~Nellie N. Nodder~

Here is my **NEW** Halloween Nodder, her name Nellie N. Nodder. A little different, instead of making dollies. I have been working like a made women on *Special Orders* and I am almost done. I just had to take a break from them thou and make a lil' somthin'. The BOO banner and Halloween nodder will go on eBay tonight and end on Sunday evening...
Nellie is so much FUN! I love nodders and such. Other then special orders, dealing with kids (which has not been a walk in the park), cleaning and so forth...nothing going on in my neck of the woods. *smirk* Just trying to stay "a float"!

Tomorrow we are going to the Fair. Tonight at the fair the Oak Ridge Boys are singing (I think hubby has over-time for work, so he will be in the Grandstand and able to Guard, in his deputy uniform and gets to take in a bit of Entertainment) and we have some other big names, this year. Our fair always get the big names just for the county fair...because they charge everyone over the age of 10 to get in. One year we seen Sara Evans. It was neat, but all the people and the heat...made it a bit uncomfortable.

Coming up, in the next week or so, my son turns 13 on the 2nd of Aug. Courtney turns 11 on the 4th and my birthday is on the 9th. WOW!! So much going on! We are also going to Chuck E. Cheese to CELEBRATE. Okay, I have a ton of things to pack....I hope I get them all packed and out today. Have yourself a great day. TOoDLes KiDDieS, ~Tonya


Shay said...

Oh how adorable! I just love her! Nodders really are fun to make, I have a pumpkin one I am finishing up! I just adore the banner too! Such a fantastic job!!!
Thank you again for everything~
Many hugs~

Pea said...

Okay will ya stop that already. You make me drool on the puter!! LOL
Beautiful work as always my friend.

Annie said...

adorable!!!! I just love them little boingers!!!
Hugs Me

Jenny said...

HI Tonya. Have fun at the fair! We had them in my home town, kinda miss em...big cities have way too much going on.

Your Nodder is cute. Already doing well on ebay, I see. I have been wanting to make one someday. GOtta get the boinger, though...lol



Vicki said...

Lovely as always!

By the way where can you purchase springs from?

Shari Kraft said...

I love your dolls. I've been a fan of yours for awhile. I think I've even bought one or two of your patterns.