My Door Prize!!!

Here is the Amazing SANTA that I WON! He is from the very talented Lauri of ~Monkey-Cats Studio~ Her work is Amazing and I have been following her blog, since she began just a short time ago. She works works with not only clay, but the women can paint! Her Skelly Belly on her blog is one of my favorites. Be sure to go and check her out.

So, as I said before go and check out ~Spooky Time Jingles~ They just updated, make a purchase or two and/or sign up for a door prize...yup, more new door prizes for this month. Remember, make a purchase and you will be entered in 10 times! Ta ta for now, I must get busy. ~Tonya


Laurie Hardin said...

Well aren't you just the sweetest thing for posting this little Squatty Santa. He is all bundled up and ready to take his journey to your house!! Hope you like the little guy!!

Shay said...

Oh how sweet! Oh he's adorable Tonya! Congrats on winning~ I'm off to check Laurie out now! So very cute!
Have a wonderful day!