love visiting her blog and seeing her wonderful creations.

I am just going to list the names in alphabetical order...

Annie - Allegheny Annies

Dani - Ambitions Design Studio

Ann - Crowing About Primitives

Shay - Olde Colonial Peddler

Pea - Pea Picker's Primitives

Pam - Soft in the Head

Jenny - Wonders of Whimsy

I would have liked to of given the award to more....these are just "some" of the blogs I do love to visit, as time permits. Enjoy your Blog Award ladies!

Yesterday, I went out of town (just me and the kiddies) and went to Hobby Lobby and Micheal's and then made a-round-about lewie and visited my Mom. I did get some goodies for doll making, just some smaller things I can not find around here. I did have a nice day. Mom is not doing the best, we fear there is something wrong with her hip replacement. She still cannot bear weight on it and is still using the walker. Mom is not old, she is only in her very early 60's. She needed the hip replacement, because frankly, her other hip was just plain worn out and shot!

Mom is a "trooper" and she does not let much get her down, (I think that is where I learned it from), but this is starting to get the best of her. I can see it in her facial expressions and hear it in her voice. I do hope they can figure out what is wrong.

I am still stick, a bit better, but still sick. I keep coughing and my eyes keep watering and it is hard to sleep at night. The predisone they had me on (otherwise known as the "Wonder Drug" for Asthmatics) had me "wired" the whole 5 days I was on it. I need to get sleep, to get better, but that medication kept me up. Go figure! Oh well, I hope things will get better soon. I find it very difficult to concentrate on my dollies right now. I hope you all have a great weekend. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~Winterland Whimzy~

This is my latest ~Little Sweetie~ I am just smitten' with "Whimzy". The pictures turned out pretty good...but in person, they are always better...
The coloring is a bit off...she is shaded with blacks/grays, but it is showing up a bit of a blue tint (not to worry, it is not). She is is in black, creams and silver/gray...
Lots of detail went into this little sweetie and it will be very hard to part with her. She will go up for Auction tonight on ebay and end on Sunday evening. She will be on for 5 days. I am feeling much better, day by day. I must get this dollie scheduled, so I must go for not. Have a wonderful evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


This weekend...

This is about how I felt all weekend. I was so sick, I went to Urgent Care, on Sat. I got me the meds I needed and thought I was feeling a bit better...they kick in pretty good. But last night, I was up too late and then when I tried to go to bed, all I did was cough! I have bronchitis and was on the brink of Pneumonia...nice huh? Of course I had to tell them I have had it longer, then I really did, otherwise they would not give me any medicine.

We know our own bodies better then anyone else and we should not have to "fight" to get the medicine we need. I only put this in here, becase there have been several times, in the past that I had to "fight" to get the meds I needed. Some of the doctors wanted to give me only a nebulizer treatment and send me on my marry way. Uh, sorry I tell them....I don't think so! I NEED Medicine or I will be right back here. I can't breath, my lungs hurt and or all I do is cough....what don't they get! This is all Thanks to some of the people, that abuse the medicine and then people like me, have to "jump through hoops" to get what I need.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I did manage to get some work done and am working today. No keeping me down...although I do tend to be a bit slower. Don't forget about my Epattern **SPECIAL** I think I am leaving it up, only a few more days. I hope you have a nice day. Toodles for now kiddies, ~Tonya


TDIPT Mercantile Update & A Giveaway...

~ TDIPT Mercantile~ has updated...well the pictures are there and most of the updated descriptions. There are some wonderful handmades to feast your peepers on. Go and take a peek, before all of the goodies are gone!

Also, our TDIPT Blog is looking pretty good! It is a NEW look and has the links to find TDIPT on Ebay and our Etsy Shops.

Jenny of ~Art by Jenny~ is having a unique blog giveaway. All you have to do is go and leave a comment on her blog and that is it! It is for a neat pair of shoes, with one of her digital pics on it. Very neat!
Well, I am beat! I am tired and not feeling to hot...so I must go. You all have a peaceful evening and Sweet Dreams, ~Tonya


These SWEET little Dollies are my latest! I have had so much FUN making these, they are my smaller dollie and so very adorable...because of their size...
I have entitled these little sweeties.... ~We 3 Witches~ I am going to list them tonight (if everything goes well, we have storm brewing)...
This little Witchie-Poo is named Tasha. She has some of the neatest fabric, and if I had to pick my most favorite of all 3, I honestly do not know which one I would choose...
This little one is name Tatiana. I do believe I am going to list them for only 3 days, to end on Sunday evening. A bit brave I have to be, I normally list for 5 days. Tatiana is so very sweet...but her woolens are looking a bit BRIGHT and they are NOT that bright in person...
And here is Kylie, she is a bit of a fancy-pants and has to have everything just "so". *smirk* Each of them take on their own "character" and I love that about dollies. Each Witch has quite a bit of detail and their hats are removable. I used Ann's Wool (Crowing About Primitives) for their hair...

