~Sweet Isabella~

The second! This is what I have been doing lately.
A Special Order dollie. I have some more lined up as well...from another Dear customer.

Yes, I have decided to accept some special orders. For some dollies, I will never make again. It just depends on what they are. In the past, I did have a very difficult time with one of my special orders...so I said, probably "no more", till I found osanburg.

Osanburg has made my life soooo much easier. This ~Sweet Isabella~ was made for Jenny...Thank you so much Jenny. I hope you like her. I have made several small changes to this one....but she is very similar to the first one...

Well, my home looks like a tornado ran through it and I can not stand it...so toodles for now kiddes!


Jenny said...

Oh yes, I totally love her. Funny she reminds me of me in college when I had my hair dyed black...lol

I cannot thank you enough. She is fabulous and I appreciate you making her for me.

P.S. If business is ever slow, I am sure I can think of another special order...LOL I am in love with so many of your past creations.

Annie said...

ohhhh adorable!! Cuter than the first even....I just love that fabric....too cute!!! you done did good T...
Hugs ME