~SPOOKY TIME JINGLES~ is **NOW** Updated for the month of August!! Whohoo!! You will have to go and check it out. There are some **NEW** Artists this month...go and take a peek. Don't forget, there are some more door prizes this month. For ever purchase, you will be entered in 10 times!

I am doing the HAPPY DANCE!! I won a Door Prize for last month. I feel like the luckiest person. I never win anything. I will have to snag the picture and so forth in a day or two. I have done a ton of blogging today and I must get back to work. Toodles Kiddies, ~Tonya


Laurie Hardin said...

Your Santa is on his way!!! Enjoy!!

Doreen said...

Congrats on winning a door prize!!

Take care,