On another note, I am getting sick (YAY) my asthma is flaring up again and I have the scratchy throat, when I get that, if I do not take care of myself and go to bed at a decent time for a couple of nights...I will get pretty sick. So, I must get some sleep tonight, instead of burning the midnight oil. I was up till about 4 a.m. the past 4 nights. See what happens when I get lost in doll making.

Ann of Crowning About Primitives, has tagged me for showing my tools......hmmmm, it looks like a hurricane went through these parts right now...so I must do that at a later date, my dear. Yes, I know we all have messy work places...especially when we have been working hard, but trust me, mine takes the CAKE! I must go, I have to edit pictures and schedule my 3 little Witchie-Poo's. Toodles Kiddies, ~Tonya


My Door Prize!!!

Here is the Amazing SANTA that I WON! He is from the very talented Lauri of ~Monkey-Cats Studio~ Her work is Amazing and I have been following her blog, since she began just a short time ago. She works works with not only clay, but the women can paint! Her Skelly Belly on her blog is one of my favorites. Be sure to go and check her out.

So, as I said before go and check out ~Spooky Time Jingles~ They just updated, make a purchase or two and/or sign up for a door prize...yup, more new door prizes for this month. Remember, make a purchase and you will be entered in 10 times! Ta ta for now, I must get busy. ~Tonya



~SPOOKY TIME JINGLES~ is **NOW** Updated for the month of August!! Whohoo!! You will have to go and check it out. There are some **NEW** Artists this month...go and take a peek. Don't forget, there are some more door prizes this month. For ever purchase, you will be entered in 10 times!

I am doing the HAPPY DANCE!! I won a Door Prize for last month. I feel like the luckiest person. I never win anything. I will have to snag the picture and so forth in a day or two. I have done a ton of blogging today and I must get back to work. Toodles Kiddies, ~Tonya

~Soft in the Head Give-a-Way~

The ol Softee Pam is having a Blog Give-a-way! She is giving a total of three wonderful things! I know I have my comments in there...and if you post it on your blog, she will enter you in a total of three times.
Here is just one of the FABULOUS handmades that she is so generously giving. Isn't she so very sweet (the dollie and Pam)! *smirk* Hop on over to ~Soft in the Head's Blog~ and sign up!


Ann of ~Crowing About Primitives~ is having a HUGE COMBO WOOL SALE!! She has three separate auctions listed on ebay. The auctions are for 12 oz. and you will receive 12 different types/colors of wool. I use her wool quite often and it is the BEST wool, I have used thus far!

Her wool is all packed in little, labeled bags, all layed out nice....and ready to use. No waste and not bunched together clumps to pick apart. Oh and it smells good/clean.

Here is the KICKER, EVERY single bid is going to be HONORED!! She will be sending out "Second offers" for every bid! AWESOME! I got my bid in!!

Here are the links for the auctions...
Ann decided to have one last wool sale for the year. She has combined the even nice wool! A COMBO pack of six. You will receive 6 oz. (one oz. of each). Here is the link for the Last Wool Combo Sale. Remember...every bid counts. She will give a second chance offer to ALL BIDS.



A Peaceful day away...BEAUTIFUL and only minutes from a small town. My Mom and Dad use to take us here, when I was just a little girl. I didn't know that until last year. My husband and the kids went their with his family members, earlier this summer....
I went with this time, yesterday...all day long. It was so pretty, so peaceful and was just the perfect day for it. We went down the river...
Further back, a beautiful waterfall. I could not get back there thou. But is is there. Where I took all these pictures, this area is normally filled with more water bu 2 to 3 feet. It was about 2 weeks ago...
The sand is the finest, softest sand I have ever had my feet touch. Natures music was all around. My sister, her husband and son were with us. We had some good conversations. We both talked how it was just the perfect day and how we didn't have a worry in the world. Close to a town, but yet you didn't hear any of that and we were totally surrounded in this area by trees, water, sky and sand...
An area from the waterfall that I thought was just pretty...it slowly traveled down from that path that I had previously pictured...
Such a pretty piece of driftwood. It lays there untouched by man. This place felt almost like a little piece of earth, that noone knows about...
And here are some of the river rats. They had so much fun and it was the first time my brother in law and nephew had gone down a river...
Jordan and my nephew after they just finished going down the river. It takes about an hour. Just so neat. I filled my whole memory card up...all I know, is I need a larger memory card.
Courtney enjoying the peace and quiet, along with natures music. I tell ya, words can not express how beautiful, peaceful and perfect his area is...
And my Little Miss Sydney being a ham. She is so sweet. We tried to make a castle, but we didn't get very far...
The end to a perfect day. I just thought I would take you on our trip with me...
Peaceful Blessings to you and yours, ~Tonya

What are you waiting for??

~SPOOKY TIMR JINGLES~ is almost ready for their NEW UPDATE for the month of August...BUT, there are still some wonderful hand-dids that are left. If you have not been to make a purchase, then you may be MISSING OUT! Want to know why??? THAT IS RIGHT!! For every purchase you make, you will be ENTERED into their Door Prize drawing....not once, but TEN times for EVERY PURCHASE! You can enter once for FREE! Hurry on over and check out ~SPOOKY TIME JINGLES~ because time is running short to ENTER! Have you checked out those SPOOK-TACULAR Door Prizes? Hurry on over!!


