~Enchanted Ella~

This is a **Sneak Peek** of my Newest Dollie! She is not done...nor does she have her little friend with her. I was hoping to be done with Enchanted Ella to list her tonight, but no such luck! I was up burning the midnight oil last night and the night before...but still not enough time.

I have lots of detail to add yet. I have to deck her shoes out yet to...and her little friend, adorable.

I have had her dress done since Saturday, late evening and she has been begging me to finish her. I love the way she is turning out so far.

So, I hope to finish her tonight and list her tomorrow, to end on Monday evening.

Camping was a big smash with the kiddies, they loved it. I however did not. My asthma is flared up. So, I get to fight with that for a while now. I have also been very busy with my epattern sale....SALE ends tomorrow late night....

SO HURRY and stock up! Thank you so much for your continued support...I appreciate each one of you. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Tallowberry said...

I love the fabric you've used on her dress Tonya. Good luck with her.
Hope you feel better soon.


Jenny said...

OH~! You need to sell this one to me! No joke... I LOVE THAT FABRIC!!! PLEASE. LOL

Gosh are there any patterns I don't own of yours?