A Blog Award...

Look what I received the other day! A Wonderful Award, from Laurie of Monkey-Cats Studio. So very sweet of Laurie to think of me and to give this award to me. Thank you, Laurie...

So now, I get to pass this Award on to only 7 others, which is going to be very difficult. I don't get to visit everyone's blogs as much as I like to. I do know that if Laurie did not already receive this Award, I would be giving it to her...I love visiting her blog and seeing her wonderful creations.

I am just going to list the names in alphabetical order...

Annie - Allegheny Annies

Dani - Ambitions Design Studio

Ann - Crowing About Primitives

Shay - Olde Colonial Peddler

Pea - Pea Picker's Primitives

Pam - Soft in the Head

Jenny - Wonders of Whimsy

I would have liked to of given the award to more....these are just "some" of the blogs I do love to visit, as time permits. Enjoy your Blog Award ladies!

Yesterday, I went out of town (just me and the kiddies) and went to Hobby Lobby and Micheal's and then made a-round-about lewie and visited my Mom. I did get some goodies for doll making, just some smaller things I can not find around here. I did have a nice day. Mom is not doing the best, we fear there is something wrong with her hip replacement. She still cannot bear weight on it and is still using the walker. Mom is not old, she is only in her very early 60's. She needed the hip replacement, because frankly, her other hip was just plain worn out and shot!

Mom is a "trooper" and she does not let much get her down, (I think that is where I learned it from), but this is starting to get the best of her. I can see it in her facial expressions and hear it in her voice. I do hope they can figure out what is wrong.

I am still stick, a bit better, but still sick. I keep coughing and my eyes keep watering and it is hard to sleep at night. The predisone they had me on (otherwise known as the "Wonder Drug" for Asthmatics) had me "wired" the whole 5 days I was on it. I need to get sleep, to get better, but that medication kept me up. Go figure! Oh well, I hope things will get better soon. I find it very difficult to concentrate on my dollies right now. I hope you all have a great weekend. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Shay said...

Aww Tonya~
Thank you so much! You are just such a sweetie! Thank you for thinking of me! I'm honored each time you come to my blog, you say just the sweetest things!

Oh no! I hope you mother gets better and they find our what is going on!! Sending her hugs and big wishes to recover and become pain free soon.

Being sick is just the pits. I'm not looking forward to winter. I always get bronchitis in the winter! I so hope you feel better soon, as well as your mom, I'm sending out big hugs to you as well!! Many best wishes that this weekend you'll recoup and feel better!!
Many hugs!!

Jenny said...

Thanks, so much Tonya. I am honored!

I am sorry to hear that you sitll feel bad. I thought I felt good this morning, but then helped my neighbor with her cat (she has to put an IV in him every other day for a bit to flush his kidneys) anyway, right after I pet him a lot, I started feeling a headache again..Wouldn't that suck if I am alergic to dander. The poor thing does not clean himself..uggh.

Anyway, this is loooonngg. Feel better!



Deb's Country Crafts said...

Hi, Tonya! I have given you a blog award. I love reading your blog and seeing the new creations you have made. I have recently made some dolls that I used one of your patterns for, a pic of one of them is on my blog. Thanks for all of the inspiration.
Take care, Debbie

~dani~ said...

Tonya you are such a sweetheart. The more I get to know you the more I adore you and your work. I enjoyed our conversation last week. It was nice to put a voice the the gal! XOXO's for you for always being friendly, funny, and supa sweet!