Another Year Older...

Today was my BIRTHDAY! I had a couple of days without my kiddies, very nice, but very different...and they have always been with me on my Birthday. So, Happy Birthday to ME!

Another year has passed me by and I must say...yes, another year "wiser"! I think I have "grown wiser" quite a bit this year. I have learned a lot this year as well. I feel this picture represents my life very well right now...

Ripples in the water. Little commotions going on. Reflections to "reflect" back on. So many other things that I can take from and see in this picture...that could represent my life right now. I could go on and on, into deep thought.

I had a very nice, relaxing evening last night and a nice day with hubby today. We enjoyed a movie last night and today, we went out to eat and picked me out a MP3 Player! I hope you all had a wonderful day. Peaceful Blessings to you, ~Tonya



This is Lily and I found total contentment while creating her. If I get her pictures all edited and her listing scheduled, she will go on ebay tonight, for 5 days to end on Tuesday. I gave her a slight tilt, with her head and she is looking up...she is looking to the heavens, for all the beautiful stars...
She has lots of details....the DREAM Banner & star are made of real German Glass glitter. It will tarnish over time, for a thyme worn look. I made a couple of stars in the past and they were waiting to be used and yup, low and behold...they started to tarnish! How cool is that? I had to show Lily on two different back drops, because she looks so different (her tones and such) on different back back drops...
The rusty metal wings I cut out myself, from our old barn roof. It is corrugated metal and I saved a bunch of it, from when we re-roofed out barn. The wings and the halo are removable...actually, if you wanted to have her without any extras, her banner and star can be removed too! How cool is that! Here arms are wired, so they are gently pose-able. Lily is so sweet.
Well, I have my nephew here again. Him and Jordan get along pretty well. When they were little, they use to fight like cats and dogs! My sister (Kim) is going to take ALL 3 of my kids tomorrow night! How sweet is that? She is going to have them till Sunday. She said so hubby and I can go and do something for my Birthday. My Birthday is on Saturday and as long as I have had kids...I have never not been with my kids on my Birthday. This is going to feel really strange.

Kim is such a doll for doing this. It was her idea and I appreciate it so much! Thank you Kim. Any who, I think she is a glutton for punishment thou, because my kids will keep her hoppin. I must go, I have lots to do. I have some patterns and a dollie to package up. Toodles Kiddies, ~Tonya


~Scarecrow Sam~

This is my **NEW** listing for ebay. It is a Wee-Leggins and I love the way Sam turned out. He is my first Scarecrow of the year...last year I only made one. Maybe this will be the only one for the year? I don't know. I have many more ideas rolling around in my head...
All of the add on's are removeable and he has wire inserts in his arms, so he is poseable. I was a bit worried about the "Americana Theme" of him (being a scarecrow and all), but I am very happy with how he finished up. I love the size of these Wee-Leggins!

Well, yesterday the kids had a blast at Chuck E. Cheese...Mom, Dad and Auntie Kim did too! *smirk* We played some, right along with them. We competed against one another on the B. Ball game and a water game as well. It was fun! We also did a bit of school shopping at Burnsville mall. Not enough time thou...we will have to go back sometime before school starts.

Buying for three kids is definately difficult these days. I bought a bunch of school supplies last week too. It adds up way too fast. I tell ya, when I was a kid, we didn't need to buy 2 containers of bacteria wipes to share with the class and a Texas Instr. calculater (appox. $15.00) and a Flash Drive for the computers...that is just the tip of the iceberg! There is lots more that each family needs to provide for their children. Crazy!

Well, for me it was a late night last night, I didn't go to bed till almost 5 a.m. this morning! I have lots to do tonight and my work area looks like a hurricane struck...so Toodles for now. ~Tonya


Wow 11 Already!

OH MY how time flies! My Courtney is 11 today. We are going to go and Celebrate both Jordan's and Courtney's Birthdays today at Chuck E. Cheese. Loads of FUN!

HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY COURTNEY! I hope all of your WISHES come true and you have a GREAT day. Love you, ~Mom


The BIG 13!!

Today is the BIG day for JORDAN!! My baby turns 13 today! My how he has grown, taller then me now and today an official TEENAGER. Where has the time gone...

Happy 13th Birthday Jordan! This is the most recent picture of Jordan that I have. I took this at the fair the other day. That is Courtney with him...and yes, sometimes they amaze me! I could not believe they were riding together on the Tilt-A-Whirl. I rode on it twice that day too.

We are not celebrating until later today...hubby had to work. We normally purchase a cake and have a family gathering, but this year is a bit different. Jordan picked out a cake that he wanted...him and I made it together last night. That was nice. Every year we also decorate the house for the kids birthday...he took the streamers out last night and said Mom, don't forget to decorate. How sweet is that, still a "kid" at heart.

I hope you all have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya