~Soul Seeker~

Boy, I had soooooo much FUN creating this ~Devious~ Looking dollie. I was almost all done with her and I asked hubby...do you like her? He said, I sure wouldn't trust her. LOL I sure laughed at that one...

I made a face similar to this one, last year...My Lucinda Devil dollie. These eyes always "WIG" me out...when I first paint them on, I feel like I have ruined the dollie. Then, it begins to come together. I always get into a bit of a panic! I added glass glitter to her eyelids, like I did last year...so NEAT!

My thought is, she is WICKED cool...but this type of dollie is not for everyone *smirk* She is a bit different from Sweet Lacie...the Soul Keeper (from last week). This is her Devious older sister. She will be listed on ebay, this evening for 5 days. I will link her...after she lists.

You will have to stop back...as I have gathered up some goodies for a give-a-way. No dollie, but some OUR (Hubby & I) handmades. I have to take pics and such yet. Have a GRAND day. Toodles for now kiddies, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

OOOOH - Ilove this one! Maybe even more than her younger sister!

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much Jenny. I was very happy with the way she turned out.


Kimbella said...

Ohhh, what spooky fun.... I really like her eyes that have that devilish appeal.... Have a nice weekend..


Sharon Stevens said...

OMG!! She is very scarey looking!!

Pea said...

She gave me the grinnin chills. In other words she made me smile a crooked grin and then I got a shiver at the thought I had in my head. LOL Must have used Katie for your model. She looks just like this when she is up to something. LOL
I loveeeeeeeeee her honey. She is very cool and is alot like your devil doll.

Lorraine said...

Love her, Tonya!!!:o)

Doreen said...

She is "wicked cool"...I love her!!!