~4th of July~

Wishing you and your family a Happy & Safe 4th of July. To the Brave Men and Women out there fighting (or have fought) gave and are still giving so much for our FREEDOM. Let's not forget about each and every one of them and their families. May each one of you, be Blessed and know how much we APPRECIATE all they have given and are still giving.

This is a picture I snapped at our parade earlier today (July 3rd). I loved the way the American Flag was flying. It was THE most Beautiful day for the parade that we have had in several years. Last year, the parade was cancelled because of terrible storms, that ripped through.

This is one of the Vetran's that rode on a VFW float in our parade. I am sure you are asking why did I get a picture of this old gentleman? Well, because for as far back as I can remember (since I was just a little girl), he has been in the parade. Every year, he stands almost the whole parade. He stands with so much PRIDE and so much HAPPINESS, waving most of the time as well. He is so thin, so fraile and it just really makes me think...of what he gave so many years ago and is still here. I bet he has many stories he could tell...

And this is beautiful Fountain Lake, here in Minnesota. They put the fountains in not too long ago. It was called Fountain Lake long before the Fountains were there. The bride way in the back leads to a little island. A very pretty town. We always sit in the same area every year for the parade...near the lake for the kids to fish, while we wait for the parade.

Well, it is late and I must go....I have lots to do in the morning to prepare for my semi-camping weekend. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July. Be safe and take some time for you and your family. Peaceful Blessings to each of you. ~Tonya


Doreen said...

Have a happy and safe holiday Tonya!!!

Beautiful pictures :)

Take care

Jenny said...

Well, I hope your weekend was fun! Gosh, I have not been to a 4th of July parade since I was a kid. The city is too big to go here. TOO crowded. Yuck!