~Hallowe'en Tricksters~

These are my little ~Halloween Tricksters~ for the Mercantile (for the Month of August). I am a bit early for once...KNOCK on WOOD! *smirk* They are a bit smaller then my normal dollies (they are about 18 inches tall, from the tip of their hats, to the bottom of their shoes) and such an adorable size. I really like the way they turned out and think they look so neat all together...

I made the trim for them around their necks and hats...so neat! Now I must finish working on some custom orders. Halloween Ticksters can be viewed here on a photbucket slideshow.
If you are interested in purchasing any of them, they are up for grabs...but on a first come, first served basis. You can email me, if you have any questions at all dandtturvold@deskmedia.com

This weekend was a busy one. I tried to go shopping with 4 kids...Let's just say, I did not get much accomplished! We went out of town, I needed some supplies....needless to say, I did not purchase much of anything and I am sure I will have to go back! That time it will be with NO kids.

Sunday we went to a Family Fun Day at church. Waterslides, blown-up jumping things, the fire trucks were there spraying the kids (if they wanted to be) and lots of other things. They also had a Christian band and good eats. We had a nice time. Hubby had to work, so he could not go. I have had my nephew for the past week and he went home today. I don't know why, but any time any extra kid is around (no matter who) my kids act differently. So, now I will be back to a bit of normality...whatever that is. LOL

I must go. I have lots to do....and I am going to bed early tonight. I have stayed up till 3 or 4 a.m. for waaaay too many nights. Toodles, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

Hi Tonya,

I wish I could afford ALL THREE. But I have been spending ALL my money on fabric, lately. I have bought a couple paintings here and there, but you know they are so darn inexpensive (i spend more on fabric!) LOL

I hope they sell with a quickness. I am sure they will.

Broke all my needles today! LMAO! Poke poke..oh well.




Primitive Peddlers said...

Hi Tonya, just a little note to let you know that there is a blog award waiting for you at the Primitive Peddlers blog.

Cathy :)

Doreen said...

I've been burning the midnight oil lately too..but unfortunately, I've not been able to get a whole lot of work done....some...but not as much as I was hoping.

Love your new Halloween Tricksters, they are just wonderful.

Have a great night,

Pea said...

Trick or treat, now you know when someone says that you are supposed to give them something- HInt Hint-- tapping my toe! LOL Eeney Meanie miney moe catch a tiger by the toe- which one do I want? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yep, all of them! Now that would be a treat! Teee Hee.
Have a good one my friend.

Crowing About Primitives said...

Hi there... I've left a blog award for you over at my blog ~ you don't have to feel obligated to "play" ~ just wanted you to know I'm a huge fan of your artistry Ann

Shay said...

Oh those are just so sweet! I just still awe at you! Adorable and such creative work!! *sigh* I sooo wish I could get it into gear like you! I am so impressed!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful time at Alvin and the Chipmunks, my two kiddos just loved that one.
Many hugs,