TDIPT Mercantile Update & A Giveaway...

~ TDIPT Mercantile~ has updated...well the pictures are there and most of the updated descriptions. There are some wonderful handmades to feast your peepers on. Go and take a peek, before all of the goodies are gone!

Also, our TDIPT Blog is looking pretty good! It is a NEW look and has the links to find TDIPT on Ebay and our Etsy Shops.

Jenny of ~Art by Jenny~ is having a unique blog giveaway. All you have to do is go and leave a comment on her blog and that is it! It is for a neat pair of shoes, with one of her digital pics on it. Very neat!
Well, I am beat! I am tired and not feeling to hot...so I must go. You all have a peaceful evening and Sweet Dreams, ~Tonya

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Jenny said...

Thanks Tonya, for bloggin about my giveaway. Good luck!