Mircles for Mallory...

I went to visit Shay of "Olde Colonial Peddler" today and look what I found....I am going to copy and paste what Shay wrote on her blog.

Today I launched Mallory's blog site. I got it all finished up this morning! We are holding a silent auction in her memory to promote Trisomy 18 awareness. We had such a wonderful response thus far from crafters asking what they could do to help, so we came up with this auction to show off wonderful talent and promote this disease. Please let me know what you think! Miracles For Mallory Blog

If you are a crafter and wish to donate, please contact us at miraclesformallory@yahoo.com

We will get you added on and send out some information on the auction as well. The auction will take place September 7th-14th.We are still currently working on the website, and it is almost done! We have a few more personal stories to add on from our family.

My family thanks you so much for all of your continued prayers and love. The outpour of love you have so graciously shown has really been so wonderful during this time. They are just astounded that people, some of whom we don't know, will come together and do such a loving and caring gesture for a blessed little girl.I for one will be donating a handmade for this Silent Auction. I hope there are many others out there, who will be so kind and generous as to give a handmade as well.

We all must be Thankful for what we have and not take a single moment for granted. Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

I read this the other day. So, sad. I was thinking about signing up to donate a piece of art.

It was kind of you to blog about it, Tonya.

Shay said...

Thank you so much Tonya, you truly are such a sweet person. Your support and kindness just means the world. It is so wonderful that we all can come together in Mallory's name to promote this disease. I am so grateful to have you a part of this. It is so wonderful to have such generous and loving friends with unconditional support.
Many smiles and blessings to you,

Pea said...

Oh how wonderful Tonya. I will be happy to donate a piece. Please let me know the when and where to send it.