FIRST EVER Epattern SALE for Buy ONE get ONE FREE!! Yup, buy one epattern, get one Free (of equal or lesser value). To help you bring the 4th of July...in with a BANG!! Yes, the banner is a bit gaudy and LOUD, but it "grabbed your attention" right? That is what I was going after *smirk*

You can review my epatterns here and then contact me, through my email at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com or backporchpickins@yahoo.com You will have to email me with the epatterns you would like to purchase (and remember to mark down ONE FREE for each one you want to purchase) and be sure to include your paypal email address, so that I can invoice you.

Once I receive your Notification of payment, I will then send your epatterns out. It is that easy! The SALE ENDS on Wednesday, July 9th! That gives you a whole week to order....and this SALE will NOT be back for a very long time, if ever? Do not purchase your epattern through patternmart, you must go through me to get your FREE epattern. Over the weekend, I will be in and out...as we are going camping...but I am not going to be there the whole time. I am not the camping type! LOL So, I will visit and maybe, just maybe stay one night, overnight.

Oh and do not forget to sign up for MY BLOG Give-A-Way. I am busy working on a special order, if I can get some good pics, I will post it here to show you once I am done. I hope you all have a great evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hi there Tonya,
I have made my decision...I would love Hideous Helga and the Halloween Cat Stocking please. I am so excited as I have been contemplating for a couple of days getting Hideous Helga and now a freebie..I can't wait...
thanks again,
Gina :)

~Tonya said...

You are too cute Gina! I sent you an email...

Thank you so much and you are most Welcome.


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Thanks so much for offering your patterns buy one ..get one..


I am not the camping type either !
My hubby loves it, but it's too much work ... the only thing I like about it, is an evening campfire.. and throw in the marshmallows ..LOL..

May you have a safe, wonderful holiday weekend..

Christine said...

WoW, what a deal!!! I need a day or 2 to think about which ones I want! I don't mind camping in my Rv with all my comforts....too old for that 'roughing -it'!

Pea said...

well shoot I have them all. I don't get a freeeby. You know me, say free and I am all up on it. LOL
Have fun camping my pretty. I will be running meeting family but can't wait to be home and just relax for one day.

The Crackling Crows said...

Hey Tonya :)

I want to wish you and your family a Happy 4th of July :)

I hope your husband is doing better!!!

Hugs Ivonne :)

Annie said...

hah how bout a buy one doll get one free?? oh nevermind..I can't afford even one..
how bout you just give me one cause I'm so sweet? *chuckles*

Have a good day camping T....Hugs Me