The LIFE...

Awww, the life of a cat (if you have a good home). Kingfisher just takin' a little "Cat Nap". He didn't even wake up, when I took this picture. Isn't he so sweet? He is such a nice kitty-cat...who would of thought! He is a snuggler, a lap cat, a talker, and loves to play....

And he sure thinks he is "KING" *smirk* He even thinks he needs a pillow? Whaaat? He is a cat! Most of our kitties think they need pillows for their heads, just like a human. Go figure. They are so adorable thou.

Well, I could use a bit of a cat nap, but not today! I did a bunch of "weeding" yesterday and well, I think I have used muscles that I have not used in a very long time. See, I have three flower beds and since doll making and such...well I do not devote as much time as I should. Soooo, I am taking them back! I love flowers, love the butterflies that thrive on my flowers (not to mention the Hummingbirds) and the wonderful scent that the beds throw off.

So, I figure I must get busy and take care of them. I bought myself a "Garden Hound" (among a bunch of other things) yesterday and worked several hours on one of the flower beds. That garden hound was about 22 bucks and it is the best money I have ever spent! It is waist level, you push it into the ground and twist. I love it and my flower beds would not look like they do, if I would have had one in the first place!

Well, I think I have rambled enough and I have a ton of things to do. I can not work on the weeds today, as every single part of both of my hands and forearms hurt! Toodles for now kiddies, ~Tonya


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

He is so sweet Tonya! I could just hug him:)


Jenny said...

AHHH, he is soo sweet. BIG too. I am so happy you gave him a good home. I love kitties.

I hear ya on the not spending time on the year. I need to, but it definately is not as fun as making them there dollies!

I hope you can relax and get some energy in. Too bad kids don't like to garden. I used to help my mom growing up..not sure if I offered or she asked. Maybe that is why I never had toys...so I could do chores! LOL



Pea said...

see you did too much.. Need to veg like King there. LOL I know that will never happen. But I can wish it for ya.
Hug kitties for me, dont forget the pooches.

~Tonya said...

Thank you Rondell...he is a sweetie.

~Tonya said...

Jenny, King just looks big in the pictures...he is not that big at all.

Yup, dollies are way more fun. But I love to look at my flowers and when they all look pretty and the butterflies are gathered round..it is things like that, that I appreciate so very much.

Nice of you to help your Mom, even if she had to ask you. Toys, what are those. I did not play with many toys growing up. I was creative then or played outside. Lots of drawing too.

Miss Courtney was so very sweet and gave me a arm and hand massage with lotion. :)

She can be so sweet.

~Tonya said...

Hi Pea, Yes, I did do too much. I regret it now.

I tell ya, when I get a wild hair...I never learn from the last time.

Yes, I would love to veg out...problem is, when I relax I tend to hurt worse. I need to sit staight as a board for my back to feel good. NO FUN@

Aww, hugs to all the fur babies for ya. :)

Jenny said...

That was nice of Courtney. Hey I asked a question about your latest comment on your Helga...Is it Hedious not Hideous? LMAO Figures I do nto read all the details. I am finished with her but not her clay pot, I am so inlove with this pattern girlfriend. I cannot believe I waited..she turned out soooo cute. I cannot wait till you see her finished. I love how you made her face so different...that was fun to do.

Take care hon~!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Tonya,
How many kittys do you have? I have 8 and we have at least 2-3 sleep with us everynight...they love to be with me when I craft too...last night our littlest, Pumpkin brought her mama a leaf that she so proudly pranced up with and dropped it for me to get..she does this alot...just picks one out (we have millions all over the ground) and gives us her prize...made me smile...just love our babies and yours is a cutie..just wish that some of ours liked being lap kittys..as I love to snuggle em..maybe when they are older I suppose.. been working on a hideous helga myself and hoping to get her done..I have loved working on her.. next is the witch stocking....have a wonderful day...:)

Sylvia Anderson said...

He's a big cutie pie for sure! Don't you wish you could have such a carefree life? I know my kitties do...sleep, eat, get loved and petted, sleep some more...gee...how hard is that! LOL!

tinsandtreasures said...

Your kitty looks so loveable! I've asked my cats many a morning (as I'm leaving for work) if they'd like to trade places with me for a day!! They sleep, eat and everyone loves them...