Ann of ~Crowing About Primitives~ is having a HUGE COMBO WOOL SALE!! She has three separate auctions listed on ebay. The auctions are for 12 oz. and you will receive 12 different types/colors of wool. I use her wool quite often and it is the BEST wool, I have used thus far!

Her wool is all packed in little, labeled bags, all layed out nice....and ready to use. No waste and not bunched together clumps to pick apart. Oh and it smells good/clean.

Here is the KICKER, EVERY single bid is going to be HONORED!! She will be sending out "Second offers" for every bid! AWESOME! I got my bid in!!

Here are the links for the auctions...
Ann decided to have one last wool sale for the year. She has combined the even nice wool! A COMBO pack of six. You will receive 6 oz. (one oz. of each). Here is the link for the Last Wool Combo Sale. Remember...every bid counts. She will give a second chance offer to ALL BIDS.

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Laurie Hardin said...

Thanks for this post...I got my bid in too. So excited to get good quality wool like this!