Her she is...

And here is ~Enchanted Ella~ A Sweet little girl for All Hallow's Eve. I am completely happy with the way she turned out. Normally, I have issues with some parts on my dollies and such...but Ella turned out, just the way I wanted her. Normally that does not happen. I stayed up waaaay too late 3 nights in a row.

One evening I did not get to bed till 5 am...makes for a long day ahead. I am glad my kiddies can be good in the morning, so I can sleep a bit. Oh and no, I did not sleep the whole day away. *smirk* I got up at almost 11 am. Not enough sleep for most, but for me, just fine....

I love her little Skelly friend. He is so sweet in person and all hand sculpted (hard to pick up in pictures). He has glass eyes and I think they add so much. Her hair is of course from Ann of Crowing About Primitives. Love her wool! Ella holds her Skelly friend with her wired arms...just perfect. She will be on eBay tonight at 8:30 pm, Central time and listed for 5 days...to end on Monday evening.

Well kiddies, I must go! I have to schedule Ella on ebay and send out a bunch of epatterns. Have a good day. Many Blessings to each of you, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

Tonya, she is so cute! I love the skelly, too. Really great piece!
I want to try paper clay, some day. I got a book and everything..

So, I guess I gotta compete with that.....lol I guess I will get the people on a budget. :)

I cannot wait till she lists..


Pea said...

OH I just love that face. Huggable! Wish I could win the lotto... Have a good one sugar.

~ said...

Oh..she's wonderful Tonya...Love her expression..it's sooooo sweet.

Take care